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Dr.Elizabeth Trattner🌸  🀄️Dr.Chinese/Integrative Medicine 🦋Wellness &Beauty Expert 📿Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women® 💎Creator of the Gemstone Facial “The Healing Touch”ALLURE

Oooooo wow, did you know the loofahs are loaded with bacteria that can make your skin worse by exposing it to mold and bacteria?🦠
Happy to share my knowledge of skincare and a shout out for the Gemstone Facial in @oprhamag today.
Self care is at an all time high and baths are at the top of the list.
I love baths, but not itching like a madwoman afterwards.
Exfoliation can leave skin smooth and soft or turn into a rash in the making.
"Loofahs are natural exfoliants and help create more circulation on skin—but proceed with caution," says Elizabeth Trattner, a certified acupuncture physician who specializes in Chinese and integrative medicine.
"Having worked on skin for more than 20 years, I advise my patients not to use a loofah. When hot water hits your body, your pores open and a dirty loofah can actually induce bacteria into your skin. On the other hand, when you step out of the shower, your pores close from the cold, allowing bacteria to get trapped inside."
Sounds gross, right?
Just use your hands or a bar of soap.🧼
If the idea of bathing with just hands and a bar of soap doesn't sound appealing or hygienically friendly, Dr. Trattner—who is known for her signature gemstone acupuncture facial—offers an interesting alternative.
"I actually prefer makeup remover mitts that are made of a special material, as they scratch less than washcloths or loofahs and can be washed repeatedly. The carbon footprint is actually lower because of the reuse factor.”
If your going to use a loofah you have to sterilize it otherwise you are exposing your skin to some nasty bacteria.
My preference is washcloths over loofahs.
As far as washcloths, Dr. Trattner adds that they should be used one time only and then laundered.
"Dead skin cells are on a wash cloth that's just sitting on a sink or even hanging," she says. "If you must reuse, wash with hand soap and hang dry in a sunny place with air movement outside the sink, bath, and shower. Buy cheap white ones that can be washed in hot water with Borax and eco-friendly, no-fragrance soap.Skip the fabric softener because it can cause itching and rashes."
Grossed out, Have questions? DM me

I am so excited to share with you that the Gemstone Facial is featured in this month’s @oceandrivemag : Miami's Most Pampered Woman!
It's a huge honor to make this list in a city where beauty reigns supreme!
Thank you @mariatettamanti for taking a trip and getting stoned with me for this month’s feature.
Drawing on principles of Chinese medicine The Gemstone Facial includes:⠀
💎Body and Facial Cupping
Gua Sha
💎Facial Rolling
💎Eco luxury products
💎An in depth skin assessment using Chinese and Integrative Medicine diagnosis and personal recommendations for optimal skin health and so much more.
Did you know that crystals and gemstones have been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years? In TCM they are prized for healing and resilience.
Cosmetic acupuncture has other health promoting effects as well.
I treat your individual constitution for optimal results.
The Gemstone Facial rocks, so come and get stoned with me and look and feel your best.
DM me to find out more💎💎💎

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year.⠀

I wanted to introduce myself to everyone who has recently followed me and to all the amazing humans who have been with me for some time.

I'm Elizabeth Trattner, goofball extraordinaire and a Doctor of Chinese and Integrative Medicine(which I take very seriously).⠀

How has everyone's first few weeks of the year been?⠀

I have been lying a little low for the past few days because every January I notice that every time I go on Instagram people are talking about:
new year, new you
a new program
and pretty much how you should change because its January.
Truth be told, it could be April or October or really any month of the year and I hope you all are striving for goodness all year round and not just because we are into the first week of the year.
Forget about the fact we just got through the holidays.
That weight is going to come off
You're still amazing
Good things are coming your way.

You do not need to change one bit. In fact, whatever you decide to do whether it’s drinking celery juice or couch surfing it is perfect for you as long as you are good with yourself.

In fact, I think you're awesome!

So instead of feeling bad about the fact that you are not doing everything under the sun to change yourself, here are a few little reminders that you are wonderful:

1.Be honest.
2.Dream big, you can do it!
3.Believe in yourself
4.Keep an open mind
5.Put your needs first
6.Don't live in fear (my mantra)
7. Don't compare yourself to anyone else.
8. Everyday you start fresh, it doesn't need to be January 1st.

I love you all in January, and all the other months of the year and you are PERFECT just the way you are!

Lots of love,

Where do you see yourself in 2019?

Having your photography and signature acupuncture gemstone treatment featured on the cover of Where Magazine!

I am so happy to share my gemstone acupuncture treatment, The Gemstone Facial and the multi facets (pun intended!) of my practice with you for @wheremiami

Chinese Medicine,acupuncture, crystals and energy medicine rock for good reason! They all have solid clinical evidence backing their effectiveness.

