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D. Randall Blythe  🏄SK8/#NIGHTMAREARMY/🔴📷Leica M-P typ 240/Leica M Monochrom typ 246/Author-Dark Days (DaCapo Press)/UNBUILT. My photos here, NOT my music. I 🖤 silence.


(See previous post) Next up on the bill was Pittsburgh's Code Orange- I posted awhile back about their new record, "Forever", & I was curious to see if they could pull off the intensity of that recording live- ummm.... YES. As soon as they take the stage, the entire band looks like they want to EAT YOU- this is before they've even played a note. THEY MEAN IT, & you can feel it live- it's just pummeling. Something of note here- Metal/HC/Punk has long been primarily a boy's club as far as bands go (it's just a fact), but Code Orange has a female guitar player, Reba (pictured here) & she is a freaking SAVAGE. Ladies, don't ever think that you can't get up there & rip as hard (if not HARDER) than the boys. Dudes from the other bands on the bill (& myself) would watch Code Orange & look at Reba & just say "HOLY FUCK- she's DESTROYING it." Historically, due to the nature of the scene it's something you don't see as often, a female guitarist just smashing it, but I think (& hope) that's changing. So basically... dudes who think they want to do the band thing ... I'm putting you ON NOTICE- when you step on the stage, you better come CORRECT. Don't waddle around there like an asshole thinking you look cool- you better GET INTO IT, because there are girls out there who are coming for you, & they are coming with knives in their teeth. Check @codeorangetoth's new LP, "Forever" out now on @roadrunnerrecords- great group of guys & a gal who all bring it live.

Recently I went to Niagara Falls, NY & Pittsburgh, PA to shoot photos- the bands Oni, Code Orange, Deafheaven, & Gojira had a two-day mini-tour, & I enjoy all these groups, so I knew I had to go. The bill was quite varied- I like a varied tour package- who wants to go see four bands that all sound the same? Oni are a young band from Canada/Cayman Islands (they have a freaking xylosynth player which can add a Caribbean vibe at times & they have a few subtle soca rhythms in their music), Code Orange have arisen from the hardcore scene in Pittsburgh & incorporate all sorts of different influences into one huge crushing slab of sound, Deafheaven come from Cali & have taken black metal and doused it in well executed shoe gaze (& my buddy George their frontman is AWESOME to watch), & Gojira from Bayonne, France is- well, if you don't know who Gojira is, then I just suggest you check them out- they are pretty much perfect. I already knew all the bands (except for Code Orange, who turned out to be awesome people & new friends), but I didn't really tell anyone I was coming- I just sorta showed up. It was super-fun to see everybody's face like "Bro! What are you doing here?" hahaha. I shot a lot from the photo pit the first show- I quickly realized just how much I have destroyed my knees over the years skateboarding & playing shows myself (I jump when I play shows. A lot. HIGH.)- I am feeling my age for sure. Oh yeah- to all the people yelling at me when I was shooting in the pit- sorry, I wasn't trying to be a dick & ignore you, I was busy working (the photos will go with an article I will be writing for a magazine). Here's Jake, the singer of @theoniband, in Pittsburgh- I dig the backlighting here. Checkout their record "Ironshore" on @metalbladerecords. Both shows were great, & I had a blast hanging with everyone. Photos from the other three bands to follow.

"Silence is Golden" Well, there it is. I hope you continue to enjoy the photos- I know I enjoy taking them. After all, that's why I'm here, you know... PHOTOGRAPHY. #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaM #LeicaMP #LeicaMP240 #Summilux #Summilux50mm #LeicaCraft #🔴📷 #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #streetdreamsmag #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic

"Beautiful Intruder" This is a lionfish, an invasive species of venomous fish that is currently wreaking havoc in the aquatic ecosystems of the Southeast U.S. & Caribbean. The lionfish comes from Asia, & it basically destroys everything around it, killing native species at an astounding rate. Their sting will COMPLETELY ruin your day. How did they get here? As with many environmental disasters (& yes, they are a disaster), they are the result of mankind's short-sightedness. Some aquarium owners dumped them into the sea when the lionfish started killing all of their other fish. "Hmmm. Let's see- they are KILLING EVERYTHING IN THE TANK...what to do, what to do? Oh, I know- LET'S SET THEM LOOSE HERE!" Now you have millions of them cruising from FL to NC, wrecking shop left & right (like the freaking rabbits in Australia). Restaurants are serving it now, & there are competitions to see how many divers can spear in a day in order to try & do some damage control, but it's an uphill battle for sure. People need to slow down & think before they do things that could possibly screw up the natural order of things- a bizarre thought in this fast-forward day & age, I know. These fish are super-pretty, but I hope to never meet one in the water...#Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaM #LeicaMP #LeicaMP240 #Summilux #Summilux50mm #LeicaCraft #🔴📷 #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #streetdreamsmag #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic

#EvilMario strikes again!

