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Drew Sansom  NCL Travelling, trading and partying around the world Dm for an opportunity to join in the fun

2 years ago today I set off to do a season in Ibiza with @ezza_h after being unsuccessful getting my ‘dream job’ after uni. We initially planned a 5 day holiday but after messing about trying to organise dates that would suit everyone we thought why not let’s just do a season and then others can choose when they want to come. I could easily say it was the best summer I’ve ever had. The people I met and the memories I made will never be forgotten.
Towards the end of my time in Ibiza I realised living in Newcastle just wasn’t for me so @jamesm_1005 and I talked about travel plans. He was going to travel Asia for 6 weeks but I didn’t really have the money to sustain 6 weeks travelling with no income.
Coincidentally, @tmarshall96 messaged me to say he was back in Newcastle for a couple of weeks before heading back to Australia to do his second year there. I’d never been interested in the thought of Australia until we sat in the pub and he showed me pictures and videos of Sydney. He also told me how much money you could make compared to Newcastle. Again, I thought why not so I booked my flight to Sydney after a couple of weeks back in Newcastle (recovering from Ibiza) and headed out to Sydney.
After one of the best and worst times of my life (from making friends for life to standing in a court room with an uncertain future), my visa was coming to an end. I’d kept in contact with James throughout my time there as he was supposed to meet me in Australia but become a successful forex trader. He shared all of his knowledge with me so that I could meet him in Asia after my visa was finished and we could travel freely like we dreamed of in Ibiza.
Here I am now, 2 years on and still living away from home, funding my travels from my phone. I’ve been places I’d never even heard of 2 years ago and I can say that I’ve learned a lot more in this space of time than my whole time in school/uni taught me.
I hope to pass on any knowledge I have on how I can help others earn money online instead of a 9-5 that they more than likely hate. Working for someone they probably don’t like for a one week holiday

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Another day exploring the mountains 🏍💨

I fuck with the mob and I got Thais

Heard some lass at the bar shout “here is that the new bond owa there?”

I’ve been really slacking over the past few weeks. It’s way too easy to be persuaded to go out instead of having quieter days and getting shit done! It’s time to get back into training and back focused on trading. 2019 is still going to be my year 🎉

What a crazy past few months it’s been. From living luxuriously in the Maldives for my 23rd birthday to roughing it for a couple of nights with the Lisu tribe to celebrate New Years with them. Both equally amazing experiences in different ways but it has allowed me to see both sides of travelling and I feel fortunate for that. I can’t wait for what the next few months/years have in store

Taking a step into the unknown

Ready to drop the most indie album you’ve ever heard

Staying with the Lisu tribe has so far been one of the best experiences I’ve had. I was welcomed in with open arms and even though most of the time we couldn’t understand each other we still sat around the fire and had a laugh.
I was constantly offered food and drinks and they refused to take money because we were all celebrating New Years together.
This experience really opened my eyes to a lot of things and made me feel fortunate for what I have in life. Especially the fact that we live in a generation where you can sit up in the mountains miles away from a main town, in a room powered by a car battery and source an income.

You can either follow the crowd or create your own paths. Yesterday I rented a ped and went riding through the mountains, across rice fields and over bamboo bridges on an adventure to find something new. As I went over one of the bridges we came across this elephant just doing its day to day business completely free. That’s better than going to any sanctuary and especially better than riding them in my opinion. The same applies to general life, you can either follow what everyone else is doing and be stuck waiting for other people to do everything for you or you can go out and make things happen for yourself

It’s all about the journey, not the destination

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