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drawxgrande drawxgrande

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14, dutch  i use Autodesk Sketchbook (Pro) comment "☁️" on your fav


hey look it’s a watercolor painting of @littlebodybigheart it’s been a while, hope you like it :)

collab with @artbyishazul 💛
(colored her sketch of @arianagrande )

it’s christmas;)🎄🎉
redrew one of the winter arimoji thingies hope u like it (sorry for the low quality)
@arianagrande #arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing

heya it’s @arianagrande surprise
hope you like it :) gonna post a yt vid of this laterr
#arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing

just posting this before i ruin it @camila_cabello
(also it was hella hard to do because it was my first drawing of a side profile ever so i hope its fine xx)

a lot of you have asked me about the brushes i use, so i’ve decided to make a post about it.
i’m not going to post the exact brushes and settings because it doesn’t really matter lmao
!! i’m not saying y’all should use these cause you should just use what makes you comfortable and shit and works for you thanks
if you have more questions just dm me or comment thank
these are for autodesk sketchbook (pro version) btw
sooo if you swipe you can see the brushes i use, but you can use whatever brush you want
for coloring i usually use the first 3 brushes.
for the coloring and shading i make the brush have like the same size. and for some details, eyelashes and the hair, i make the minimum of the size 0%.
for almost every brush i use i make the maximum of the opacity 100% and the minimum of the opacity 0%.
(swipe again x) for most of the brushes i add a texture so it’s like a grain-ish thingy yk
i don’t use a lot of blending but the fifth brush is a blending brush, which you can find in the “smudge” thingy. always put the opacity on 1%, so it will blend well (if you don’t it will literally smudge the whole drawing)
okay that was actually pretty easy so i’ll just post it now have fun

HIII it’s @dualipa hope you like it :)

new digital drawing of @arianagrande :) hope you like it
(used my ipad+my fingers and an app called Sketchbook Pro, i’m doing a post about the brushes i use later!)
#arianagrandedrawing #arianagrande
also tysmm for 23k 💛

yOOO LOOK issa traditional cartoon of @arianagrande :) hope u like it
(used prismacolors)


hi i wanted to sketch this picture and i kinda like it so i felt like posting it now i hope you like
@arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing

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