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Patrick Patterson  Da’ Dressgod| @shopdresslikejesus

📸: #TonyDuran.com
Hair/Styling: @steevedaviault
Glasses: DresslikeJesus.com


@ms__young__ The woman who makes sure no matter how far I go I always have a meal waiting for me at home. Although this picture looks like an ICONIC piece of art decades old I took this picture 2 days ago and cant imagine it any better. Thank you mom for living the life you did to make sure my siblings LailaV, Prince and I live our life exactly how we imagine. Thank you for being there ALWAYS and no matter what battle I was in you were there by my side (along with @_lailav) 😂. Can’t even explain but World my family is my GangGang🤾‍♂️ #RoyalFamily #WeRuntheWorld #happymothersday

Hooked my Mom up for Mother’s Day 🤾‍♂️ @ms__young__ #Queen #Luxury #RoyalFamily

Crowns, crowns and necks give em here boy 👋 #repost #dresslikejesus #LailaV #icon #2016 #trendsetter Me and my “Blood” sister got all the time in the world 😹 (also I don’t promote the horns but now that I got your attention let me share a couple words about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)

“Im apparently the goofball of the group” 🤦‍♂️ (I’m holding this for my grandma” 🤷‍♂️)

These glasses my new faves 🏝 and that ain’t my beer

American Dragon DresslikeJesus 🐲

Hello I’m here to step on your crown 😁
Photo creds: @nikaimiller

Goodmorning give God the praise and thank Jesus Christ

Thank steeve for the hair 🤚@statemgmt @ms__young__ @steevedaviault @theycallmedig

No everything doesn’t have to be black or white ✨ #TonyDuran #Vogue #dresslikejesus

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