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Andy  Much love for collecting, drifting, hooning, fettling and modifying Volvos.

Well we’re broken down again. Ran on 2 cylinders then died yesterday when I went to go home after night shift, yeah I’m dailying it 🤣 so as I suspected, spark plugs were soiled, so swapped them out and should be able to drive the car home. Then it’s time to take the head off, and do the valve stem oil seals. I think this because I had the same problem when this 531 head with the vx3 cam was on my non turbo brick. There aren’t any stem seals on the exhaust valves is that right? I might have read that somewhere a long time ago. #brokenbrick #dailybreakdown #whatdoyoumeanitsbrokenagain #whydontyouscrapthecunt #volvo #volvo940 #swedehunters #stemsealhunters

16 PSI on the 16T turbo at just over 5k RPM and just about 3 BAR of oil pressure. Swedish flag 🇸🇪 lego brick sticker provided by @volvoslocos #volvoslocos #volvo #MOMO #MOLVO

Stage 2 testing, still hasn’t exploded. #duggit #volvo #volvo940 #volvoslocos #swedishmetal #brakestand #bandedsteelies

Initial signs are positive 👍🏻

Most of my spares, fair to say I have too many, If anybody is interested in buying the lot Dm me, all have road legal tread. Roughly LEFT TO RIGHT: 3x 17” fake nebulas 6+MM tread budget tyres, 2x non banded Steelies, 17” 6+mm tread budgets. Next the stock 17” Volvo C30 alloys all at least 5mm tread. Then a set of 5 940 alloys (great condition wheels from my green 940) and all with at least 5mm tread, even a new pair of continentals! Then a set of 4 940 alloys from the non turbo brick I had, with at least 4mm of tread. Then lastly a set of 5 old Steelies from the D24, at least 3mm of tread but they’re old. All Hold air. I can take/send more photos if you’re interested in working a deal out. Tag a Volvo/5x108 drifter!!!

I like how the anti roll bar frames the diff. This is partly why I painted them yellow to highlight this. But I dislike how the spare wheel well covers this up*swipe left* so I was thinking about cutting it out. Would be really easy to patch the whole with a square piece of metal.

Productive morning 👍🏻 thanks for the advice yesterday dudes. I ended up sticking blunt end of claw hammer into my ring and giving it a sharp tug 😁 came right out. New weldie is in, everything is back together. I just need to bolt the prop shaft back on, and put some oil in the diff. Amazing progress from yesterday. #volvo #940 #weldeddiff #bandedsteelies #fettling

Could do with some of you Volvo gurus chipping in on this one. Anyone had trouble removing a diff? I can’t get it out of the casing. Half shafts are removed, I removed the bearing caps but the bearings don’t seem like they’ll budge. Maybe that’s the problem? I’ve disconnected the prop shaft too and the big nut that I believe secures the pinion front the back. #volvo #940

Few screenshots from my new Apple Watch, it’s a kaleidoscope of my banded Steelies, and my MOMO steering wheel. It’s hypnotic. I have not found any other use for the watch yet.

Well that’s a lot better 👍🏻 swipe to see the grotty before picture. Love you hammerite

Damn. I should be doing productive stuff, but it’s time to get out the 40 grit and the hammerite. #rust #weightreductionbro #panhardrod #antirollbar #diffcoverplate

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