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☀️✌🏻🌈 εïз Lala Dreama ○ 🌊🤞🏻🌙  EXISTENCE IS MAGIC LIFE IS A TANGIBLE DREAM empathy•energy•expression•equality metacognition singularity infinite love eunoia ⚡️🌎💖 @radiantearthworks

Coming into love - in fact, making love, to the Universe
at all times is my ultimate goal.
Whether I am perfect at it right now, or ever for that matter,
isn’t for my judgments or scrutinies to take priority over. • I am trying, I am transforming, I am persisting •
in this endeavor to see through bleeding eyes -
eyes that bleed with warmth & compassion & empathy.
And to feel - oh to feeeeeel with a heart bigger, brighter, & more radiant than the sun, so that someday I may match
the surge of electricity that pulsates & vibrates through
every fractal of my being...
I want to know what real LOVE is
and I want to become so bewildered & transfixed
by that experience that I remain entrapped forever.
• Lala Dreama
Artwork by Adam Scott Miller @adamscottmiller
#life #heal #feel #love #light #empathy #energy #transmute #art #artist #write #writer #existence

Just spent 15 minutes getting tf downnnnnn in the center of this amazing drum circle in Downtown Asheville 🥁❤️💃🏼

So I’m currently at a place called Chimney Rock and awaiting the removal of a hugeeee tree from the road we traveled here on. (Thankfully no one was hurt)

My mom and I both had this weird yet reasonable fear that in this wet, lush, green forest mountain, the possibility of a tree tipping, uprooting, and crashing down on our car was not out of the question. We were lucky we decided to spend some time in the gift shop after our 500-stair ascension and then descension from Chimney Rock. Any sooner and that fear may just have manifested into reality.
COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Thank your angels if you believe you have them. Kiss the Universe each time you realize just how lucky you are to still be alive. Take no moment for granted. Love wildly.
And most of all - take chances. Don’t avoid living based off fears. What’s meant to be will always be. 💚💚💚


One of my favorite sight seeing excursions is just scoping out all the street art of a city. Lights me rightttt uppp!

🌱~ • ~ Community Garden - Asheville, NC ~ • ~ 🌸


Took a hike with my parents yesterday and got blessed with the sight of Spanish Moss, tons of greenery, a couple red belly snakes, about 30 squirrels, and a skink (which I didn’t even know was a thing until yesterday). What a gorgeous day it was. @firstlandingstatepark

A few months ago I was messaging these friends about somehow finding a way to meet up this summer. I’m currently on vacation and completely forgetting where they lived, I decided to make a stop in Virginia Beach before continuing on to Asheville. I happened to post a picture on the boardwalk yesterday morning and low and behold, they were only 15 minutes from me. It is so funny how life works....so many synchronicities. I feel such an abundance of love from the souls I’ve encountered in the past few years.
I met @thomasthetrain08 (and his blue glitter beard) at Big Dub Festival in 2016 and his wife @lovesarahkate in 2017. The two of them have been incredibly supportive and loving - telling me how much they love my expressions, buying my art, and welcoming me into their home last night.
It was so amazing getting to see you both and hanging even if only for a few short hours. We will get together again! I love youuu!!!💖🌈💕🌊💞🙏🏻

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