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Thailand 📍  Creative Director | Destination Photographer | Miami/ based LA

"..... I would have fought your past with you; but you rather have had it haunt you" | #drewbey

..... Art enables me to find myself, and lose myself at the same time

"..... When I go to sleep, I'm done with you; but in the morning, the cycle continues" | #drewbey

"..... it doesn't matter how or why, or who was wrong or right; it doesn't change my hurt" | #drewbey

..... There's a huge difference between knowing what you are doing and truly understanding; that moment of clarity was my breakthrough

"..... letting go is so hard; because of the fear something else may never come" | #drewbey

...... There's a method to the madness

"..... so lost in your world; I began to forget about my own" | #drewbey x @philsonart

When I finally understood how to direct, and articulate the thoughts in my mind; that is when i found my art....

"..... losing it all; trapped in your madness" | #drewbey

"..... if it wasn't for all the wrong roads I've taken; I would have never found my way to you"

".... I've fallen so hard for you; but telling you would push you away" | #drewbey

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