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It’s about seeing the world, not the world seeing you. Even though collectively we have more than we've ever dreamt possible, we remain perpetually dissatisfied. -

There’s a whole world out there, right outside your window. You’d be a fool to miss it.

We must view social media from an artistic perspective. What is posted reflects the artist’s hand every bit as much as what is being portrayed. We see part of their dream and part of their reality, the exact mix depending how how closely those align. And because it’s not quite reality, we can see their food but we can’t eat it. We can see their shoes, but we can’t walk in them. Nevertheless we take it all as it comes, but only because we can’t seem to stop looking. -

Inside we hate it. So we bitch and moan about who said what about nothing, just so we can feel like we mean something. We’re so concerned with getting noticed that we’re readily available to debate the color of a dress or whether or not god gives a damn about the color of a cup. And we scream at the world “this is what we have time to do! This is what we care about!” yet we still wonder why no one respects us, and why everything around us seems to be falling apart. -

Wait, somebody commented back and now we’re debating with people all over the world, how cool. Look at this guy- what a dumbass. This is our moment to prove something. Time to crush him. -

So as our nonsense pours out, our cries for validation are answered from the likes of those with even less sense than us. Savoring the sweet taste of acknowledgement, we wonder what it would feel like to actually love ourselves. In this moment our confidence starts to grow, and we even begin to believe that we are somehow cultured, worldly, and in the know- when really.. we haven’t even left the couch. -


Everything you watch, everything you read, every link you click, every page you scroll, every post you write, every follow, every retweet, every share, every like, they all matter… And they matter a whole fucking lot. In the digital world, everything is counted and numbers rule. Where there is information and where there is access, there is someone looking to use it. -

When influencers connect with each other, they connect to the world. When they organize, they change the world. New power structures are forming and you all are choosing your leaders. What you focus on grows and what you pay attention to gets paid. Keep following shit you hate and soon it will be all you can find. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Caption via Joe Brown, One Life Success. #GlobalShift - << We now live in a world where information is at our fingertips, social contact is in front of our eyes and the ability to work on our projects can be done from almost anywhere on the planet – they even have the Internet in space you know! -

We’ve never been in a place like this before and the possibilities for this age are endless. Sir Tim Berners-Lee once said, “You effect the world by what you browse”, a simple and short quote but one that for me sums up the Internet, its offerings and its potential doings for our future as a whole. -

From what we browse, learn, develop and the connections we make while online, we increase our knowledge and broaden our minds. Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and with that, the Internet is the most powerful platform to inform and expand on your education. -

The Internet is not just a go to tool like the steam engine of the Industrial Revolution, but is instead a constant extension of our minds and ourselves for this Digital one. It’s a modern day version of the library, workshop and networking events of the past, but now combined and condensed into a single little box, the mobile phone. -

So for me, this century is the century of learning, networking, sharing and developing, and I believe it’ll be the century of great achievement for the human race. -

So now a final question for you: what will your part be? Instead of Googling for the latest funny news, the latest silly picture or the latest video from your night out with the lads… why not use the internet constructively, positively and develop your mind to accomplish great things in your future. After all, in the words of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, you do “affect the world by what you browse.” >>

We possess an ability that was not long ago reserved only for the gods. Today we transcend time and space by reaching into our pockets and effortlessly communicating with the world. This is not something to be taken lightly. -

Our awareness and sense of being has been decoupled from our physical existence. We live in different circles all over the world and we may play different characters in each of them. Our community and sense of belonging are no longer bound by locality and we’re only beginning to discover how to operate and live in this new global society. -

This thought is one that continues to captivate me. As the world increasingly approaches perfect information, we are becoming capable of our wildest dreams. The digital revolution is so massive and unstoppable that it will change forever how we learn, how we work, and how we live. It is redefining everything and we must stop fighting it- because one way or another it’s coming. So let’s be prepared. -

I’m not saying to simply go with the flow, but rather to embrace and make constructive use of it. The mark of an educated man is one who understands how to learn and change. You may have grown up in a physical world and spoke english, spanish, or something of the like, but this generation is different. This generation is growing up in a digital world, and it speaks social. -

There is a reason we got lost in our devices and the sooner you understand why, the better. Our hands have always been our greatest tool for building, creating, and manipulating our environment. But today our hands are far more powerful than ever before. In them, we have access to the minds and resources of the world, if only we are holding our phone. -

The equation is simple. In the past, we built our minds and our local communities by moving our hands and bodies. Today, we can build our minds and the world, by simply moving our thumbs. What would you choose to do if you spoke this global language? We must remember what we have learned in the past, but not limit our children to our own learning, for they have no doubt been born in a vastly different time.

Today there is an easier way to do almost everything. Anything that can be automated, streamlined, or outsourced will be, soon. With every new phone, new app, and new hdmi port, we are becoming radically efficient beings. Each new toy putting us one step closer to freedom. -

The machine is liberating us from the monotonous and the mundane. Work that is right brained, repetitive, and mechanical can be done away with. Following designer Kent Healy, “The future belongs to those who learn and master more right-brain abstract skills-sets such as creativity, problem solving, resourcefulness, communication, leadership, and relationship building – this is the repertoire of the new-age ‘artist.’ And ‘artist’ is the opposite of ‘machine.’ We are shifting from a linear and highly structured age, to a more abstract era – one which demands the esoteric characteristics of our top-right gray-matter – an era where recognizing, understanding, and shaping concepts, trends, and the interconnectedness of the ‘big picture’ serve a profound function. The era of ‘knowledge workers’ is being replaced by the rise of the creative class – individuals who think in a non-linear, non-binary fashion. After all, why compete with the work a machine can do? Knowledge workers will always be needed, but creative workers will occupy the director’s chair.”

Make no mistake. We are living through a revolution. It doesn’t take a sci-fi writer to see the dark side of our current reality, but the world is no darker than now than before. Rather the darkness is finally coming to light. No longer can parts of our humanity be hidden in the shadows. We see it all now, and it’s all going to change. -

We live in a time where we can express ourselves freely and instantly. We are now more than ever aware what is going on in the world. In minutes we can be an eyewitness to any event, anywhere- And we look not just through one set of eyes, but through them all. The truth is at our fingertips and we are only beginning to discover our power. -

I am beyond grateful to be a part of this connected generation. As an artist, my life is focused on connection. What it means to connect is being redefined by the digital revolution and I couldn’t imagine a more exciting time to be alive. As George Lucas said, “Technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want.” -

Art is about feeling, oneness, and connection, and the digital revolution has given rise to a world of new art and new artists. Our deepest connections are no longer bound by locality. There is not a corner we can turn without someone itching to connect with us. Many of us wish to pursue something greater than ourselves; we wish to create something of lasting beauty, and that is no easy task to do alone. But today, we are never alone. No matter your passion, your skill level, your language, your dreams, or your fantasies, there are people who share in this love. Everywhere, there are people eager to grow and connect with like minds, and those not afraid to do it over the web are growing like wild fire. -

While technology has proven no substitute for personal relationships, there is no doubt in my mind that it has enhanced them. With every new day comes some new way to connect with people and form bonds of trust and friendship. Across the world knowledge is being shared, and every quirky, insightful, or hilarious bit of information is growing. -

Welcome to the explosion of subcultures.

The Connected Age.

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