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Andy  Much love for collecting, drifting, hooning, fettling and modifying rear wheel drive Volvos ✌🏻

De-badged. Next step de-wiper and limo tint the rear windscreen so I can throw that stupid F**king wannabe parcel shelf in the bin. #volvo #c30 #2litreD5 #220bhp

De-badgey things are happening, because it's not a D4 it's a 5 cylinder!!! #modernwarfare #callofduty #badgeofdishonour

Well it went for Β£107.88. I wana stack 100 of these and ship to US in a container #ebay #M90

RIP sorry I broke you one too many times. #volvo #940 #turbo #bandedsteels

πŸ‘ŠπŸ»#jaguar #xjs #v12 #volvo #940

Last call for this beaut of a V12 Jaguar XJS, only accepting offers above the asking price of Β£15k because of the interest so far, I fully expect a deal to be done by Monday. 18 service stamps, 44k miles. See it on auto trader, it's the 2nd cheapest convertible xjs for sale in the U.K.

Selling my spare M90 1p starting bid no reserve, time to find out how much an M90 in the UK is worth #M90 #b230 #volvo #940

Not quite flush. I may have to try a wheel with at least a positive offset 😬 coilovers to come soon, hopefully.

🀀 fronts are a bit too pokey, maybe negative camber could sort that out. The rears should be fine especially with some coilovers fitted. But these are the 2" band wheels, so the 3" band would have no chance. I have 2 more of these steel wheels, so I could get a 1" band on those and run them on the fronts. But I don't know, today was just about a trial fit to see what was required to make them work, to see if they were a potential option further down the road. #bandedsteelies #c30 #volvo #rdesign #d4

The rock that broke my air con pump.....

Well that didn't go well, I hit a rock whilst 4 wheeling in my C30 πŸ˜’ Put a rather large hole in the undertray, and smashed the aircon pump, and broke a belt tensioner, and also dented the front wing in a slightly mysterious and maybe separate incident. It's going well 😁 all the years of slamming cars and I bottom out in a car at stock height 😝 here's a challenge: somebody find me a Volvo I can't break!! Thanks πŸ™πŸ» #holdmybeer #watchthis #momentumiskey

Epic weekend at the Isle of Mull. #volvo #c30 #d4 #rdesign

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