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Draw It, Too!  Hi. I’m Ramny. I make drawing tutorials of your favourite nerdy pop culture characters. Subscribe on YouTube! #howtodraw #drawittoo #drawing

There’s a cool shot near the end of the VENOM trailer where you see EDDIE BROCK’s face peeking out of the symbiote suit. I have a tutorial for that! Check it now on the channel — http://YouTube.com/c/DrawitTooTV

Now on the channel — learn to draw the iconic black alien sym-bee-ote (sym-bye-ote?) SPIDER-MAN suit from the comics. Check out the new tutorial video!

Years ago I distinctly remember celebrating getting 100 subscribers so I can finally get a custom URL for the channel. Now here we are at 100,000! Considering this channel is a part-time endeavour created by a one-person production crew (yeah it’s just me), I’d say this is a pretty huge accomplishment! Of course I couldn’t have done it without all of you, so a huge thank you to you all for making this happen. You are awesome! Check out my celebratory vlog in my second channel — http://YouTube.com/c/DrawitTwo

Another epic skin from FORTNITE? Why yes! It’s ARCHETYPE with his Paradigm back bling! Now on the channel — http://YouTube.com/c/DrawitTooTV

Durrrrrr Burger! New FORTNITE: BATTLE ROYALE skin tutorial for you guys today — the deliciously named BEEF BOSS! Check it out!

Well, guys and gals, we did it. One hundred thousand subscribers!

I had meant to draw LARA CROFT earlier this year when the movie TOMB RAIDER was released, but unfortunately I never got around to it. Well, here’s my second chance, just in time for the release of the game SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER! Check it out on the channel —

In case you missed it, I’ve got another FEMALE STANDING POSE just for you. Head on over to the channel and create your on heroines and villainesses with this action pose template!

Get to tha choppaaaaaaaaa! Check out my new tutorial on the iconic Jungle Hunter PREDATOR! Now on the channel — http://YouTube.com/c/DrawitTooTV

With the now-release of the game MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN for the PS4, here is the super rad, super-‘90s clone, the SCARLET SPIDER! This will be the last Spider-Man tutorial I’ll be doing in a while, at least till the Venom movie comes out.

One of the three available SPIDER-MAN PS4 pre-order costumes is the VELOCITY SUIT, which is original to the game and designed by the talented Adi Granov, who is best known for his art on the Iron Man Extremis storyline. My drawing tutorial is out now! http://YouTube.com/c/DrawitTooTV

Have you seen my new tutorial yet? It’s SPIDER-MAN NOIR, confirmed to appear in both the PS4 game as well as the animated film INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE to be voiced by none other than the awesome Nicolas Cage! Check it out now — http://YouTube.com/c/DrawitTooTV

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