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Trying to become a skyscraper with @camcar3 😁

Weighted Dips with @goaryn , 345 lbs total😅. Not bad for the end of the day. Swipe⬅️ for some beautiful synchronized Dips with @camcar3 😂
📸: @jennamarierd

I barely started to calibrate with @camcar3 and we already strung together two more things I'd never done before, buffet re-entrance to rH2H and drop from rH2H. So excited to work with her this weekend😁! Thank you @dchaws for spotting the progressions🙏🏾

I got to meet two people who inspire me today, @njelmoni and @charlottegosullivan , and they were even better in person! It was very nice of them to take a break from training to take some pictures and hopefully I can find a time to take a private soon😁

I was having a pretty bad day in the gym. I was going for a 5 rep PR on squats at 455. I tried once and grinded out one repetition. I decided to try again (worst decision of my life), turned off the camera to put on music and called over a spotter (best decision of my life). 1️⃣Got stuck at the bottom, 2️⃣Legs started to give out so I couldn't bring it up, 3️⃣The spot bars on this rack are way too low for someone my height and I should've used one of the open cages with adjustable spot bars, 4️⃣ Doing my best to get it on the spotting bars and not collapse I only got one side in, 5️⃣My spotter saw me about to get twisted and yanked the bar free causing me to embarrassingly but safely roll onto my back. So I was pissed, embarrassed, feeling weak, and getting a massive headache going into presses. I raged out a clean five rep PR saw how crappy the camera angle was then grinded it out again at a different angle. Next morning I woke up 😷 as a dog. Turns out I was on the brim of a pretty bad virus when I was struggling in the gym. Time to deload and work on being kinder to myself.

Learning to catch is going well (I caught someone on my first day😁), learning how to not explosively throw my flyer towards the ground could use some refinement😂 At least I'm getting over my fear of heights😎
(Seriously though, if Samantha didn't have really good aerial awareness that could've gone poorly😐) .
📸: @acro_md

#FlashbackFriday to one of my first cascades. Disconnects terrified me in acrobatics but it was a little less scary because of the countless hours me and @acro_md put in to the point where our hands were calibrated to each other and we could communicate and trust through them😁.

3x5 pull ups at 205+80 pounds. Weighted pull ups have always been one of my favorite exercises and an easy way to keep progressive body weight training in my programming. In the back of my mind I want a pull-up and dip at +body weight but that's only because I saw @seancarllind do it and it looked cool😂.
📸: @gainzchasah

At this point it's hard to find new skills to train with @dchaws because he picks them up so quickly, for instance it only took one facesit for us to get this skill😂.

#Transformationtuesday ! Here I am at 205lbs/93kg (Flexed⬅️➡️Relaxed) having gained about 20 pounds and 2% bodyfat this year. I started off lifting to become aesthetic by others standards, then my own. I backed off lifting to work on functionality and this year I wanted to maintain the mobility and handstand regimen while also getting stronger. The bodybuilding dismorphia never fades as I keep thinking my abs have never been so faint and that I should've taken this picture BEFORE I ate an entire chicken but I'm happy with my size increase and the 330 pounds I added to my main three lifts.😁 P.S. Calves not shown because they haven't changed since high school cross country😭😂 📸: @acro_md

The only two goals for weightlifting I have left for this year are getting my strict press to (200lbs/my bodyweight) and my deadlift getting to (500lbs/2.5x bodyweight) so I tested my press to see where I was. With a 175lbs press I hit a ten pound PR without directly training my Press for months, evident from the total lack of tension in my body hence the body wobbles😂. I can't wait to hit my last two goals so I can start on a fresh set of new ones😁💪🏾

@dchaws first Russian Roll! I continue my not so secret agenda to get Dave to learn foot to hand so we can do pitches and cascades😎 Russian roll in hand to hand soon to follow😁

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