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Drew Palmer  Ex Shocker & Cowley CC Lhp | Camera Wiz| Traveler | Bogeyish Golfer | @milenorthoutdoors

The guy on the left is an American hero to me and a lot of other people. The guy on the right is a product of a childhood spent with the guy on the left. The guy on the left spent hours with me as a kid, shooting at wasps and horseflies with a red rider BB gun, learning the leads and how to be a horse-barn legend. Fast forward several years, 9/11 happens, and Tyler like many Americans felt the need to fight back. A sniper in the US Army, once again becoming a nightmare for anyone who wasn’t on his team.
Tomorrow it will have been 9 years since you laid down your life for the guys next to you in Afghanistan. That canvasback in the photo; i watched you shoot it at 50 yds with some cheap ass Xperts loads, flying as fast as that duck can go. I just laughed then. Only you can do that shit. Today i might have one upped you, full tilt Bluewing teal sky high swinging over the shoulder, with a band on it. I just laughed and said thanks.
Thanks for leading by example, thanks for lecturing me on anything that’s worth doing isn’t going to come easy, and what it’s like to live a big life. So here i am, my own boss playing my own drums, the way i want to. Because ppl like you gave me that freedom. I miss you, thanks dude. 🇺🇸

So much character its hard to contain it in a still image.
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#nationallefthandersday back in the dog days of summer when i threw a magic ball and loved bad hitters with wood bats #lefthandersday

Hay is cut. Seeds in the ground. Time to crack a cold one and pray for rain.
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@micah251 performing his hits from his last album “full time part time”. #fulltimecowboy #parttimegeorgestrait #countrymusic #turkeycreek #whereismysetlist

Suck factor way high. Fence repairs in a hell hole. Oklahoma summers.
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One of the coolest projects I’ve done this year. Spent a couple days with some awesome people in the mountains of New Mexico, and nicknamed the damn town while we were at it. Check out the full film at @lowsidegolfwear
#D’Ruidoso #lowside #lowsidegolfwear

Some are simply alive, some are thriving with life.
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The mtns of New Mexico make a pretty decent backdrop.
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History channel called and wanted me to be on Axmen but i told em I was more into Garden & Gun and Travel Channel.
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This is a late post from the 2018 Kansas One Shot turkey hunt. A lot of special and influential people here that are all cut from the same mold, I’m very thankful to share a common ground with them and be impacted by their stories and patriotism. A big salute to the hunting heroes we were able to spend time with, thank you.
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