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sc - drewaguillon  CHS varsity football 🔥😴 @th0tpatr0l1o1 follow that account g 🔥

I know that girl can really suck dick
Cause she talk to me right with a lisp - Symere woods

Happy birthday to that bitch
Yeah, the one that suck my dick
Triple S got that extra grip
So you know I cannot slip - Symere woods

Thought you was real cause you ain't invade my checks
Thought you was my future, but you're my ex - symere woods

If she chill with me, she say that’s a touchdown
She can’t believe she gon’ touch now - Symere Woods

it’s game day 🔥

I am ballin’ like I am Derrick Rose
I be ballin' like I miss Amber Rose - Symere Woods

it’s the bang 😴🔥

tb, but can’t wait like frfr for this year 🔥

my dawg 😴✌️

it’s more than a game to me 😴

with my grandma and my sister (:


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