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Who is your favorite waifu from Re:Zero? I personally feel for Ram, cause I connect with her story and see a bit of myself in it.
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I feel like all my #throwbackthursday posts are about the time @melodie_gore and I did a boudoir Panty and Stocking shoot together!
I finally got an Angel Stocking cosplay and I’m working on getting myself an Angel Panty one as well! Can’t wait to try it on and show y’all what’s up!
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A selfie from @xiphosprince and I’s photoshoot last week! We got to shoot a super cute potential set for @cosplaydeviants of Rem and Emilia. Hope ya’ll get to see it soon!
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Thank you to the sponsor of all the purchasable supplies of my Mandalay cosplay!
Super excited to start on this cosplay later this week, it’s gonna be so fun being in a Wild Wild Pussycats group later on!
Want to help make more costumes reality and get videos and photo sets in return? Check out my amazon wishlist! I always need something, and I’m doing a deal for this month only where people who purchase something off my wishlist get an additional birthday selfie set! Yeah!
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New cosplay! I ordered this costume last November and it didn’t arrive until July 😡 But it’s finally in and I love it to bits!
I still need the shoes and Pom Poms to be able to fully wear it to a con and shoot her for @cosplay ydeviants ! But!! Still cute!
What do y’all think of my Cheerleader Kotori? Do you like it? 🤗
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Selfie from @xiphosprince and I’s Emilia x Rem potential shoot for @cosplaydeviants the other day!
Are ya’ll excited for the Re:Zero OVA release next month? You bet I am!!
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Wanted to post this again as not a story, ah!
Thank you so much to the gifter of this awesome lingerie set, I couldn’t be happier with it! The garters are super cute too!
Want your own thank you photos and videos? Go check out my Amazon wishlist!
Since my birthday is this month (so close!), I’ll give anyone who buys something off my wishlist before the end of the month access to a special NSFW birthday selfie set! It doesn’t have to arrive before the end of the month, you just have to order and show me the tracking info before then!
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I get to shoot new content today!
I’ll be getting into a brand new cosplay that I’ve never worn before, and shooting some new videos and photo sets! Patrons on my Patreon will be getting first looks at this cosplay, so make sure to join today if you want to see it first!
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I’m so excited for everything coming up next month! My Patreon is reopening on the first, I have a few special videos coming out on ManyVids, and my 20th birthday is on the 22nd!!! Super super SUPER excited for everything to come!
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Started on my Halloween Uraraka cosplay today! I’m prepping all of the fabric for my #twitch stream at 2p PST/5p EST tomorrow so I can bust it out and get it all sewn before the end of the day! If I don’t finish it, I will be continuing with it on Friday!
Can’t wait to see ya’ll there!
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Horrible selfie is horrible, but MARY IS FINISHED!!! I’m so happy with how she turned out, and I didn’t kill this wig which makes me even more happy 😭 I still have a long way to go, but I can already see my wig improvement from last year as well as my sewing, and I look forward to growing even more!
Didn’t catch my livestream on twitch? Just go over there and it should be saved under videos! Hopefully... Plus, I’ll be streaming again this Wednesday and Friday as I sew together and work on my Halloween Ochako cosplay! Super excited to cosplay her, the outfit looks so fun and I love her as a character too! Wish me luck!
Wig is the Chibi Small in Lemon Drop by @ardawigs
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I’m so freakin’ excited to finally get this new ball rolling! I’m finishing up making all the rewards for September this week, so that everything is perfect and ready to go!
Starting out, it might seem a little bare, but it will quickly become more and more bursting with rewards as we get more people (yup, it gonna be patron based goals :3)
Super excited for when my Patreon reopens! Until then, have some cat girl ahego!
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