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It's amazing to have the type of friends you can do incredible things with. While this looks simple this deep in snow I barely have footing and can't budge an inch but @dchaws is such a skilled flyer it wasn't even hard😁. To more growth, fun, and badass blizzard pictures. 📸: @acro_md

New Years resolution #23 two thirds complete, I did not think bench would come so quickly or beat deadlifts but I hit the goal I set for this year of both over 300 and 1.5x bodyweight with a bench of 305😁. This was on probably my dumbest day of lifting where I bruised my rib squatting, then decided to go crazy and try to hit a new one rep max on my third set of bench. Thanks to @gainzchasah for spotting and doing over twenty reps of deadlifts at 315 with me after. 📸: @coa21

1/2 of resolution #17 is making good progress, Courbettes out of lines! This is absolutely not possible without spotters I know and trust like @abefromaneast and @stiltsacro . @camcar3 makes them easy and though I am so far from "having" this skill it was so amazing to get a taste for what it feels like. Time to throw 10,000 more😁

Cleaning up more entrances to H2H, me and @camcar3 got a lot of practice with this one since it took me four tries to set up the camera correctly😁

Is this how you do man crush Monday? My #mcm is the man crushing me , @abefromaneast . He is one of my best friends and did not hesitate to attempt this ridiculousness. Props to @dchaws for holding a handstand amidst my thunderous laughter😂
📸: @acro_md

Hand to hand to #knot and back! I'm not very experienced with knot but @camcar3 made it easy! So many things we did this weekend I want do refine and practice. Next time I'll actually stop the rotation.☺️ Watch until the end with volume for the face to butt slide dismount😂 📸: @polesprite

First cannonball to hand to hand( Where I didn't collapse under it)! Resolution #14 knocked of Thanks to @camcar3 !!! (We actually got 2.5 of my 2017 goals this year!!!) Absolute blast having her and @julieannefrenchfry visit this weekend! Big thanks to @abefromaneast for organizing this weekend and spotting!

New Years Resolution #23 1/3 complete! The first time I've ever put 405 on my back and it felt great. A bit over twice my body weight and the first of the big 3 I hit my goal on. I put over 100 lbs on my squat this year, Not bad for 8-9 weeks😁💪🏾

So it's almost off screen and pretty incomplete but with a ten minute crash course from @the_acro_yogi @jaefay603 and I got a semblance of cannonball to hand to hand. Note my Acro-orgasm sound, then her scream of excitement, followed by my manly scream of fear because her scream surprised me😂. If you can't tell I'm excited to keep working this and clean it up😁

Old 1RM=315 so here's 315x6😁💪🏾. I worked so hard on mobility then handstands I'd stopped lifting consistently last year, but this year I'm getting back into it. Last time I tried this weight was over two year ago and definitely not to depth. I want 400 this year and I'm well on my way. Ignore the butt wink😂

Yesterday I actually took two goals off of my New Years resolution's. (#20 ) For the first time ever yesterday I front flipped😁 Not quite mentally ready to do it without the pads but pretty good progress for 30 minutes. Ultimately, I want to be able to throw these from a standstill. I might post the progressions, they were utterly terrifying😂

New Year's resolution #7 crushed! Worked back into standing backflips today😁 I kept throwing them and landed a little more upright every time. Not letting these go again.

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