Crystals seem to be just about everywhere but how do you separate science from superstition?
💎Crystals and gemstones have been prized for thousands of years. They have been worn for years as jewelry, in crowns and used in trade.⠀
💎Crystals are minerals and since our bodies need minerals it is only natural that we gravitate to gemstones which are made of them.⠀
💎Crystals all carry a frequency and like music we are attracted to different frequencies and resonate with different ones. That is why we are drawn to them.⠀
💎In TCM gemstones and crystals are prized for healing and resilience because of the time it took them to form deep inside the earth.

If you're feeling stuck right now, I have all the beautiful tools to start your year off in the right direction.🚀💎

Whether its getting stoned with The Gemstone Facial or just getting pointed in the right direction with your health, I can help.

Email or DMme so we can start your year off right.

My heartfelt thanks to @ericacorsano for this cover and feature🙏🏻💎💗
Model: @junglejohanna
Selentite Wand: @amourandlight
Photo: @dreliztratts
Please do not use this image or content without written permission. Copyright of Dr. Elizabeth Trattner and Where Magazine.⠀

It's not too late to get the perfect gift for the woman who has everything:

💎A Gemstone Acupuncture Facial gift certificate💎

This one of a kind facial is like no other using the synergy of Integrative and Chinese Medicine, gemstones, acupuncture, Gua Sha, cupping, facial rolling, crystals, beautiful Eco Luxury products from Ayuna@lessisbeauty and so much more.

The Gemstone Facial is a unique and luxurious treatment that builds beauty from the inside out and makes your skin glow from within. As part of this session, personal recommendations for the individual's constitution are made for optimal skin health.

My signature facial has been featured in:
Allure Magazine
Ocean Drive
South Florida Luxury Guide
Boca Magazine
In Doral Magazine
In Weston Magazine
CBS Miami
Hola TV

⌛️Last minute, 💎no problem.

I've got you covered in more than just gemstones.

DM me or email me for more information.

Thank you to my gorgeous model @carlalalaf .⠀
Please do not use image or content without written permission.

What are the hottest beauty trends for 2019?

Facial rejuvenation, Gua Sha,supplements, botanicals, crystals(minerals) and green beauty treatments of skin conditions are becoming more popular and these are not going away any time soon because they are safe and non toxic.⠀
Some of the best well aging treatments are steeped in ancient beauty practices. like gua sha, and plant medicine. ⠀
Women are demanding their beauty regimes are clean and green like the food they ingest, the world they live in and want an integrative approach to their body and skin health.⠀
Chemicals in skincare can have endocrine disruptors which accumulate in the body and cause inflammation and disease. Non toxic products do not harm our immune or other body systems.⠀
Supplementation with vitamins and herbs can help promote optimal skin by building collagen and elastin, reducing environmental stress in the body, and enhancing the skin's microbiome.⠀
This is an Integrative approach to well aging, clear skin and a healthy glow. Examples are vitamins, ingestable collagen ,minerals. borage oil and probiotics.⠀
Chinese Medicine draws on proven natural remedies and techniques that have worked for thousands of years. The TCM approach addresses the internal problem, allowing the skin on the outside to then heal itself.⠀
Cosmetic acupuncture is a painless, non-surgical method of reducing the signs of the aging process. It is a whole system approach designed to help the entire body look and feel younger without injectables.⠀
Jade rollers &gua sha tools were used in TCM to treat and create circulation on the face.Done on a regular basis it reduces puffiness because it creates lymphatic drainage, increases circulation and removes toxins naturally.⠀
Gua sha tools come in minerals like mother of pearl, jade, rose quartz, onyx. The energy of a stone along with massage enhances skin’s resilience. ⠀
Want to build beauty from the inside out with a holistic approach to healthy and glowing skin.? DM or email me to arrange a customized approach to healthy skin for 2019 and years to come.⠀

Please do not use image or content without written permission.

✨Love over Fear✨
Today is a magic day: 11/11

A day to remind all over us,
No matter what you are going through;
No matter your age,
Your gender,
Your education,
That love is always around us and we need to choose love over fear.

Now is the time to remember to love yourself and not give into fear.

When you give into fear you give away your power.

Why do we give into fear and self sabotage ourselves?

Why are we afraid of being the best version of ourselves?

It is time to step into our power, our love and embrace it, today and every day.

💫✨When we embrace it magic happens.✨💫

Be the best you ,for you ,and remember love over fear.🌟
Beautiful art installation photo taken at the @sacredspacemiami 💛

✨Gorgeously Green Eco Luxe Ayuna Giveaway✨

This beautiful line is what I use in my practice and in the Gemstone Acupuncture Facial. It is luxurious, simple and elegant and I am excited to share this special gift with one lucky winner.

