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Drew Carnwath 

W.E. Griffin
My grandfather couldn’t wait to get to France. Lied about his age ( 17 ) and his lousy eyesight just to enlist... but he saw clearly some horrific action, the Terrible Beauty; made friends and lost friends. And didn’t talk about his experiences until he was retired, well into his 60’s. Lucky for us he wrote it all down. Perspective. #weremember

My friends know me so well.
I’m getting a surprising number of messages from people familiar with my ENTIRELY RESPECTFUL celebrity crush on Adrienne Arsenault. Today? « Yeah. We get it « the National has a new look.

Before: grumpypants
After: ......
Hat: (courtesy of daivd smith) for luck
Shirt: for everything else


The first time i met gord downie we talked about music. No surprise. Specifically, we talked about the trend of african influence in mid eighties pop records (Paul Simon’s Graceland - South Africa - and Peter Gabriel’s So - Senegalese). And while the words « cultural appropriation » were nevr used, that’s kinda sorta what we were talking about. And while i was a cocky and nervous goofball, my head filled with half baked opinions.. gord was open-minded, wise, funny, cryptic, and... many of those things we associate him with. Curiousity. Compassion. And wicked smarts. Most important, for me, is that he came at the argument from such a different angle and invited me to do the same. Looked me straight in the eye, a hint of a smile that was both kind and challenging, and say « well have you looked at it THIS way....? » Amazing. Conversation lasted 20 minutes, tops. But it stayed with me. It stays with me. Have you looked at it THIS way?
#thehip #gorddownie #ripgord

Hallooo Vangroovy
#grousegrind #ninekindsofpain

Meta moment: pic of selfie plus the selfie itself. We become what we behold. No flash required when the reverse is true.

Woot woot. We'll be back in September and October! We promise. Next time I'll give more lead time on tickets. And I'll leak the details like a monkey-flippin White House staffer. #hogtownlive #broadviewhotel

Rosseau moon. G'night.

Day #6....so my travel companion - who has never been to the Rockies - usually lives somewhere between unsentimental and cynical. But. But... as soon as we enter the Bow Valley from Banff? Sudden burst of tears. And then once more on the drive from Lake Louise to Jasper. It's like the Canadian version of Stendhal Syndrome: losing your shit when confronted with freakish, massive beauty. Mountains all purple-perfect. Go Canada. #thewestisthebest.

Day 4. That's all. #thewestisthebest

Ok Still day one I'll stop #thewestisthebest

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