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"No good hero is a one-trick pony." (Or rabbit?)
Photography by the fantastic and amazing @paoimages
Bunny Deku by the inimitable @yandere_oji

Eraserhead vs EARaserhead

Spike Spiegel cosplay vs character. Still working on Dragoncon stuff!

"It'll be so tough you'll feel like dying. But please. Try not to." Aizawa test!

Nothing new to show so have some more Ace, y'all.

Spike Spiegel test! (Whoa second post in a week what's going on)

Someone free this man, ffs.

Throwback to last year's Dragoncon with @nymisys as Ayesha and yours truly as the Sovereign commander. It's almost here again! Hope to see you all in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend! Photography by @javier_perez_photography

Super quick Ace test!

New Gorillaz video!? Maybe I should post. (Still alive and working on Dragoncon cosplay!)

I should drop this here before I bounce! Thank you all for your support! I honestly would have never dreamed I would have such wonderful followers, especially with how bad I am about posting. Love you all!

Happy Halloween everyone! Here's some last minute Hylics cosplay.

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