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14, dutch  i use Autodesk Sketchbook (Pro) comment "☁️" on your fav


(full drawing of my part of the collab)
rip dwt you will be missed :’) i’m really thankful to be able to see her live and everything it was amazing buT IM READY FOR THE NEW ERA
guys idk what i’m saying but yea hope you enjoy this drawing :)
#arianagrandedrawings #arianagrandedrawing #dangerouswomantour

Dangerous Woman collab with cutiesπŸ’›:) it was an honor to collab w uuu (sorry for the lq pictures of the collab, and i’ll post my full&colored version of my part soon)
@arigrdraws β†’ Moonlight πŸŒ™
@drawxgrande β†’ Dangerous Woman 🐰
@the_cre8tivepencil β†’ Be Alright ✨
@crystal_sunlight β†’ Into You πŸ”₯
@grandedraw β†’ Side To Side 🚲
@jorge_grande_drawings β†’Let Me Love You πŸ’‹
@tristandrawings β†’ Greedy πŸ’Έ
@arianadrawn β†’ Leave Me Lonely πŸ’”
@cecearts β†’ Everyday πŸ“†
@sandra_doodle β†’ Sometimes πŸ›£
@perepelgrande β†’ I Dont Care 🚫
@pandacorngirl94 β†’ Bad Decision πŸ’„
@s_cr8atess β†’ Touch It 🌹
@ig._.lola β†’ Knew Better β˜•οΈ
@photos.ary β†’ Forever Boy πŸ—
@blissfuldrawing β†’ Thinking Bout You πŸ’­
@focusaev β†’ Focus πŸ“Έ
#arianagrande #arianagrandedrawings #arianagrandedrawing #dangerouseracollab

drawing of @dualipa πŸ’›πŸ’›
(+close up ft. awkward brow watermark)
hope you like it tag her if u wantt
#dualipa (i’m proud ok)

sketch @arianagrande (sorry for the many sketches)
#arianagrandedrawings #arianagrandedrawing

now and june :) i don't think the old one is worse or anything but the new one looks more like the reference and the proportions are better i guess but yea, i'm NOT asking you to choose so please don't comment "june is better" if you don't have anything to say to help,, so you can comment constructive criticism if you want but don't just choose randomly tysm

redrew something from 2014-ish?? random af xoxo

eh here you have a something @arianagrande
you can color it if you want but don't forget to credit me thanks xoxo (might be coloring this later tho) also a tip for if you're coloring it, put the layer of this photo thingy on "multiply" and add a layer under it and color it there, so you can color under the lineart, and dont have to draw it again yk
#arianagrandedrawing #arianagrandedrawings

collab w cutie @maeve.lilima
colored her outline of @iamlilimar hope u like it :)πŸ’œ

ik it's not my best but i hope you like this
@arianagrande #arianagrandedrawing #arianagrandedrawings

traditional drawing of @arianagrande at the AMA's in 2015 :) i just love this look don't judge me
hope you like this and tag her if you wantπŸ’› ly all
#arianagrandedrawing #arianagrandedrawings

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