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Dig it Mia ✨🦋✨ Repost from @canyoncrystals using @RepostRegramApp - Today brings a powerful & divine energy 🙏🏻 #awakening , #portalisopening #release yourself from the chains of limitation & rise up & step into your power🙌❤️🌎✨

11 is actually a number which is full of intuition, and it is also a clear path towards our subconscious. Leadership, spiritual, as well as power on a personal level, are some of its characteristics. Just the number 1 on its own represents initiative, leadership, as well as new starts, so two of them standing one by one will open the gateway of powers far more than when separated.

A symbolic genetic code 11:11

When actually two 11s appear in conjunction, like 11:11, which is actually the code that awakens within the DNA of a person. The code 11:11 stars within a person a profound cellular ability to remember, which is actually the most divine, as well as sacred awakening which will initiate the power of the person’s soul.

11:11 is a code called genetic, and it actually awakens the intuitive and psychic gifts within people, and it also helps them to recall the origins of their soul on a deeper level. Although this world all over us can seem fractured, disconnected and separate, the code will guide people towards their homes, so they could see further on the illusions of the unspiritual world of disconnection, in order to experience the love or humanity.

The code will also open people’s hearts to the permanent nature of their souls, and they will actually be forced to awaken their most profound truths, as well as the most significant vision of the purpose of their soul on this planet. They will merely recall that they are created of love, so even in the darkest moments of human love is going to find its way always.

The 11:11 double Master Number, is actually a sing which usually appears when you really have a necessity of it, or at some times when our Universe sends people some messages of the divine support and love. We can notice this genetic code in clocks, magazines, billboards, shop receipts, license plates, car CD player, or in nature too, like trees conjunct in order to make the 11:11 code.
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Dead Merbaby 🧜🏼‍♀️💜

Warriors come out n playay! ⚾️💀

My ♥️ In my Scarlett O’ Hara costume from 5th grade...made by the one n only Munkey ♥️🙏🏽🎃🙉
#bamarte #alabamart

My pumpkins crushed it as usual ♥️🎃

She hasn’t been drawing much lately then tonight this 😍👏🏽 she’s not done but soooo what.... #ledzeppelin
#bamarte #alabamart #bamart #10yearold

Best Adriana n Christopher n COSETTE 🤣costume goes to @molsquared this Halloween! The fckn dog 🤣🤣😜👏🏽👏🏽 #thesopranos “She musta crawled unda there for warmth”

I love my buddy @chrissiemiller & @warbyparker not only cuz I only wear Warby glasses but because 👇🏽👇🏽 It's estimated that of the 1.1 million students enrolled in New York City schools, over 200,000 of them lack the glasses they need to learn. I’m sharing a photo of me as a kid n my kids in their Warby glasses to help raise awareness for @warbyparker’s #PupilsProject, a program that brings free eye exams and glasses to students in need. Help spread the word by posting yours!

Most beautiful lil baby boy asleep beside me with the nicest lil hand I like to hold 🤝♥️ ....I’m gonna wake up him up 🛌🥁🎺🎳☕️🧟‍♀️☎️⏰🛎🎊🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣👶🏼

Triplets ♥️♥️♥️ 📷 @gingon25

When Titi flies in JUST for the boy’s game ♥️⚾️ @gingon25

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