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Jessica  ✌💜🙏✊ Be Love! To each their own..

Pretty ring just in time for spring thank you @sweetallurejewellery #SAJGiveaway

Beginning by being kinder to myself and increasing my mindfulness. #tryingnottoslapeveryone

... why I don't go to zooss.. as much as you hated being stuck in class/work, at least you get to leave and return home. Imagine how animals feel being trapped their whole lives.

Not trying to tell you what to do.. I just want you to #think 🕯💡 are you sad when you go to Busch gardens? It's the same shit.

When they ask "why is your smoothie so green?" Spirulina that's why!

Spirulina is an algae rich in antioxidants, protien, minerals, vitamins, phtyonutrients and assists in detoxing those heavy metals which they're busy spraying on us.
I have a low iron count which prevents me from donating blood, causes a sporadic ringing in my ears and shortness of breath at times. Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin which transports oxygen from the lungs to tissues in the body.

To each their own, however I'm putting this out there because there are many sources of protein available.
#TheMoreYouKnow #TheMoreChoicesYouHave

Because I'm a Pisces and we hate rules. #Disobey
When they as you what are you doing to change the system... I cannot do anything but control myself, educate myself, and be self sustaining.. easier said than done. Constantly a work in progress. YOUniverse. 🖕 the System. 😃
So.... vote/trigger change with your $$$$...

💑When he looks at you like this and keeps a wide ass smile in your face 24/7. 💥When he can deal with you and all your Pisces moods/emotions.
💓When he loves you unconditionally while you are learning to love yourself. #IWontLetYouGo #Keeper #Gotti 🍤 #2yearsstrong #DamnNeverThoughtYoudTolerateMe #YallDontNeedToKnowAnythingElse

I'll marry a stranger for this.♡♡ follow Evie @antiqueanimaljewelry for the most unique antiques and animal rings for all you lovers out there xoxox.
#aaj50kgiveaway @__laurentran @jasminevu_

Believe in yourself & anything is possible. It's all in your MIND. ~~~ so inspired ~~~ #PowerOfTheMind #BeWhoYouWantToBe #noFear

Please believe you will not falter. 💫💗

This temple reminds me of Dynasty warriors.

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