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حبيبة  @haileybieber ik justin is ur husband and all and i fucking adore u guys but sorry i can't help getting turned on by him every single sec of everyday

I don't even look good in filters no more. I'm officially ugllaayy.

Say we'll go slow but we never do

My favorite hobby is wasting time

Fine ass boys keep showing up these days and I really need to be holy cause ramadan is coming but they ain't helping smh

She's finally living bruh sjbsjs

Ma sexy baby daddy

I hate myself. A lot. I'm literally so fake, it's crazy.

"Soon" is a period of time thats from 1 to 2 years according to justin the biebo. He likes to tease us and to make sure his album is pure perfection. That's why he takes a long ass time. I would love if he blessed us with the album earlier though. please and thank you.

The cutest most swaggy teddy bear alive

HESFUCKINGBACKICANTBELIEVEITIMISSEDHIMTOODAMNMUCHLIKEWOWOMG I really wanna hype about this but I'm fucking tired and I need to study kms

Everyone better stay away from justin right now. Hailey sweetie, RUN. RUN FOR YOUR DEAR LIFE GURL

Biebo finally grew some balls and followed kween bee yesterday djdbjdj

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