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Andrew Phillips  •Personal Trainer•. •Aspiring Acrobat•.•Screaming Lifter•. •Nutritional Student•. •Evolving Athlete•

Share your (he)art😁
🤸🏼‍♀️: @goaryn
🎨: @biotatscru

I’ve avoided most versions of cannonballs because I felt bad at them so it’s awesome to have friends like @ericalinz who excel at them to help me out😁

Strike a pose! .
Superstar: @miss_ironmandi
Real Photographer: @ericalinz

Getting back to life in New York! This is the first pop to and from “knot” that @goaryn and I got, plus we unintentionally synced up celebrations🎉! Looking forward to cleaning it up, learning how to not be awkward with my second arm when it’s not holding people, and hopefully working this into a routine😁

#throwbackthursday to Jordo, James, and I tossing Becca to the sky and back😁
This was just after our performance with @acroarmy for Le Plus Grande Cabaret Du Monde which airs this Sunday the 15th! Make sure to follow @acroarmy to get the details of the performance as soon as it airs!

@ericalinz: “I think, acrobatically, my strengths pair with your strengths very well” .
This is why I love partner acrobatics. I am strong but, athletically speaking, not very explosive. Despite that, because we work so well together we were capable of the most athletically explosive skill I’ve ever been a part of😁
Lines: @abe.froman.acro

#mondaymotivation ! Me and @gainzchasah were feeling slow this Monday so we pushed each other to get our workouts in. After we went a little crazy. The two sets of bars are very uneven so we had to leap diagonally and if you turn on the volume you can hear us collide😂 Here’s to friends who get you hyped up on a rainy Monday.(check out my story for more ridiculousness 😁)
📸: @acro_md

For someone who’s only talent is putting in hours, creativity is embarrassingly hard to reach for. Though the shape is not new, for me and @goaryn it was. We made it our goal and we had to find a way to make it work for us. Here’s to doing and hopefully creating more things that are unusual, even if they’re just unusual to me😁
🎨: “Cosmic Slop” @dmoterola
@goaryn ’s👖: @alissadandashi 💜

There’s a story about a old man who roams the night sky tying together people who might have an impact on each other with red thread.
Even though this page is about what I can do I don’t do any of it alone, even the conditioning is pushed by the friends I’ve connected with. Here’s to how hard we push ourselves and the friends we’re connected to who pull us even higher.
🤸🏼‍♀️: @goaryn 🎨: @case_maclaim

In today’s edition of just one more try, I present you try number #1 (or #68 but who’s counting😂) My first pirouettes with @acro.rascal 😁

When @acro.rascal told me there was five minutes left my response was, “ Let’s do Cannon Ball>Corbette>180 Pop>Back Tuck to Baby” The only thing that was warm was cannonball and it was the sloppiest part😂. Here’s to saying ridiculous s$#t then doing that ridiculous s?!t with ridiculous friends😁
📸: @acronewguy

We definitely gracefully got in and out of this gracefully and these pants also fit me😁
🎨: @jetmar1 .
📸: Random stranger waiting at bus stop

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