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Respect Tha Shooter.  I DON’T GET SHOT.. ❌ - I SHOOT 📸 World Traveller 🛫 ✴️

I be leaving bad vibes behind like..

Money is the motive, family is the reason.. 🌹

Life has a funny way of taking you where you gotta go..🌹

Keep your mouth closed & eyes open.. 🌹

You fear commitment, but have a need for love.. 🌹

It is your memories that hold you to the person that you are.. 🌹

“Lost in time, can’t roll that back no more.. 🌹”

She was like poison, slowly spreading her way from the heart to every part of his body. Thus, setting the tone for captivity..🌹

The older you get the more expensive lessons will become, so watch how you spend your time.. 🌹

Shit ain’t sweet.. 🌹

t i m e l e s s

Strip her of her thoughts & fill her with emotions 🌹
Model:// @cheneyanderson
Makeup Artist:// @taliabmua

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