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Регина  Regina ❤️ married to the love of my life. Mother to a miracle child. Healed from aplastic anemia. Lover of my life and my God.

Leaving her footprints on the world 🌎 #estiegrace

There's nothing more important in the world to me than making it to heaven with these two ❤️ #estiegrace and her 4 teeth 😍

She was everyone's favorite baby at the resort. And I wonder why 🙈😜😍

Hello cute wagon wheel ✨

You always make everything just a whole lot better ❤️ #estiegrace

Catching that glorious sunrise ☀️ #estiegrace

Last week I had the worst and most hardest days of my life. My baby Estie had a severe allergy reaction- not sure what from. She had major hives that only got worse after urgent care and after the ER, the rash still ended up coming back after the meds would wear off. She ended up getting steroids to help her.! It was so hard to see her like this and heartbreaking because there wasn't much I could do and she was in pain and discomfort. She had swelling and was itching, diaper rash and diarrhea.. didn't wanna eat and lost weight. Cranky and didn't want me to put her down. I felt so bad for her.! Even when I was in the hospital going through transplant I was NOWHERE near broken as I was when I saw my estie go through this😰 a baby who can't even talk. But it was almost more painful when she would just smile through it all while she momentarily forgot her suffering. It's seriously the hardest thing to watch your child sick or hurt. Really made me appreciate mine ❤️ she had many people praying for her as this was happening days before our trip to Cancun and we weren't sure if we were just gonna miss our trip or leave her. We trusted God and with time and prayer she slowly got better each day 🙏🏻 she is fully back to normal now thank God.! Always pray with faith- ask and you will receive 🙌🏽❤️

When your baby wakes you up at 6 you might as well enjoy the sunrise 🌅 😍

Lady in red 💃🏼

A piece of paradise 🌴#estiegrace

Beautiful evening walks is one of our favorite activities as a family. And we officially have a little walker!! #estiegrace

Because baths are so much more fun with bubbles and your rubber ducky 🛀 #estie grace

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