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Buzz Aldrin  Astronaut - Apollo 11 & Gemini 12 Planning humanity's exploration transportation system CYCLING PATHWAYS TO MARS #GYATM buzzaldrin.com

#FBF to 2014 when I had the Infinity Gauntlet‬

‪I don’t want to be remembered for just kicking up moon dust. I want to be remembered for having enabled a permanent human settlement on #Mars. #AdAstra

#TBT 2009 when Sally Ride, Jim Lovell and I took a windy drive with @LouisVuitton and then Annie Liebowitz captured our moon gazing. ‬

#TBT We were pretty proud of our mission patch. The eagle carrying the olive branch of peace to the surface of the moon. #Apollo11

‪Sometimes they just leave you hanging‬

‪We lost one of history's greatest minds who helped us explore the deepest mysteries of the universe. I'm proud to have called Stephen Hawking my friend. The world needs more men like him. Not less. Godspeed and I hope you're hanging out with Marilyn Monroe. #RIPStephenHawking

#tbt #GYATM "My Welcome to Mars" kids book is a different than the other. ‬

‪Come join us ancient astronauts - and a few younger ones too! at the APOLLO CELEBRATION GALA on Saturday, July 21, 2018 at Kennedy Space Center under the Saturn V rocket. Tickets available now at www.apollocelebrationgala.com. ‬

Liftoff! We have liftoff on the #falconheavy Congratulations @SpaceX

‪Liftoff! We have liftoff on the #falconheavy Congratulations @SpaceX

‪We're anxiously awaiting the @SpaceX launch. Hope this thing goes. Good thing we have someplace to sit while we wait. #falconheavy

‪The @Eagles HAVE LANDED. Congratulations. What a game. ‬#SuperBowlLll

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