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dont let ya dreamies be dreams  ACNL adoption page! ☁️🌙☁️ Wanna put a villager up? Read the first few posts for rules~ ☁️🌙☁️ If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, DM me!

And the other one~ please use this form instead of the old ones! Thanks!

Here is @happycedars 's entry! Please use this form from now on ^w^

Sorry for the super long delay everyone !!! We've selected 2 winners for the form making contest~
Winner # 1: @happycedars ! Congrats! Their entry will now be used as an official form!
The second winner sent us their entry via dm and asked that if they won their name not be mentioned, but we will be using their form too!
Gonna post them in a second and remove the old ones. Thanks to everyone who entered ^^

quick reminder that you guys must TAG WHO YOU OUTBID because it's not fair to the other bidders if they don't know they're losing. if I have to repeatedly remind the same person, you'll be banned from bidding.

hey everyone!
just a reminder to please fill out all of the boxes on our forms. if they aren't filled out and you DM us we will ask that you fix it, which is an inconvenience to you as well as us. also below is an easy way you can add photos onto our forms so keep reading if you need help with that!
how to add photos to our forms:
1. download the FREE app pixlr express
2. find a photo of the villager you are putting up and save it
3. open the form into the app
4. click the button on the bottom left with two little circles on it
5. click the button on the top right that says "double exposure"
6. pick the photo of the villager you are putting up for bid
7. add it to the form and save once you're done!

I sort of felt the need to say something about this? I'm not directing this towards anyone in specific nor am I like, attacking anybody I just wanted to point something out?
I see (on bids for more popular villagers) sometimes that someone will comment something like "I got her/him for free lol!!" Or "I have her/him and I don't like them" ? Idk I feel like it could bother some people who really want the villager, and it sort of bothers me (please try not to say things like that just incase) ,, Also idk if this seemed obvious or not but I urge you guys to help people out who don't have much to bid & really want a villager. Some people just place bids because there aren't really any big ones yet and the villager is popular. If you're bidding for a friend or something like that it's fine but otherwise please don't win bids of popular villagers & totally destroy a bunch of people's chances to win a villager they've wanted for ages just because they don't have as many things to offer, thanks!

Source: kikiface on tumblr✨
(Last one gahah sorry, pascal is fav)
My final concern is people filling out one of my forms and posting it on their account and hosting it there.
The forms I make are exclusively for my page, I appreciate that many people who repost it have given credit, but I prefer it not be reposted.
I'd also prefer you not make a form and have me repost it just to say that the bid is on your page...? That's pretty much just using me to advertise ^^; Have a good day guysies xoxo

Source: kikiface on tumblr!
Another thing,
I know a lot of people put their villager up for bid on several accounts. I can see why people would do this-- obviously to get as many offers as possible.
HOWEVER on sososo many occasions I've seen people get screwed over on this page cause there was a bid going on elsewhere, and they were not aware of it. It's kinda upsetting and I've been trying to make sure if I put a bid up its not anywhere else but it still happens and?? Here's the official post asking that you please do not have the bid up anywhere else! Having one bid location is the most effective way to go about it.
I'm trying to make this page as pleasant as possible for bidders and bid hosts, if you have any suggestions, complains, or critiques, please DM me! (I kinda want a row of these anyway cause I like em a lot?? yay for some acnl positivity posts)

(By kikiface on tumblr!!)
Hey so I see this a lot?? Please be mature if you've lost a bid or something went wrong with your deal.
From personal experience, I can't stand it when butthurt people comment things like 'nooo my ultimate dreamie!! 😭' seriously-- it makes to host feel terrible and the bidders who also want the villager feel terrible and it gets you nowhere. Aside from that, it's just annoying.
Scammers are a different story! If you're scammed by anyone, even if it wasn't from my page, please tell me so I can block them. I want as little of that, if any on this page.
Thanks for reading! Happy 2016 and happy bidding!

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