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Rob  I run a men's clothing store and have a rad menswear blog.

"Oh look, it's another bearded guy." -internet

🌾Nothing to Sneeze At 🌾

Warm weather is the time to be active. Don't let the pollen or your attire hinder you in those efforts. Rolled all around town on my bike all day in the mix of active and workwear. Tap for details #dressedtoill

My favorite days to shoot and be outdoors are cloudy days. When everyone else is feeling dreary I just throw on another layer and move on. All about the silver linings, in everything. #dressedtoill

Under the Hood // rainy days in the spring don't necessitate an overcoat. Layer in a hoodie and a vest for a commuter friendly combo. #dressedtoill

Can we just make casual weekend Rob an all week thing? #dressedtoill

🚲On A Roll 🚲

Layers and the right cuff on the sleeve are the ideal articles for the spring. #dressedtoill

What's your stance on wearing a vest over a shirt without a collar? Asking for a friend #dressedtoill

☂️Adjustment Period ☂️ Seasons don't change at the flip of a switch. Adding in or filtering out layers is key depending on if it's ready to be spring or the chill in the air sticks. #dressedtoill

Brown leather gives a vintage vibe to your look. I'm all about nods to the styles of yesteryear, without looking like I'm wearing a costume. #dressedtoill

📖Your Color Story 📖

Everyone has their color story, or the schemes that work well on you. I'm always comfortable in brown and blue, in any form. What's your color story? #dressedtoill

Mixing Indigo and Ash, which is far preferable than the pastel palettes I used to wear around Easter. A nod to spring without looking like the bag of jelly beans. #dressedtoill

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