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One of the hardest things I've ever seen, a tree in the killing fields which was used to 'beat children' . This doesn't mean torture, it literally means to beat to death. Cambodia has a dark history, be it's a reminder that any culture can be taken in by a regime that does evil for evil's sake while the world stands by. Yet this is never the end of a story, and this now-thriving country is a testament to that fact. For that I'm thankful.

The Killing Fields stupa.

Cambodia is a beautiful place that has come through profound tragedy. In the 1970s a vicious political party took control of the nation, evacuated the city, and forced the country's population into manual labor. Those who were resistant, enemies to the party, or labeled 'spies& #39; for any reason were executed immediately. 'Killing fields' are scattered throughout the country, mass graves from their time in power. A monument stands in the middle of one field, full of skulls and bones of the victims, as both a testament to the atrocity and a tribute to those who lost their lives.


The markets.

I walked into a Brown coffee shop a few days ago and the barista immediately said "Espresso?& #34; I'm a creature of habit.

Brown is legit.


I’ve eaten my breakfast at this table every day for the past week, and learned a bit more about Cambodia with every morning that passes. It’s a melting pot of cultures—the restaurant menu literally specifies ‘Eastern meals’ and ‘Western meals’, taking a bit from neighboring Vietnam and Thailand, and a bit more from United States (and European) culture. This is not because they have cast off their own culture, but because they literally lost it in a civil war only a few decades ago. Even still, slowly but surely, it's forming anew.

There is beauty everywhere in Cambodia, and I find that remarkable. A local who I met believes that the country is slated to follow in Singapore’s footsteps, going from an extremely underdeveloped nation to one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Walking down any street in the capital shows just how possible this is.

For the past week in Phnom Penh, the Rambutan Hotel has been home base. It’s been a good place from which to explore the city, and the new developments all around us. The capital city is a testament to a resilient and thriving people, and I’m so glad to be here. (Plus the pool has been VERY nice on those super-hot days.)

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