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#beautyjunkieweek no filter end result! I cannot thank you enough for barring with me. For those few who benefit from this, there are too many who think I am a freak! I get it. Beauty junkie week is not for the faint of heart sometimes. But I like to find real results without invasion and real attainable methods for working women and moms. I hope this didn’t make you all too sick. Come to think about it, I probably should have picked another day over the Beautiful and romantic royal wedding. Oh well. More tomorrow. I’ll try to keep it more attractive! #beautyisontheinside #justtryingtokeeptheoutsideintact @flowerbeauty @walmart @ultabeauty

#beautyjunkieweek part three Don’t get grossed out, because i know it is, but it turned into this when it came off my face. And I am not kidding you, my red mark on my face was NOTICEABLY lighter. And I did it again the next day, with a much milder impact. But in two day it’s was gone. I had even tried bleaching creams, and noting was getting the red spot off my face until this natural remedy. Aloe Vera live plant meat worked to extract the red. Anyway, I keep an aloe plant in my apt in nyc when I don’t have the luxury of finding it in the earth. It’s Also amazing for cuts, scrapes and especially burns. It’s a must have to have around. In any form. Thank you aloe Vera. You continue to amaze me with your beauty and beauty secrets. @flowerbeauty @walmart @ultabeauty #thingsthatactuallywork

#beauyjunkieweek part two I sat outside while enjoying an abnormally mellow Saturday, with loads of sun block. This is all not glamorous! Just a gal doing experiments! And I noticed the piece of aloe Vera meat turning red. It was actually suctioning out the red from my face. And after the four hours...

#beautyjunkieweek ok I know this looks weird, but I had a giant bite or reaction on my face, right in the center of my “try not stare” cheek. It was so distracting. Anyway, I tried the age old myth of aloe Vera. Nothing. Then figuring I had nothing to loose, I dug out the meat of the live plant stalk, which I cut off a plant in my yard and then kept in the refrigerator to reuse, the juice you can squeeze out simply did nothing. So placed a small chunk of it right on my skin. I left it on for about 3 hours plus maybe four...

#beautyjunkieweek OK I know this says it’s for the face, but I use it on hair. It literally has that perfect atomizer that distributes perfectly for waves and curls. Almost like the diffuser on your hair dryer. It can give the hair gentle beachy waves when minimally sprayed on dry hair. And then walk away! Just let it do it’s thing. It will softly separate your stands and give a mild texture. OR you can go to town. Spray a bunch in and scrunch the hair with your hands or dry with a diffuser for lots of kinky fun curl. I also use it on my daughters when they wake up with “fairy hair”. It is gentle and doesn’t leave it heavy or gummy like detanglers can. It’s great for my girls with the wet brush or a mason Pierson type of bristle. I don’t know about you, but my kids are not physched about hair brushing. It’s more like crawling into a Lions den. So thank you Evian! I can do what I need to do with me and myself and the girls thanks to you. I bet you are dope on the face too! @flowerbeauty @ultabeauty @walmart

#BEAUTYJUNKIEWEEK HAS BEGUN. Your beauty routine starts at this line, and we must work upward! We forget our neck and chest!!!! this me directly after a clear and brilliant laser treatment (which i highly recommend) It’s as light as it gets and is non invasive. But it helps me with my crazy level 10 Malasma after babies. And the Dermatoligist said to me, “don’t forget, your beauty routine starts from here up” and made this exact line on her chest. And I can’t forget it. We know this, but we don’t do it. I don’t. I love my skin care routines. But I forget anything below the chin. So next time you go to wash your face, remember this hand on your chest and work upwards!!!!! Ps. Remember. I don’t get paid or encouraged to post anything during this week. These are my personal finds that I can’t wait to Share !!!!!!!!!! Pss this is me with no me up and no filter except the sun in my window! @flowerbeauty @ultabeauty @walmart

Oh i so relate. from my @aliza118 regram from @newyorkermag

LINK IN BIO I always wanted to twin in some kind of non “matchy matchy” way with my kids. So I designed these shoes that have pattern, design and color crossover. I will be staring down at mine and my two little Twinkle toes girly girls all summer, and think, yes! We all go together like peas and carrots. Check them out. I thought post Mother’s Day is a good day for this! @crocs #crocs family #drew❤crocs

Ok. Last one. This is my favorite day of the year. And all I can say is that I hope my kids are always close. And so I loved this sweet cartoon regram from the wonderful @seedlingsgroup and @newyorkermag happy end of moms day. May it be every bit of the celebration you wanted it to be.

Olives Mother’s Day card sings. And so does my heart.

IF YOU WANT TO LAUGH YOUR SELF SILLY...Do yourself a favor and watch this LINK IN BIO it made my day sent to me via @jillkargman and I HAD TO SHARE thank you @amyschumer always

In the words of the great Edie Beale ... happy Mother’s Day regram from one of my favorite accounts @fur_you

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