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SmileKyu★  🖖 21 y.o ||Hufflepuff ||•Belarus• •Dm for prints or commissions• C r e d i t please if repost . Personal account: @smilekyu twitter: @smilekyu


;:ķìñģ of a kingdom::
And Jishwa!😁
Again head piece is by amazing @missgdesigns
#cliqueart #skeletonclique #twentyonepilots #joshuadun

::ķìñģ of a kingdom::
Omg I saw the incredible headdresses of @missgdesigns and couldn't resist drawing Tyler wearing it 😁 (May be josh should wear one too,mm?😏)
#cliqueart #skeletonclique #tylerrjoseph #twentyonepilots

It was my first clique-meeting ever in my life so I think it deserves to be here💖 (as long as it means the world to me 😭)
And yeey it's @aineskay and @your_sweet_lucifier ! If you don't know them yet, please go and give them some love and appreciation 🌻
Unfortunately we didn't have much time, but thank you guys for being so nice and thank you for the love you gave to my prints ;__; (возможно по мне это было не очень видно, но в душе я очень ревела💔)
I wish I had more time in Moscow so that I could meet e v e r y o n e 😭
Clique is wonderful, without exaggeration 💛
Ребятки, приезжайте в Беларусь! хD

I'm a bit lack of inspiration now, so here's just a sketch of Ty 💖
(And yey I bought a new marker 😅)
#twentyonepilots #skeletonclique #cliqueart #tylerjoseph

:: Isle of flightless birds::
Swipe to see our super outstanding collab💙
I was really happy to work with this wonderful talented people, guys you are awesome, remember that 💚
(Yeah we post a self titled collab on rab anniversary break the system:D) // check the hashtag!🐍
#cliqueart #skeletonclique #twentyonepilots #selftitled #tylerjoseph #joshuadun

Happy birthday, dear @zaonen 💙💚💛 Hope your life will be as bright as your hair 😁 💕
I liked the idea of the hair cut, hope you don't mind 😅 I think you'd look really cool! Keep experimenting!

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Hello guys 💙 It'd be nice if you read it 🌻
Well, now I'm looking forward to great changes in my life(I cannot tell you the details, sorry,but when it all works out I definitely will!) and that's why I start to save money. And I'd be incredible if you could help me and buy some of my prints.
These are the main that I'm selling but you can choose anything from my works.
There are two sizes: a4(about 7.9"×11.3") and a5(about 5.4" ×7.9")
The price is 10$ for a4 (7$+3$ for shipping) and 8$ for a5 (5$+3$for shipping). Payment via paypal
So if you are interested dm me please and in case you have any questions feel free to ask!
Thank you 💗

An overnight Jish-sketch 🌻
(Those photos 😭😭😭)
@joshuadun @skeletonclique
#cliqueart #twentyonepilots #joshuadun #skeletonclique

Yeey I finished it! 👽
On the whole it looks nice though it was a total improvisation lol
And it's dedicated to one of my fav songs(but actually there are two songs hidden 😏)
And two little dudes in the front 💛
#cliqueart #TwentyOnePilots #skeletonclique

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