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Drea Faye  Creative Visionary. Designer. Owner, Designer, and Curator of Aspect Framing Studio and Art Gallery.


I've written the first of my new series on art framing design. First topic: minimalism. Link in bio.

The design of the House of Light- where every single detail is intentional and planned- is how design achieves a level of perfection. perfection is intention, technique, execution, and most importantly, surrender-

I used to drive a Cadillac so seeing the classic Gucci Cadillac at the Gucci Museo in Florence back in time was one of my drivers towards luxury and design. I think @mwzimmy and I nailed it with the frame design. If you like this please, follow all my frame designs on the gallery page @aspectframingstudio we are still a small business, so it really means a lot!

Every detail planned.

#minimal + #ornate + #urban = happiness for me

#adrenaline #velocity #exponential either face your fears or keep running

@mwzimmy called me out on not sharing the work we do @aspectframingstudio - I'll be totally honest- I've been super shy about it even though this is what I do every day- Framing is one of the most incredible industries- it combines art, design, and craftsmanship all into one piece that you see every day. I designed this piece to still be minimal through the use of negative space, depth, and cool color palette, but the frame itself is ornate and sleek at the same time.

Thoughts and feelings
Transcend space
Is the pace

To find the resolution to your cause
Surrender is the time in which we pause
Stillness as a memory
City life, relentless form
Spiraling through identity
Directional ties, colors inform

The minds perception of dimensionality
The mirror reflects the core of personality

The storyline is never-ending
Go through the mirror and start ascending


#perspective is no mirage
Components build life's collage

Black and gold baby- I'll be back with the live series tomorrow with my fav topic of color palette-

Portrait of the artist

In awe of a life of endless creativity, intensity, and fun with people I 🖤 @zeepy505 @yoonlee0218 @hongm_k @farnazdadashi

Design studio- excerpt from today's topic: mood. View full video and series on my fb: Andrea Faye or YouTube: Andrea Faye

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