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Simondo Topless  Dressed In Wires ruined my birthday!! dressedinwires.co.uk facebook.com/dressedinwires twitter.com/dressedinwires

There's always the US import option if you're struggling to find the last few!

Narcmagazine.com , off yez pop!!!

Do you all have a cup from your childhood that you still insist on using, whenevz you visit your parents? No alternative is acceptable.

This came in my vinyl I bought and y'know and posting in case it didn't come in your vinyl you bought and y'know.


Life changing.

Bikini Ayatollah Soundsystem remix for Drooping Finger

Snippet of gripe trances happy Sunday new record out now full version this youtube OKAY 👌👌👌👌🌶

Trailer trailer.

THE ARRANGEMENTS /// preview time. Out this week.

25p in the charity shop. Suspect it'll still be overpriced!

Set list , gosforth UK 3rd sept 2018. Soz for the whizz thru. GLOBS & DANDY // GIRL FLAVOURED // RUIN THAT // EMBERS

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