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I like to see new moons as a fresh slate. It’s a chance to start again and create something that’s way more aligned. How exciting! ⠀

So any contrast we’ve been experiencing is just providing feedback on what not to choose next time. That’s the purpose it’s serving. ⠀

As a ritual to clear the slate & make way for this new cycle these are some of the things I like to do:⠀

✨ clear the energy of my space - play energy clearing music, burn sage & palo santo⠀

✨ clean & organize my space, the less clutter the more new energy can flow in ⠀

✨ rest and self care instead, there’s no Ashtanga on moon days and my teacher always talks about the importance of rest ⠀

✨ journal to take stock of what’s been going on, what’s working, what’s not - and what you intentionally want to create for yourself moving forward. ⠀

Have a beautiful day love! Enjoy this new beginning. Let’s be intentional about it. ✨⠀

📸: @dimlitesnotwits

If there’s one big theme that holds a lot of women back from receiving what’s meant truly meant for us it’s an issue of self worth. ⠀

The internal dialogue of not feeling good enough can manifest in so many ways - staying in a work situation that drains your energy, finding yourself in an abusive/toxic relationship that you know isn’t good for you but yet you stay, or putting everyone’s needs before yours that you end up exhausted & depleted with nothing left for yourself. ⠀

From breakthrough calls to coaching women in my programs I hear the same story. And it’s f*cking sad when we put a cap on how much pleasure and abundance we allow ourselves to have based on the kind of mindset that’s in place...because truth is, we deserve so much more! ⠀
So my ladies, it’s time to get out of our own way. Yes you can have work that feels like play that earns you big bucks, yes you can have that loving relationship where you are treated like the queen you are, and yes you deserve that time for yourself to feel charged up and in balance - really, all it takes an unwavering decision and some committed, no BS follow through. ⠀

Tomorrow is a new moon in Aries & I invite you to join me in rewriting your story by creating some seriously potent intentions for the rest of this year. ⠀

You deserve to feel good in your life NOW.⠀

If you want to look into what having someone like me on your team to make that happen looks like through my one-on-one coaching program, reach out & let’s talk. ⠀

Now it’s the perfect time for that pattern interrupt you’ve been looking for. ✨

Feel better in just a few minutes...⠀

Put everything down, go to a quiet place or better yet, out in nature. ⠀

Close your eyes and breathe in 5 counts through your nose. Exhale 8 counts out your mouth with a ‘ha’ sound. Repeat a couple times. ⠀

Keep breathing deep and know that your peace of mind is way more important than whatever could be bothering you. ⠀

Ask yourself: what’s one small thing I can do for myself this weekend that I can look forward to? Schedule it in & go do it ASAP!⠀

Until then keep focusing on what’s good right now that you can FEEL grateful for. ⠀

Happy Fri-yay! 🤗⠀

Leave me your fav color 💙 emoji if this helps & tag someone who could use this. 🙏🏽✨⠀

📸: @dimlitesnotwits

Mercury in retrograde. Someone’s bitching at you at the parking lot. Your son/daughter is testing your patience...There can be a lot of things that can possibly mess with our mood.⠀

The other day I had a mini meltdown. Sunday morning I woke up & rushed out out of the house ‘cause I was trying to squeeze in too many things before taking my daughter to a birthday party. I was feeling edgy & as a result didn’t react as well as I could when she got a splinter and was crying to me after I kept telling her that playing with cactus was not a good idea. 🤪⠀

Then I took a breath, got a hug from my best friend and realized wow I didn’t take time to ground & set my vibe through my morning routine like I usually do. ⠀

That makes the biggest difference! It reminded me of what life was like when I didn’t have that ritual of yoga, breathwork, meditation, self care, superfoods etc in place. ⠀

When you have a solid morning routine to keep your vibe high then your vibe isn’t conditional on outside circumstances. So how you feel is set before hand and you’re in a much better position to respond calmly rather than react to the small stuff.⠀

If you feel like all sorts of things are ticking you off - you can take your power back and choose a different experience by creating a daily ritual that gets you set right at the start of the day. I swear by it, and see a stark difference when I don’t have it. ⠀

Lesson learned - it is a non negotiable, no matter what! ⠀

Take time to set yourself up first thing in the morning and you will be much more steady in feeling good, no matter what is going on around you. ✨⠀

What’s one little thing you can start to incorporate into your mornings that you know will make a difference in your day? It’s usually when you’re busy that you need it the most!

In this ten year stretch of teaching yoga I’ve found ways to fine tune how I serve & not spread myself too thin so that I can deliver my gifts with quality. ⠀

Nowadays I teach online @the_yogacollective (you can check out the link in my bio) and through special private classes in LA or wherever I travel.⠀

When I teach privately you get to experience a lifestyle assessment, sound healing, essential oils, breathwork, intuitive hands on adjustments, a personalized sequence & superfood shake. ⠀

I take pride in what I do and it’s you, yes YOU who inspire me to be on top of my game. My intention is simple: to support you to create more awareness on and off the mat so that you live a life that feels good. ✨⠀

📸: @dimlitesnotwits

I just realized that I hit my 10 year mark of teaching yoga. Whoa. It’s surreal that this far fetched idea I once had has been my life for a decade now. ⠀

Looking back I realize how many challenges I had to go through to get to where I am today. ⠀

