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David Elliott  Conveying my thoughts through photographic expression - inspiring others. Sales enquiries can be made thru my site. Click ⬇️ for my bio and contact.

Thinking about the past 20 years, I’m not sure anything has given me as much substance in life as travel. Friends and family are givens, but it’s the exploration of cultures, landscapes and moments with people, that are etched in my memory. This was photographed in 2017 in SW China - a journey not without its logistical nightmares. The strength of these women, their life stories, their kindness, was worth every second of the trip. @75yards #davidelliott #davidrephotography @drelliott @canon_photos @canonasia @canoncanada @condenasttraveller @cntraveler @natgeo @natgeotravel @portraitvision @documentingwomen #canadianartist #canadianphotographer

South west China, 2009. One of my favorite spots to this day, my first real travel away from the countless cities I’d visited. Last year was the continuation of a trip I’d only half completed - there are reasons why things happen, last years journey was well worth the wait. Couldn’t have done it without @75yards 😘. 🙏🏽 #davidelliott #davidrephotography @drelliott @condenasttraveller @cntraveler @ig_countryside @earthexplorer.s @earthpix @earthfocus @awesome_earthpix @aroundearthpix @canonasia @canon_photos @canoncanada @natgeo @natgeotravel

Late night fishing in SW China, with trained cormorants doing the work. A snare is tied around their necks to prevent them from swallowing the fish, and they are treated with an occasional snack. The tradition now-a-days is mainly to attract tourists. #davidelliott #davidrephotography @drelliott #documentary #travelasia @canon_photos @canonasia @canoncanada @natgeo @natgeotravel @condenasttraveller @cntraveler @cathaypacific @streetphotographyinternational

Rooted within a random thought. Plans in life alter continuously, we can never prepare for much of what comes at us.
These beautiful trees seen all over Hong Kong, continue to either collapse or be cut down - only to begin a new ascent. #davidelliott #davidrephotography @drelliott @canon_photos @canonasia @canoncanada @natgeo @natgeotravel @streetphotographyinternational #travelasia

Vancouver island, or home as I would refer to this lengthy 460 km land mass located off the west coast of Vancouver. It’s not Victoria Island as many think - Vic is simply the largest city on the island. Some of my friends try to hike a different trail every year, there are definitely not enough years for them to ever even make a dent. This was one challenging hike from a few years back, nice reward at the summit. @drelliott #davidelliott #davidrephotography @canon_photos @canonasia @canoncanada @condenasttraveller @earthexplorer.s @ig_countryside @earthpix @earthfocus @canada @explorecanada @landscape_photography_planet

Early morning at Borobudur, a couple gals pose for pictures before the day gets cooking. Hard to imagine this was once hidden in the forest, unbeknown to human kind. #davidelliott #davidrephotography @drelliott @canon_photos @canonasia @canoncanada @natgeotravel @natgeo @condenasttraveller @earthexplorer.s @earthpix @earthfocus

Nice little bike ride out to this 15th century temple, known as Cetho. It was nearing that very hot early afternoon and I was mulling which of the two nearby temples to visit first. Afternoon light is hideous, but I was just early enough to avoid it! I’m missing the temples in Asia! It’s churches in North America these days - still beautiful.
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Back when it all began, 2008 was my first visit to Nepal - a childhood dream of mine to experience the Himalayas. It wasn’t without its challenges, but those were greatly outweighed by the amount of beautiful moments.
#davidelliott @drelliott #davidrephotography @himalayangeographic @canon_photos @canonasia @canoncanada @natgeo @natgeotravel @condenasttraveller @ig_countryside @earthpix @earthescope @earthfocus @earthexplorer.s @earthpics

Our lives are built from a large picture, we see the picture but within that, the smaller pictures are what we live and need to understand. Once we experience enough in life, all those tiny images will begin to make sense. #davidelliott #davidrephotography @drelliott #thoughtoftheday #thoughts #insight @canonasia @canon_photos @canoncanada @himalayangeographic @earthexplorer.s @earthpix @earthfocus @natgeotravel @natgeo @ig_countryside

Nomadic. Like years have passed, yet it’s only been a year and a half since that journey into Tibet. Once again I find myself in the mountains - tho it’s a totally different adventure this time. #davidelliott #davidrephotography @drelliott @natgeo @natgeotravel @canonasia @canon_photos @canoncanada @cntraveler @cntraveler @earthpix @earthfocus @earthofficial @earthexplorer.s @himalayangeographic @ig_countryside

For years I travelled on a solo mission through the SE Asian region, up into the Himalayas and across China. It’s has been everything and more I could have ever dreamt of, dreams which began at a very young age. I hope everyone has an opportunity to explore! Money or time are often the reasons why people don’t do it, but remember, everyplace has something to offer, so if you’re stuck - explore your backyard! It’s a blessing to be able to share my work, and to share my joys with @75yards . To all my supporters - much appreciation and love! ❤️ be real #davidelliott #davidrephotography @drelliott @canonasia @canon_photos @canoncanada @condenasttraveller @natgeotravel

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