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Tim W  Montana (missing Alaska)

Pull ups are fun!

If you can't locate your dog, always check your bed. He don't need no humans, just memory foam

He got too big for the divider. Nows he's got the whole thing to himself. That kennel will look small in a few months.

Rogolfo's last night with us 😢
Buyback appointment is tomorrow, but it was time for something with all four wheels able to put power down. Vaya con Dios old friend, you were great and will be missed. Especially as my MPG goes down by around 30. I don't care about your dishonest polluting, it's not your fault. You just needed AWD. Farewell ✌️

When @chugach_thegsd gets ahold of your @saddlebackbags wallet.... It actually held up pretty well 😞

I think he doubles in size each week

When you live in podunk, Montana, you get the privilege of boarding from the tarmac both to and from #seatac #montanamoment #alaskaairlines

My love #wcw

Spent last weekend in San Antonio, Lil sis got married, had a nice family reunion of sorts and even drove by the Alamo

It's been too cold lately to spend much time outside, so I've been driving around town enjoying the holiday events on #pokemongo
Added these guys and more to the pokedex today #teaminstinct #legendarygocatch #venasaur #charizard #alakazam #blastoise #gottacatchemall

NYE is lit fam!

Two best purchases of the summer, a 1/4 cow from a local ranch and my @shuncutlery chef's knife I picked up in Calgary. Neither has disappointed yet