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I tried to make this picture as fun as possible using poise, charisma, and animals. You can tell I would be really nice to the duck if it got closer

I didn't facetune but I did suck in

NEW VIDEO on YouTube.com/mytoecold and LINK IN MY BIO.
I hope you like it!! Maybe you won't because it's a little different but this is the way that I feel comfortable making videos at this time. It's long but I think it's funny at least every minute. So that's 28 laughs guaranteed.

I'm making a video soon

DIRTY 30 the movie is now on iTunes! I'm so happy to have been able to be a part of it :)

It has been a long road but I am finally here

Welcome to the jungle, you can see my tits. Shake them like a monster, I will cry into a bowl of Top Ramen. Don't hurt me. I can't wait to eat brownies with someone I care about. Tit Father.

Thank you bye

Will you marry me

NEW VIDEO on YOUTUBE.com/MYTOECOLD and LINK IN MY BIO!!! Sorry I stopped for a while. I talk a little about it here and will a little more soon probably!!! Watch if you want! Little spanky! Tiny Sherman in the Tit forest. Have you seen the new movie with Emma Roberts?

That moment when u realize you are a Harry Style lookalike lol

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