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Nathaniel Faggard  On Hybrid Powerlifting program from Hybrid Performance Method. Back squat - 360lbs Bench press - 240lbs Deadlift - 425lbs

Didn't sleep much on Friday. But it was great to see see my two little nieces having fun at the summer festival.

Nice view this morning

When 172lb is your new fluffy feeling lol. Been off on my nutrition this week but still feeling great physically. Just need to refocus on the rest of the week.

Left photo is when I started trying to workout at 250lb+ body weight back in Feb 2016
Middle is when I started Flexible dieting/tracking macronutrients with @hybridperformancemethod in January of this year.
Right photo is today at 172.4lb body weight.

@samanthapetrich is an awesome coach and has helped me a lot.
Time to keep the momentum going. Still can improve on my body comp.

Posted this a few years back. This applies even more these past 7 months just focusing on bettering myself than chasing after anyone. Don't need to be wasting time 😁

Finally got under 170lb. Must be those huge salad dinners πŸ˜‚ @samanthapetrich @hybridperformancemethod

When you decide to change your dinners meal prep. I decided to try to make my own salad from the take out I had last Friday this is a lot haha

So last night was fun

When you're feeling a little fluffy today but ended up doing a nice workout with some added cardio. Feeling good to take a selfie while shopping for this week's meal prep haha πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Found this picture a few days ago. C/O 2003 here is a nice throwback

Heck I think I look better now at the age of 33 than I was at 18 πŸ˜‚ A little Throwback Thursday posting.

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