The other day at Doheny I met a true character- this dude, SoCal legend @brian_bent. Brian is a painter, surfer, hot-rod builder, skateboarder, clothing designer, roller skater, musician & all-around-cool-dude. He surfs in a Captain's hat & a sweater sometimes- very distinctive style. We had a nice chat about surfing, localism, etc. , & then the topic veered toward some dark stuff that we had both been through in our lives. Then Brian said something extraordinary: "Well, I figure my job is to just keep on living the best that I can and to make people smile." What a great way to look at life! Here's Brian on his homemade 45 pound hollow wooden surfboard, known to some as a "kook box" (the design is from the 1930's, conceived by legendary waterman & friend to Duke Kahanamoku, Tom Blake- it revolutionized life saving technology back in the day)- it certainly made me smile to watch him ride it, & even more when he let me try it out (it ain't easy- requires extremely subtle movements). Check out Brian's work at: WWW.BRIANBENTGALLERY.COM. 🤙🏻🏄🏼🤙🏻 Yeeeeeeewwwwwww! Keep making people smile, bro.

I am so sick of reading headlines like this. We as a race, THE HUMAN RACE, have to do better than this. A music concert is supposed to be a place where people gather to forget their problems for a few hours, not somewhere to roll the dice with your life. At times like this, I think the only thing a normal person can do is try to be the best, most moral, human they can be- in our jaded era, I believe this is more necessary than ever. For instance, this evening after I read this headline, I ran into a very loose acquaintance at the grocery store & mentioned the news. This person joked "Maybe they did it because it was an Ariana Grande show." I was too shocked to even say anything- I utterly fail to find the humor in the fact that at least 19 people are dead & many more injured, whatever you may think of someone's music. I know nothing about Ariana Grande or any of her songs, but I can guarantee that people of many different races, religions, & beliefs were at that show for the same reason- to have a good time. Some of them won't go home tonight. This is not fucking funny to me. This sort of jaded, joking, mentality is evidence to me of the continual chipping away of our humanity by the pathetically low standards of our era. We are better than this, people. It's dehumanizing, just like the freakish & twisted beliefs that allowed this asshole terrorist to kill a bunch of people they didn't know. Everything you do & say has consequences, even if you don't believe that. Make sure you do your best to think & speak with a moral heart- maybe your kindness will prevent someone from going down a dark path- you never know who you may effect positively. My thoughts & prayers are with y'all in the U.K. tonight.

Spent the last few days in SoCal hanging with the homie @dezfafara & his fam- we did a little tracking on some outlaw country cover tunes, then we got up super-early for dawn patrol every morning to test the new @suncultsurfofficial longboard shapes- Dez's surfboard/apparel company will be launching in a few days now, & I was stoked to be the first one to wax down the new Cape Fear model (2nd in from left) & then take her on her maiden voyage- she rode really nicely. Also rode the the other two boards to the right- Sunset '76 & the Hotel California- the '76 pintail was FAST, & the Hotel is just a beautiful, really stable board. We were at Doheny a couple of days, & the waves were good enough so that I could work on my cross-step a little (AND we didn't get eaten by any of the great whites that have been lingering around the area- always a bonus, hahaha). Thanks @dezfafara & @mrsfafara for the incredible hospitality- we shall hit the waves again! Y'all give @suncultsurfofficial a follow to see what kinda cool stuff the Fafaras will be putting out soon. #suncultapparel #suncultsurfboards #supportfamilybusinesses #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaM #LeicaMP #LeicaMP240 #Elmarit #Elmarit28mm #LeicaCraft #🔴📷 #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #streetdreamsmag #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic

Our third issue of Unbuilt is out- order it by clicking on the link in the profile of @unbuiltmag! First 100 copies are signed by me, Alex Skolnick, Tom Bejgrowicz, Alissa White-Gluz, & Nikki Sixx. Only 250 total printed- get on it!
We're THRILLED to announce that… PRE-ORDERS for UNBUILT magazine’s Issue 03 are now LIVE via the link in our bio!

