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Drew Doyon  Startup CEO | Content Creator | Marketing Pro Founder of UpCast @getupcast & Model/Actor at SLU @sluagency ⬇️ Audition from your phone! 📲

Smile, it’s Friday :)

The best part about self portraits is that you get better as a model and photographer at the same time. #twobirds

Give me the light 💡

Tomorrow comes & goes before we know...

Weekend #VIBES 📸 @soarass

My whole life I hoped I’d find somewhere that felt like home, and it wasn’t until I met @katieclementi that I realized home isn’t a place, it’s her. ❤️

AirPods look weird... 🎧

Brotherly love...

What’s not to love? #newyorkcity

Good morning sunshine ☀️

I wanna tell you something...

It’s so good to be back... 💇🏻‍♂️

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