Choosing to start teaching yoga in another country, getting my ego hurt by taking a huge pay cut from my last career & accepting some financial support to make this transition work, cleaning studios in exchange of paying rent for classes that hardly even brought in any $, to teaching over 15 classes a week around town & still have my bank balance in negative at times, navigating becoming a single mom & learning how to increase my capacity to find balance while I build my career. ⠀

Hot damn! Looking back at this past I realize that I’ve weathered quite the storm. ⠀

Thankfully I’m at a point where I finally have what I always wanted - work that feels like play, is deeply purposeful in creating an impact on people, time freedom, and now by adding my life coaching practice (that’s a whole other story) I also have the income that’s allowing me to live the lifestyle I desire. ⠀

Working for what you want isn’t going to come easy. It can be effin’ hard. It’s almost as if God is testing you to see how bad you want it so that you’re truly deserving of the returns. ⠀

The commitment, and discipline eventually always payoffs off if you stick with it. ⠀

Things take time. So if you’re in a state of anxiety and stress still working towards what you want, ask yourself what exactly you’re working towards, and WHY you want it & why what you currently have isn’t doing it for you - then use that to drive and motivate you through all the rough patches. ⠀

Little steps each day as you keep your eye on the prize. As with everything it’s consistent practice with your heart & soul in it that will get you the success you want. ✨⠀

📸: @dimlitesnotwits

The secret to having it all is believing and feeling as if you already do. ✨ Count your blessings, feel that attitude of gratitude, and all is coming. 🙌🏽 Happy Friday! 🤗 📸: @dimlitesnotwits

This is the year that I claimed as my best year yet! 🙌🏽⠀⠀
I’ve had moments of being quiet on here to focus on leveling up so that I can continue to do my work and share more content that’s of value to you.⠀⠀
The first quarter of the year is almost over & so far so good! So I wanna share a bit of what’s been making the biggest difference. A few of the things I chose to do...⠀⠀
✨took charge of my health - did a full liver and gut detox, experienced all sorts of detox effects which were not easy but now I’m reaping the benefits - energy, focus, and the clearest skin I’ve had.⠀⠀
✨eased back into practicing Ashtanga yoga, training capoeira while being mindful to give my body lots of rest to recover. (Rest = part of training!)⠀⠀
✨committed to protecting my emotional/mental state by listening to guided meditations - morning, noon and night. I listen to the same ones over and over again & have also created one to share publicly. ⠀⠀
✨decided that I was going to increase my capacity to both give and receive. The universe has been so gracious in giving back when I unconditionally give, it’s amazing!⠀⠀
✨create more boundaries around my time and space - if it’s not aligned with my priorities I say NO - no guilt, no explanations, just no thank you as a complete sentence.⠀⠀
⠀ ⠀
✨committed to a weekly cleaner so that my space is clean, neat and organized, bought a new phone and computer, detailed my car, decluttered my space of anything that didn’t bring me joy. Feeling so fresh!⠀⠀
✨have been intentionally aligning yoga gigs, coaching clients and a residual income stream that supports other’s transformation. If it doesn’t feel completely aligned I’ve value myself enough to say no to make way for what is. ⠀⠀
As I create these shifts I’m inspired to support more purpose driven women to create a life that feels aah-mazing! ⠀⠀
If you resonate with the idea of giving your life an overhaul like I did, reach out to me and let’s explore the idea of having me on your team to support you. ⠀⠀
Keep following what feels good, and have courage to leave out the rest. Let’s both make this the best year yet! ❤️🤗✨

Treat yourself the way you want the world to treat you. Your self worth, care & love is the foundation of everything! I invite you to ask yourself: what’s the most loving thing I can do for myself right now? ✨ For me that’s taking an epsom salt bath, gratitude journaling, a guided Abraham Hicks meditation and getting a restful 8 hour sleep after. 🙌🏽 What’s that for you? Good night from LA! 😘 📸: @norawendel

New moon intentions:⠀

✨ Ditch the doubt, small thinking, stop and go action because of fear or indecision ⠀
✨ Take time to tune into to your intuition that can guide you towards what’s best for you, and trust what comes through so that you have the courage act, fast (success loves speed)
✨ Set boundaries and say no to what doesn’t feel in alignment so you that there’s space to welcome in what does.⠀

Happy new moon my loves! Sometimes I treat my posts as a journal entry except you get to read a bit of what’s on my mind and my process of creating a life that feels f*cking good. ❤️ These are some of my intentions. What about you, what are you choosing to powerfully intend for yourself this new moon? ✨

Rest. I used to resist it. Now I know that it’s such an essential part of training. After listening to my body and giving myself a month of rest, I started training again today and felt like a firecracker. ⚡️When you honor your body’s need to recover you come back way stronger. Because of this I want to make sure I always have at least one full day of rest each week to allow my body to recharge from everything: training, stress and the overall busy-ness of the week. 🙌🏽❤️✨

Back from a relaxing weekend that fired me up. ⚡️ I’m ready to work & train hard so I’ve chosen FOCUS as my word of the month. There are a few things that motivate me, and travel is always one of them.

In April I’m planning to go to one of the places I placed on my vision board at the start of the year. 😍 It’s a stretch, as a lot of my travels have been, but personally these travel experiences have always been well worth spending for than material things. Who agrees? Also I wanna know...What’s next on your bucket list? Always on the look out for beautiful places to visit. ❤️✈️🌴🌺✨

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