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Chicks and barbies the other night,

Inna 1 go'' !!!!

Caption this ,,,!!!!!

Caption this #!.

Caption this

Rite,deh,suh ,ride rich girls,,,we outttt.

Beacharama,it was me& the hole rich rider family. .rite,deh,suh.

The pain that' I feel inside only I knw how to face it.if only wall's could talk .sometimes I tink I'm carzy caz, I sit an tlk to my wall in my house .asking questions and don't get answers but I preferred it that way...walls can't tlk it keep my storys well .

Blood line ....

Caption this!!!

Make ,MI tell yuh 'bout karma ,,,it hitts like a category 5 hurricane 🌧🌨πŸŒͺ🌊

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