Today's Luxury Green Giveaway is courtesy of my friends at @lessisbeauty. This is the Amma Travel set which includes Soap, Balm, a volcanic and carbon mask, Essence, a 3 stage gommage, and Cream 1or 2 depending on your preference, in an adorable travel bag.

Ayuna is the first brand I have ever been able to use from beginning to end and I am crazy about it.🤩•

*crystals not included!⠀
⚜️How to Win:⚜️

1.Follow @lessisbeauty and moi 🙋🏻‍♀️@dreliztratts.(we check for honesty)

2. Tag 3 friends

3. Bonus, tell me something about yourself.

🌿Winner will be announced Mid November. This is a big one friends!🌿

USA only.

🌸Thank you for your participation. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

I will go first, @lisakrawetz, @suzie5118 @charvontratt, and I am from Ohio!

🍀Good luck everyone! Happy Friday!⠀

Hi Everyone!💗

Thanks for spending
R💎cktober with me.
There have been so many things to celebrate this past month that have been incredible.

I can't believe it's been 30 years of my second chance, so today I share with you:

30 bits of wisdom for 30 Years

1.A positive outlook is everything

2.Your heart is capable of expanding

3.Never give up, especially in times of darkness

4.Love what you do

5.Value friends who "get you"

6.Find doctors who listen

7.Nature heals, get outside!

8. Value patience and patients

9.It's okay to ask for help and be vulnerable

10.Take the road less traveled

11.Appreciate family that supports you

12.Listening is more powerful than talking

13.You never stop learning

14.Admit your faults(I have many)

15 Set boundaries

16.The power of "Yes

17.The power of "No"

18.See the beauty in everything

19.Set your soul on fire

20.Live every day to the fullest

21.You are capable of more than you believe

22.Honor your own pace

23.Turn intuition in to fruition

24.Mistakes are great teachers

25.Do let fear hold you back

26.It's okay not to be perfect, you can’t do everything well

27.Believe in the power of good food.

28. Practice real self care

29. Honor the earth and all she provides.

30. Don't rush the process, it will come in time.

Thank you for celebrating an amazing month like no other.I appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to leave comments,message me and share your stories.

I look forward to sharing more goodness with you.

Stay tuned in my stories for winners and a final giveaway tomorrow.

Lots of love,⠀

To Charlotte and Steve, without you I am nothing. 👨‍👩‍👧

🍵Giveaway 5🍵

Glam Glow from the Inside Out

Today’s giveaway is a gorgeous matcha tea set from my friends at @matchakari. This is premium matcha from Uji, Japan,is the highest quality and best tasting . I serve this to all my patients.🧚‍♂️

Included in this set is a bowl, scoop, whisk, sifted, and premium grade matcha(see slides)

🌱How to Win🌱
1.Follow @matchakari and me, your Rocktober, hostess, @dreliztratts(we check for honesty)
2. Tag three friends
3. Bonus, why you love matcha💚 •
If you're desperate to find your Zen but also need to stay on your game to get everything done, a cup of organic ultra high grade matcha tea🍵 may be just what the stress doctor🙋🏻‍♀️ ordered.

Not only does matcha make you feel calm🧘🏻‍♀️ and alert🤩 at the same time, but it’s loaded with antioxidants making it the ultimate beauty food.💋

I love matcha because it gives me an alert state of calm which is greatly needed💚

G🍵🍵D LUCK🍀, winners announced the end of the month •
💚USA only💚

My heart is flowing over and recharging after one of the most incredible weeks in my life.

I have so much gratitude for the synchronicity, kindness and support I received from every one of you. Your messages, comments, reposts and love has filled me up beyond words.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you all.

I hope your Sunday rocks like mine. Sending you all huge hugs to you all.
Much love,
Elizabeth 💗🌟🦋

Thank you to @yogi_goddess For sharing her gorgeous image with me🙏🏻

I am over the moon to share with you all this month's Allure magazine profile of my practice of Integrative and Chinese medicine and my personal

There are no words to express my gratitude to the editors at Allure: Jenny, Cotton and Brennan for this huge honor.

Never would I have believed 25 years ago when I was a model, that if someone said I would one day be in Allure that I would believe it. To be featured
for my brains and my practice is so much more powerful.

Allure is the first magazine to stop using the words" anti-aging" and it is an honor to be spotlighted as a mature woman since typically we are disregarded by society.

This features means so much to me on so many levels.

Thank you to everyone who made this happen. I am humbled and grateful beyond words for this.

This week has been like no other and one I will hold dearly for the divine timing of everything.

Editors @cottoncodhina, @brennankilbane @jbailly

Photography @jda.usa

Hair @heylynny
HMU @jennydmakeup
Wardrobe @1800yaya
Green beauty @lessisbeauty

Models @andreaminski @robindiamond

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