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im only getting better. ✨  SnapChat 👻: ItsDriiBabii HistoryOnlyRemembersKingz 💙 Regular Degular Shmegular Chick 😛


Bathroom Pics At The Venetian 📸

“It’s squad goals when all your chicks pretty like new new” 💅🏽 #TwinsBirthdayTakeOverVegas 👑


It’s not the appearance; it’s the essence ✨

It’s a vibe.

I’m 5’1 but my attitude is 6’2 😎

I ain’t movin’ weight but I’m in a dope position.

Year 3 ... Day 1 💙🌎📚

This Energy.

When You’re Alone In An Elevator. (swipe)

The woman I’m becoming gives me chills.

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