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Andy  Much love for collecting, drifting, hooning, fettling and modifying rear wheel drive Volvos ✌🏻

I made a purchase from Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ stock clutch is coping very well considering I have 274ftlbs of torque. It still pulls without slip in every gear. But clutch kicks don't end well. I have a single mass "dogdish" flywheel to go on. Hoping I can use my new pressure plate for the diesel clutch I have and I need to purchase a new release bearing.

When people say "dude, why a Volvo?"

Sooooo my stock clutch is starting to slip 😐 I'm surprised it's lasted this long! I think this Saturday I might be fitting my single mass flywheel and diesel clutch set up. Not ideal as even that is apparently rated to 300ftlbs and I have 274. Hopefully it'll last me till I can afford the ttv racing flywheel and 850r stage 3 clutch. I could just lower the boost......😀

It's basically been 3 years of education and frustration building up to today where I finally had an end product working well enough to put on the dyno, such a great feeling seeing the amount of power this wonderful brick made. I did a thing πŸ‘πŸ» #Volvo #940 #turbo #dyno #bandedsteelies #longnlow

Blue line is at 11psi, green line is at 14psi leaking to 12psi. 246bhp and 274ftlbs. Was hoping to be 17psi but didn't have time on the dyno to tweak it. Just one turn of the screw on boost controller. Still I'm so happy with the results πŸ€— #volvo #940 #dyno

DYNO DAY TOMORROW! 16T turbo, 350cc injectors, vx3 cam, 3" turbo back exhaust. Planning to do one run @ 11psi and one @ 17psi. How much bhp and ft/lbs will I make at the crank when running 17psi of boost?

4 mega Ariel atoms at hartside cafe πŸ‘πŸ» #Ariel #atom #arielatom #hartsidecafe #volvo #940 #volvo940 #turbo #supercharged #tracktoy

Short stop at stanhope on the way to #hartsidecafe #volvo #940 #turbo

Great day out enjoying great driving roads. Just about kept up with @jackramsey90 Mk7 golf Gti performance pack running 11psi of turbo boost on my 16t. Think I need better brakes and tyres though! #volvo #940 #volkswagen #golf #mk7gti #gti #turbo #welcometonorthumberland

Honestly I will get round to welding this diff!!!!! #onetyrefire #onewheelpeel #notcool #sortyalifeout #getarealcar #everynonMbmwever

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