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OK check out this baby also EVERY episode of Fantasies is up now on the Fullscreen app to binge. Basically go to fullscreen.com/Fantasies for a free trial!! It's fun. The trailer is on my channel!

New video in bio!

New video on YouTube.com/mytoecold and link in my bio okay?

They gave me an actual cold toe birthday cake at Shane & Friends. I love it so much 😍

Hiii the show Fantasies comes out today on the Fullscreen app!! It's about fan fiction and I'm the presenter! You can watch it if you want!! Just go to fullscreen.com/fantasies and it's free you just have to sign up for a trial! Byeeee #CrookedGlasses?

New video up now and link in my bio if ur interested in that

When the pride hits too hard

Just married. I love my wife more than life. Do NOT touch.

Asked the lady next to me at a store if she would take a #Picture of me because I wanted to document my #OOTD. She did it. But she was kinda offended tbh that I tried explaining the iPhone camera app to her, as she gets it. And I got that.
I am SO proud to officially join a hashtag I was previously banned from (I posted an outfit that was technically the outfit of the day BEFORE. Insta is strict but i respect that.) Please, everyone on the app, Welcome me, Drew, back, to: #ootd💗
Wow omg that felt so good to say that lol.
UPDATE: Wow. The support from friends family and even celebrities reacting to D. Monson back on #ootd💗. It's all sort of overwhelming. Actually very overwhelming tbh rn I actually have tons of work to finish things are crazy so I have to be honest guys, tone it down a notch? Thanks sorry if that's rude.

Why does my mom 15 years ago look exactly like me now

Sorry for posting so much

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