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Dreamcatcher Planner  This simple book turns a dreamer into a doer, and a planner becomes a creator.

#Dreamcatching ✨💫 if you see something you want in life-whether it be the perfect body, your dream job, the man/woman of your dreams- know that you can have it. The first step is envisioning it as if it were already present in your life, the next is writing it down (I use my @dreamcatcherplanner ), and the third step is planning out your day -little steps- sometimes you won't even notice you are moving in one direction or the other. That is why it is so important to write down what you actually want so you can see which Direction you are moving, either toward your dreams or away from your dreams. You are the creator of your life-every hour, every day. So make it beautiful! #writeitdown // @bridgetandleo ✨✍️#dreamcatcherplanner

The quality of our life is determined by the thousands of seemingly unimportant decisions we choose to do. Consciously and unconsciously we decide to lead a life by default or a life by design. Which life will you choose? 🔥❤️ #dreamcatcherplanner

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Getting in my daily dose of #dreamcatching - my latest obsession ❤️✨💫@dreamcatcherplanner

Next time you find yourself deep in thought or scrolling aimlessly through your phone, stop...take a deep pleasurable breath, feel the sunshine on your skin, and notice the beauty that is all around you. ✨✨#dreamcatcherplanner

@agoldlining // Intention has the power to change your life. When you set an intention, you are activating your receptivity and manifesting what you intend to attract and call into your life! And, it's not just about the tangible things, it’s also how you operate internally - your internal wealth. For the creative spirit, ideas + insights are always churning beneath the surface, & they will spark beautifully in whatever time we can offer them. My @dreamcatcherplanner is the perfect tool to help me identify my intentions, channel my creative juices + set to achieving my goals. For all you doers, dreamers, entrepreneurs & believers out there, you have to get your hands on one of these! 💫 #liveyourdream #goforit #anythingispossible #agoldlining

Start with optimism, put one foot in front of the other, have patience, and watch your progress unfold. 🌴👊 #dreamcatcherplanner

"A man should never neglect his family for business." -Walt Disney 👶🏼❤️ #dreamcatcherplanner

We build our futures one decision at a time. The next time you decide, remember to listen to your heart and strengthen the foundation of a mindful and virtuous life. ❤️🌊 #dreamcatherplanner

At any moment, you have the power to say this is not how my story is going to end. ✍️✨ #dreamcatcherplanner

Say less, do more. 🎨 👊 #dreamcatcherplanner

Don't be pushed around by your problems. Be led by your dreams. 👊🌤 #dreamcatcherplanner

Now is the moment that shapes the rest of your life. 👊💯 #dreamcatcherplanner

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