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Cas & Sydney 

merry late christmas! And early hapy new years. Did you guys get anything cool?(if you celebrate)

My live thing got shut off for some reason hm. VUT ANY OF Y'ALL THAT WERE ON OMG Y'ALL WERE LIT I LOVE YOU GUYS-cas


alright this is it for now hopefully we can start posting more soon and sorry if this blew up your whole feed HDKSB goodbye -sydney

also fantastic beasts was beautiful, i went opening night and then two days later cas and i went to the parks so it was literally perfect i missed harry potter so much -sydney

cas and i were at universal orlando together a couple of weeks ago and it was the best ever YALL SHOULD'VE SEEN HOW MUCH SLYTHERIN MERCH WE HAD ON OH NY GOD anyway just cause it's been a while comment your house -sydney

i spiritually relate to that hat tho

cas and i are shitty and never post but i hope you guys are good & if you have midterms soon do your best i believe in yall -sydney

rt the medallion is right -sydney

hi friends -sydney

Y'ALL ME AND SYD ARE SUCH FLOPS AT POSTING IM SORRYYYY BUT HEY IM AT UNIVERSAL FOR THE FIRST TIME(syds been here a million times) HER AND I ARE HERE TOGETHER JVE WAITED SIX YEARS FOR THIS ITS SO COOL we yelled at harry whenevwr he showed up on the rides because we hate him FRICK -cas

Just to make a more formal post HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE KING! Not only is he a great actor but from what i see he has a very charismatic and nice and funny personality! He is the guy that plays my favorite fictional character of all time. Draco has been my childhood crush since I was ten, but even six years later i still love the character and the guy behind it. He is much more than an actor in Harry Potter he is talented and a good person and i admire him. What a king -cas #happybirthdaytomfelton #tomfelton #happybirthdaytom

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