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Drea Faye  Designer and Consultant, Fashion and Interiors Owner, @aspectframingstudio MFA, Fashion Design Inquiries: boss@dreafaye.com

First day back in my studio. I’m on a serious mission to work on my next series of fashion designs and my minimalism book.

Day two of designs + interior design tip to showcase work @mwzimmy and I did for my biz @aspectframingstudio
Accent color. Picking an accent color as matting is really tricky because when you occupy a large block of space with color it can easily distract or throw off the color balance (this effect is color relativity) I picked this lilac because the coolness would boost the saturation of the gold and red. In addition, it would bring out the most subtle purples tones in the piece.
You can apply this to your interior by being aware of how color directs your eye around a space. -
Artwork @acrylicangel -

Sharing more of my frame and gallery wall designs this week :) each post will contain a tip, so stay connected by commenting or dm any questions you have; I will respond!
Proportion is about relationship. A great way to understand proportion and it’s impact to design composition is to look at framed art. Using the correct proportion in a frame design gives depth and space which is always what you want in a room layout. No one wants to feel claustrophobic, right? This layout I did shows proportion in the size of art, wall space and the mat margins. Of course color, texture, and style are also components for balance in gallery walls, but proportion is the anchor for visual direction.
@aspectframingstudio takeover week 🖤 follow to support your local, small biz #beautifulartbeautifulworld
Watercolor paintings @djinnjar -

Emotion, always. Hand-paint, screen print on fabric.

I’m writing a book! Topic being: Minimalism, curating, and developing taste. If you are interested in preparing for my book, I suggest to start by decluttering (although the book will provide a decluttering methodology, still, a head start won’t hurt 🖤)

Walking sculpture 2017.
📸 @kaitnicole
Model @bay_ariell

Gorgeous @brigitte.hoffman 📸 @edvvinvargas
Spring Blossom shoot I styled, designed, and did make-up for #designerboss

New silhouette

curious baby @juliusthecitydog

Sculpture collection 2017.
📸 @kaitnicole
Model: @bay_ariell
Stylist: @kaylin_war

When you’re just savage
📸 @kaitnicole
Models: @trltlk @bay_ariell
Stylist: @kaylin_war

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