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I know many of you have been waiting so here's my first "Aliya& #39;s Must-Haves" baby products post!
If you're on my Snapchat (username DYF-Tamanna πŸ‘») then you know that the @dockatot has been our favorite sleeping pod since the first day Ali came home. We got our first one as a gift from our close friends (who are also new parents and swore by it!) and our second one was sent from the company along with several gorgeous covers and a travel bag when they found out we were big fans! We keep one in the family room for nap times and the other inside our Halo Bassinet (fits perfectly in there!) for nighttime. And if you prefer to co-sleep, you can keep it in the bed between mommy and daddy so baby stays protected. It's super comfy and cozy in there, almost like a mother's womb, and it keeps Aliya super safe and prevents her from rolling away since she is very active m'A ! And here's another major plus: The @dockatot material is breathable so your baby can't suffocate if they turn their face against the edge. Once Ali's a little older and we are ready to transition her out of our room, we will get her the larger size to place in her gorgeous nursery crib ☺

(PS: this is NOT a paid advertisement post! I'll be posting my REAL favorite must-have items only, to help fellow mamas and babies looking for real product recommendations and good advice πŸ‘πŸ½ You will find some of these reviews here and others on @babydyf's page! Or search the #AliyasMustHaves hashtag to make it easier for ya!) ~
Stretchy Velcro swaddle was a gift from @theollieworld check it out! Also not sure why this baldy was laughing in this pic she's usually cranky before her naps lol.

Been reminiscing and looking through all her snaps since birth and just can't get over how much she's changed already in just 6 weeks! And with all that personality since day one, m'A 😭 And I also can't believe how much of a typical MOM I've become lol... everything on my social media is all about her πŸ™ˆ I promise I'll get back to bringing more artistry back on my page soon! My so-called "maternity leave" is almost over LOL. @babydyf #snapvideomontage #0to6weeks #mashallah
For more of Aliya, follow us on Snapchat! "DYF-Tamanna& #34; πŸ‘»

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Got so much love on Snapchat for my mini "Mommy Makeover" the other day! Thanks to @samglamm for the perfect "permanent& #34; extensions to make my hair fuller and longer without any damage whatsoever 🚫 (no heat, no glue, no tape!) She's amazing!
And I finally freshened up my color too, been dying to use @guytang_mydentity line, so we mixed #mydentity 6DL (dusty lavender) and 7RG (rose gold) for a multi-tonal and multidimensional effect 😍 This is what it looks like in natural daylight (it looks a lot darker in the evening). I'm so in love!
Man this makes me miss cutting and coloring hair so much... Even though I'm still licensed I stopped taking hair cut/color clients due to lack of time and availability 😩 And now with baby, there's absolutely no way πŸ™ˆ But regarding bridal bookings and training classes, I'll be announcing my updated availability & schedule very soon! Stay tuned! 😘

Celebrating Aliya's 40th day of life today on #nowroz ! It's a big day! πŸ€— #bunnycat #40days @babydyf

Me and @babydyf attended our first big party last night! My sis in law's baby shower & gender reveal πŸ‘ΆπŸ» (and yes it's the year of GIRLS!) It really is so much fun having a girl to dress up like your very own doll hehe. Although she did have some diva moments πŸ™ˆ... And unfortunately I had to miss 90% of the party due to nursing, changing diapers, and comforting her through the madness but hey that's #momlife πŸ’ͺ🏼 I did manage to get this one picture with her when she was finally chillaxing after a nearly 1-hour long nursing session upstairs... (we did 3 of these sessions by the way, in a 6 hour span! This girl would not stop eating 😫) #truelife #imsosore #nomorepartiesforus #atleastnotforawhile #butwedolookcutetho πŸ™ƒ

Obsessed with these new @maccosmetics metallic lipsticks launching 3/23! Swipe to see all the gorgeous shades of the collection... I separated them into nudes and bolds 😍 18 shades in total, will retail for $17 a pop πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Thank you MAC! #maccosmetics #macmetallics #sponsored

If only they'd stay this tiny forever πŸ’• Thought I'd share this little collection of our favorites from @babydyf's newborn shoot with @loridormanphotography before she gets too big and these become irrelevant lol. (Swipe to view all!) Side note, I still don't know how I popped out a little Irish baby from two super brown parents πŸ€” I mean... something's just not adding up here lol 🀣 #icantevendeal #mA

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This is one of my favorite go-to makeup looks which is soft enough for daytime yet sultry enough for night, and even perfect for our spring and summer brides! Enjoy 😊

Stunning hair on @glam_lady_makeup using my very own best-selling @dressyourface #TamannaOmbreExtensions in Espresso (2) to Ash Brown (8) and my #TamannaStylingSet flat iron! 😍 Back in stock ONLY on @bombayhair .com! πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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Everyone was right when they said this parenting thing is really hard. We are exhausted every single hour and we freak out and lose our minds about 20 times a day... but when she's well-fed and sleeping and dreaming those sweet dreams and we get lucky enough to see her smile, it's all so worth it. And you know what? I think we're doing an OK job ☺ #Bliss β€’
@babydyf @loridormanphotography

My heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on this beauty! Thank you @lancomeofficial for making sure I got this Limited Edition Rose Highlighter before it sold out 😍 I have so many highlighters in my kit but I have to say the packaging and presentation of this one is hands-down the most stunning I've ever seen! Wish it came in more shades! Maybe next season? πŸ˜‰

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