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Drew Biswas  100%Geek💡 California Country🤠 In training SON!🏋🏃🤸🎪 Pre-med 💊🔬 THE DEVIL IS A TEMPTOR🍰🍭🍕🍦🍬🍩 Psalms 22:19👐

Did any firebenders out there lose their bending during the eclipse? #eclipse #totaleclipseoftheheart #avatarthelastairbender #firebending

I feel like I SPLIT my time pretty well between here and school😂 #realsideSPLITter #apexnorcal #plentifulpuns

Recently I came across a picture of myself from a few months ago. I looked at the picture, and I looked at myself and I couldn't recognize it anymore. Not just because of the weight loss, but because of my lack of confidence and lack of drive, I could see it through my body language. I've changed so much in so many ways this past year, and I'm so grateful for where I am. Moving away from my hometown of Fresno to the bay area did me so much more good than I ever would have realized a year ago. I could've posted that picture, but I think that this is more telling. •
Thank you so much to @apexnorcal for giving me a home (both figurative and literal😂) all this time. Thank you @ryankinney @willischinn and @radkour for introducing me to this amazing chanlenge that is parkour, you all taught me to enjoy hard work, to be creative, and to never take short cuts. Thank you @thebriankretsch and @invincible_inspiration for showing me this world of ninja warrior and for always inspiring me to try and be my best. Thank you @gooddaykelly and @mirandausherwood for being my aerial partners in crime. Thank you @alanconnealy for not only being my inspiration physically, but also as a business owner and medical professional, I aspire to be able to balance it all like that one day. Thank you @tinybiochemist for being litterally the greatest human being on the planet, you push me to aspire for more. Thank you @karkar_ocr for being the absolute best long distance training partner. Thank you @r.b.warrior and @ninja_natalie for being my inspirations for who I want to be not just strength wise, but as inspiration to stay goofy and have fun no matter what.

You all may not realize it, but you built me. You made me into the person I am now and I am so grateful, thank you. I'm far from perfect, and I've obviously got a long road still ahead, but right now I'm happy, and I thank God that I am where I am.
#thankyou #student #prayerworks #apexnorcal

This one's a real leg bruiser. BUT SO WORTH IT!!! #apexnorcal #lyralife

So this was fun #beyblade

Too much spinning today 🤢😖

Honestly one of the best birthdays ever. Didn't do much, but I got to come train at the end of the day which just made my great day even better. So start praying that I'll survive another year! 😫 #apexnorcal #ninjatraining #havefun [📸 @smokeykai ]

Goofing off after aerial today #invertedsplits [Idea credit @willischinn ] #apexnorcal

So @r.b.warrior has been one of my biggest inspirations this last year and I got to see him compete tonight. 'Twas awesome. Thanks so much for inspiring me all this time 🤙 #nnl #nnlqualifiers #apexnorcal

Try try try!

Thanks @ryankinney for being a BALLER

#FUNFUNFUNFUN #fly #apexnorcal

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