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Drew Palmer  Internationally Published Writer + Photographer | Traveler | Bogeyish Golfer | Terrible Mechanic | Business inquires ➡️@milenorthoutdoors

Lay up here or go deep with a chance of a shank into the woogieville full of rattlers and prickles?
@michaelward6 says “you should hit your 4 iron”. Okay driver it is.
#druidoso #woogieville #beerme #ILEAVEBIRDIEPUTTSSHORT

No meat on the skinning pole this weekend but we did take advantage of the rain to shoot some catalog shots for new rain gear products...in the rain. All weekend.
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I feel like this needs to be said. There is no “pro hunters” and no “i hunt for a living”. Nobody makes more than a bucket full of peanuts guiding, there is no retirement funds or health care packages. Only your tired strung out reflection in the mirror of a truck with 200k miles. You aren’t gonna be the next television star filming hunts either. But like @dougsteinkephotos said yesterday, you might be able to make a modest living with a reputable tangible set of skills. I take photos with some expensive equipment, it’s only a small part of what i do to make a decent living at 26. I have a cost of doing business everyday, im either earning a little or loosing. Today you have to have Skills that are valid in the business world, and take years of hard ass work to polish and perfect. If you want to be self employed, prepare to spend several years in a pile of turds getting used, stiffed, and taken advantage of. Then in time if you’re lucky, you’re work (whatever it is) will become reputable and some honest companies might hire you. You’ll have to bust your ass 3x as hard to stay ahead, and stay ahead of every part-timer who’s willing to give away work for a gear discount. More importantly be very smart, having a “passion” for something isn’t going to pay your kids through college.
Every pro staffer with a camera isn’t a “pro photog.” And anyone that’s boasting about this and that and who they are sponsored by, is full of shit. Nobody gives two shits about what’s in your flippin gear room and who’s ass your kissing for a discount.
The good ones keep their mouths closed, boots muddy, and develop relationships with authentic people in business, not instagram personalities or “public figures.” I care about the people i spend my time around, and the influence they have on my life and others. I don’t care about any catchy bio you can write on your self promoting page.
Shut up and provide for your family and quit trying to be an internet celebrity. There is no big leagues of the outdoors.
Photo by the humble & hardworking @joshalberius

The guy on the left is an American hero to me and a lot of other people. The guy on the right is a product of a childhood spent with the guy on the left. The guy on the left spent hours with me as a kid, shooting at wasps and horseflies with a red rider BB gun, learning the leads and how to be a horse-barn legend. Fast forward several years, 9/11 happens, and Tyler like many Americans felt the need to fight back. A sniper in the US Army, once again becoming a nightmare for anyone who wasn’t on his team.
Tomorrow it will have been 9 years since you laid down your life for the guys next to you in Afghanistan. That canvasback in the photo; i watched you shoot it at 50 yds with some cheap ass Xperts loads, flying as fast as that duck can go. I just laughed then. Only you can do that shit. Today i might have one upped you, full tilt Bluewing teal sky high swinging over the shoulder, with a band on it. I just laughed and said thanks.
Thanks for leading by example, thanks for lecturing me on anything that’s worth doing isn’t going to come easy, and what it’s like to live a big life. So here i am, my own boss playing my own drums, the way i want to. Because ppl like you gave me that freedom. I miss you, thanks dude. 🇺🇸

So much character its hard to contain it in a still image.
#hurtlocker #ranchyaf #workhardplayhard #lockegrassandcattle #flinthills #outdoors #buzzybs

#nationallefthandersday back in the dog days of summer when i threw a magic ball and loved bad hitters with wood bats #lefthandersday

Hay is cut. Seeds in the ground. Time to crack a cold one and pray for rain.
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@micah251 performing his hits from his last album “full time part time”. #fulltimecowboy #parttimegeorgestrait #countrymusic #turkeycreek #whereismysetlist

Suck factor way high. Fence repairs in a hell hole. Oklahoma summers.
#crashlanding #wildasscows #snakeville #barbwiretattoos #sweatequity #yeti #natty #osagecounty

One of the coolest projects I’ve done this year. Spent a couple days with some awesome people in the mountains of New Mexico, and nicknamed the damn town while we were at it. Check out the full film at @lowsidegolfwear
#D’Ruidoso #lowside #lowsidegolfwear

Some are simply alive, some are thriving with life.
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The mtns of New Mexico make a pretty decent backdrop.
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