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Clement Lee  Naturopathic Doctor @ Optimal Health & Wellness clinics in the LA area. Helping patients eliminate pain, recover energy, and restore their vital force

Happy birthday to Optimal Health & Wellness!! 2 years in this location!
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🥳 Happy birthday to my loves!! 🎊🎉 🎂

Join us for our first #openhouse since we moved to this location in #pasadena ! Come find out what we’re all about!
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Do you have scars? This is the ozone scar removal procedure to help heal and remodel old scars and scar tissue. We are helping this patient heal from her C-section scar. 🤔🦠🧬
Did you know that scars can trap negative energy, hide bacteria and viruses, block energy flow, and slow healing? Not to mention looking bad. C-section scars block the energy flow from an important acupuncture meridian known as Conception Vessel which helps control the flow of information from the front of your body from the groin to your head. Scar tissue also is weaker than healthier tissue so it may contribute to some pelvic floor weakness and discomfort.
The injections we provide start with a local anesthetic procaine, B-vitamins, amino acids, and ozone, which promotes healthy tissue remodeling and regeneration. Over time the tissues look and feel better, and can help the whole body function better. .
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Just in time for #allergyseason ! 🌻🌺🤧
Excited to share my treatment approach for dealing with #allergies in the #townsendletter and to other colleagues in #naturopathicmedicine #functionalmedicine #holistichealth 📸
It’s a snapshot of what we do for our patients dealing with #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicfatigue by getting to the root cause and treating the whole person. .
#optimalhealth #wellness #guthealth #biohacking #healthyliving 🙏🏻
Thanks to @dr.jess.md and @draonline for peer reviewing my article!

Sometimes you need to keep it simple. #sunshine #water #vitamind #hydration 🌞💦🌻

Seasonal allergies 🤧🍂🌺 With Spring right around the corner, your seasonal allergies may start kicking in. Symptoms of seasonal allergies you may experience are sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, watery eyes, itchy eyes and nose, and headache. Starting naturopathic treatments beginning natural treatments 1–2 months before the season starts can help reduce the severity of symptoms.
Some lifestyle treatments include:
•Increasing you water intake to ½ your body weight in ounces 💦 •Include dark green, leafy vegetables, deep yellow and orange vegetables, nettles, bamboo shoots, cabbage, beet tops, beets, carrots, yams, onions, garlic, ginger, cayenne and horseradish into your diet 🥦🍓🥕
•Eliminating alcohol, caffeine, and dairy products, bananas, citrus fruits, chocolate, food colorings (tartrazine), peanuts, red meat, sugar and wheat from your diet 🚫🥤🍷🍻 Some supplements include…
•Vitamin D •Vitamin C
•Quercetin and Bromelain, should be taken 4-6 weeks before the season
•Curcumin •Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray •Stinging Nettles and Milk Thistle teas
Some specialized treatments we provide for allergies:
•Low Dose Allergy therapy - allergy tolerance and desensitization •Detoxification protocols •Nutritional IVs
Come talk to one of our Naturopathic Doctors to find out which products work best for you if you experience seasonal allergies!

IV Laser: 🌈⚡️
IV Laser Therapy is an innovative treatment from Germany used to enhance healing for both acute and chronic conditions. We are utilizing different light wavelengths to penetrate our cell’s mitochondria to produce energy. There are many uses for IV Laser Therapy as it works through numerous healing mechanisms such as:
UV- Increases oxygen absorption into our tissues, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, improves circulation by dilating blood vessels, decreases platelet aggregation and improves body’s ability to detoxify and remove toxins
Blue- Increases blood flow, activates telomeres for anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, increases oxygen uptake into tissues, increases energy production, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, cooling effects and enhances relaxation
Green- Binds to hemoglobin to Increase oxygen uptake into tissues (great for anemia and low platelets counts), improves glucose metabolism, anti-inflammatory specifically for swellings and pain and increases energy production
Yellow “The Sun Laser”- Improves serotonin levels, enhances mood, pain relief, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, Lyme disease, chronic pain and increases lymphatic flow
Red- Improves the immune system by boosting immunoglobulins, oxygenates tissues, increases blood flow, chronic inflammation and pain, would healing and regenerates damaged tissues 💉💊🦠
We can add the laser therapy to our IV’s because the laser light photo activates the vitamins and minerals to penetrate further into our cells. We can even add the laser treatments to our regenerative joint injections!

Guess where I’m taking my Valentine? 🌧 🥾 👢🌂Happy Valentine’s Day to my best fwend! 👫🎢🎡🎠🏰 #happiestplaceonearth

#heartweek Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the US. However, it is largely preventable if caught and treated early. ❤️ Here at Optimal Health and Wellness we excel at preventing and treating cardiovascular disease because we focus on identifying the underlying causes of disease and empowering patients to make enduring lifestyle changes to restore and maintain their health. 🧪
One particular treatment that we offer is intravenous phosphatidylcholine (PTC). PTC makes up the majority of the cell wall of every cell in the body. The cell walls in blood vessels are often damaged by toxins, free radicals and cholesterol, leading to atherosclerotic plaques. IV PTC starts to clear out our arteries by enhancing reverse cholesterol transport, increasing HDL levels, decreasing LDL levels and improving stamina and endurance. Make an appointment with us if you would like to know more about how we can lower your risk of heart disease.🛡
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Listening to some high tech tunes! 🎶 🌬
I’m doing an ear Ozone insufflation which bubbles #ozone into my ears and helps penetrate into my sinuses, and throat. Helps fight ear infections, sinus infections, sore throat, upper respiratory infections and gets a little boost of oxygen into the head. It’s a simple treatment that only takes 15 minutes and no pain!
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Excited to start on a new frontier of medicine using medical lasers for #intravenous #injections #photosensitivity #targeting 💥🤯
It’s going to be a #gamechanger for helping patients with #chronicfatigue #chronicillness #autoimmunedisease #cancer #lymedisease #viruses #pain #regenerativemedicine #kneepain #arthritis #chronicpain #backpain #antiaging #cardiovascular and more
Will be adding more posts and on the mentions in the future. Stay tuned!

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