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Dreanna  23, UNM College of Pharmacy. Manifest it.🌖

Don’t mean to be so uptight, but my heart’s been hurt a couple times

Happy Birthday you beautiful human. I love you! ❤️ #BCF @amberlou_

You’re gonna stand there, owning a firework stand and tell me you don’t have no whistling bungholes, no spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker do’s, hoosker don’t’s...

“What are you guys?” -“We’re petty.”

I’m only un poco loco

Mi Corazon ❤️

Borrego said “plates before dates.” #imwitit #theboys #pham

Here’s to letting go of things that no longer serve us. 🌤

I am so honored and excited to learn and grow within this profession. Thank you to my friends and family who have stood by me thus far. You are my life line. And thank you to the UNM College of Pharmacy for this amazing opportunity. Let the next chapter begin!
Sia: “The Greatest”
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Thank you for bringing my hair back to life. 🙏✂️ @annaface_revelry

Is there anything better than a baby goat sneeze in the morning?

I’d rather spend money on experiences.

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