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#march for all women. And I am here on behalf of my beautiful gender and my loves of my life ... my daughters Olive and Frankie #fightlikeagirl

Oh my god! Maybe I was always the crazy cat lady! Just found this on insta 🤪#catseyefilm #80’s #stevenking

If you can believe, my daughters and I went to rescue a cat and came home with three kittens in need. #thekitties #rescue #christmasmiracle or I just became the crazy cat lady? Names are (from left to right) LUCKY (Olive’s cat) PEACH (Frankie’s cat) FERN (mine) all females #GIRLGANG

Look at what a beautiful lady at @starbucks put on my trough of ice tea! What a way to enter the new year. If she could only know how happy she made me! May everyone go into the new year with some love and goodness and kindness. More importantly, give it to someone else, and start their year right!

And here it is. The official newsstand cover. Thank you for making me feel foxy. Acting like a women. Not just a overextended mom and worker bee! Sometimes playing dress up for any reason in the world can remind us “we still got it. And don’t lose it” because I know daily life isn’t like this. This is fantasy. A dream come true. Doing a magazine is a privilege. And a moment! This particular endeavor was worth sharing. As I am proud that it has a story and a cool angle. This issue inside the magazine has all different images, so let this leave you wanting more. The whole piece is just fun! And don’t we all just need fun in the world right now? Thank you @instylemagazine for bringing in the new year this way! Let’s all look back at our lives with loving eyes. Let’s all look forward like a bunch of bad asses and make this year epic!

This day was just so fun!!! So I just let go and played. Kind of the way I did when I was a kid. I didn’t care about how it looked. I cared about how it felt. If it felt bad, then I knew it was wrong and had to parent myself. If it felt free without harm to others, than I embraced that feeling. If there was scrutiny or judgment... I examined where it was coming from, and then let it go. We all know ourselves better than others. And to be kind and brave is what matters. And Free and blissful. And silly as silly gets! Obviously. I loved re visiting my life on this day. And I can honestly say I am a happy adult. I have to fight like a mega warrior for that happiness. But what comes easy? Nothing.

It also doesn’t hurt when you have @anthony.maule @markishkreli @fulviafarolfi @caseynails and stylist Catherine Newell Hanson putting you together! I had just finished Santa Clarita diet! I was making up for lost time and eating everything i wanted!!And I was like “sorry I am a size 10 so please don’t stuff me into sample runway sizes!” I was living my bliss and ate during the shoot and had a glass of wine and just enjoyed myself. It is a Cinderella dream to work with the level of professionalism that @laurabrown99 and @instylemagazine do and have. I knew I was in the best hands.

These memories make me so happy. And I am happy that I haven’t aged like an old leather bag. Have not touched my face ever! People have said I have here and there, funny enough. But I haven’t. I’ve just lived the exact life I wanted. Some messy. Some valiant. But this is just me. Plain old me over a span of almost 40 years!

@instylemagazine @laurabrown99 told me when we were to do our next cover, “it should have a theme” Laura and I have worked together and known each other for almost 20 years! So I started sharing ideas. She loved my story of #oldstorageunitday because it has all this throwback vibe. So then we came up with childhood photo’s and the clothes being interpreted in today’s designer clothes. Fashion always comes full circle. So here it is. Five sub covers that capture me in my youth in a modern twist.

Merry Christmas 2017... 2018 you better watch yourself!

Thank you @Sashaheinz for being the best teacher in the world! My girl is taking the mountain thanks to you! Best mom. Best woman. Best girlfriend! #worshipthejockandthequeen

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