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Draztik D. Razzle  Artist 313 Detroit Ea$t $ide! Kool Katt #TheyKnowWhoWeAre 7&van to LaLa Land! Music is life.

Just spent 3 hours at his school Talkin to every last teacher n staff AND WHEN I HEARD all the BAD and heard how terrible he sounded tryna lie!!! Man I tore his ass up in that principal office! They was celebrating like jesus came back when I was done! I understand my presence is definitely needed and it’s imperative that i be here cuz im really all he has! I love you son i want u to know that every time i take my belt off!

No super villain in life was fuckin wit dis nigga! 🚫🧢 😂😂😂

Thank God my pops wasn’t shootin Blanks! 😂😂😂 p.s. if u see us together u better run n hide cuz WE WILL FUCK DA PARTY UP! 😁

Roll Dat Shit Light Dat Shit Smoke Dat shit!!

Brody u got sum ‘SPLAINING TO DOOO! 😂

Any nigga that got a son growin up out here & ain’t fuckin with him knowing these streets is fucked up is a straight BITCH! Maybe my son will play sum funeral music for u deadbeat ass mfs!

Heart so cold, boy my ribs gettin freezer burn!

I wanna save the world! But it’s fulla hoes! So imma save my family first & we’ll see where it goes! #IDEA

Trust ya process!

This Year will be the result of all the lessons I learned and all the experience I gained! #ExoticGang #2020 #Application101

Kept it 💯 kept it G kept the fuck shit away from me!

Fuck you bitch I’m actin brand new!

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