Limited to just 250 signed, hand-numbered copies worldwide, Issue 03 is now available exclusively at the Man Alive Creative online store. Shipping begins Friday, June 2nd.Each and every copy of Issue 03 is signed by D. Randall Blythe, Alex Skolnick, Alissa White-Gluz, and Tom Bejgrowicz while also being hand-numbered out of an edition of 250. As a very special bonus, issues #1-100 are signed by none other than legendary musician/radio personality, Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue, Sixx AM). Additionally, the cover features a photograph taken by Blythe and is strikingly printed in white ink on the cover’s black paper. The issue’s unique offset cover and interior page dimensions give Issue 03 a unique look and feel when reading it.

Issue 03 includes interviews about photography and sobriety with Nikki Sixx, celebrity culture with author Timothy Caulfield PhD, the future of food with the staff at the innovative Impossible Foods, the plight of orangutans in the palm oil conflict with the Communication Manager at the Centre for Orangutan Protection in Indonesia, and a discussion about the influence and legacy of the Misfits’ artwork with the creative team at House Industries.

Further, Blythe delivers a scathingly-wonderful photo essay about his time spent on an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, Skolnick pens a short, engaging piece on the relationship between Jews and heavy metal, and artwork from our featured “Works Of Art” artist, Wayne White (“Pee Wee’s Playhouse,” Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight,” Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time”).

$1 from every sale of UNBUILT will go to help our planet. Surfrider and The Nature Conservancy will each receive 50¢ from every issue sold.

36 pages, 8" x 10.75", self-published and ad-free, UNBUILT is limited to only 250 physical copies and ships worldwide.

"Belonging" At the end of the day, when everything turns golden, I watch a young man throw his cast net into the tidal marsh for bait. The only sound is the quiet splash of the net as it hits the slowly rising waters of the creek, then the hiss of the line through his hands as he hauls it in. He works silently, and I do not make any useless noise that would disturb him- he is one with the world now, the real world, and this is worthy of respect. I myself know how to throw a net for shrimp & bait, & how to fish, & where to dig for clams & where to gather oysters & set the crab pot- I can feed myself here. We've been doing this for thousands of years now, all over the world, those of us with hearts that pine for the sea. And although I may travel far away, I know I will never truly be at peace unless there is salt on the breeze that blows past my home. It is good to know where you belong... #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaM #LeicaMP #LeicaMP240 #Summicron #Summicron75mm #LeicaCraft #🔴📷 #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #streetdreamsmag #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic

St. Louis! On July 31st, I'll be sitting down with one of my favorite humans (& soulless ginger) @jameyjasta, for a live taping of his podcast, The Jasta Show. I love doing podcasts, & I listen to them all the time- lately it's been The Dollop, The Moth, Common Sense with Dan Carlin, Reply All, Henry & Heidi, This American Life, All Things Comedy Live, old re-runs of Ice T's Final Level, How I Built This (& yes, of course, before anyone asks, I listen to Rogan & Maron's WTF & my pal Chris's show, Talk is Jericho, too). I like podcasts so much because in this era of SUPER-SHORT attention spans, the podcast is a platform for those of us who enjoy a little more in-depth discussion of subject matters to hear people flesh ideas & stories out a bit more fully- you know, the kind of thing that used to be more the norm in journalism. Frankly, I find a great deal of what is considered "journalism" today a freaking embarrassment- I mean COME ON- people actually make their living running click-bait driven websites that just regurgitate sound-byte sized pieces of information from other sources (often without context)- IT TAKES ALMOST NO BRAINS TO DO THIS, and it seems like a huge amount of people just eat it up. They don't want the FULL story (which, of course, MATTERS- sometimes the truth of a subject is too complex to be condensed) because they are used to thinking in 140 characters or less- shot attention spans beget shot critical thinking skills. I like Jamey's show because A) most of the time I know the guests, so when I'm driving & listening it's almost like I'm hanging out with my friends, & B) it gets pretty damn funny sometimes- who doesn't like a good laugh? I have no idea of what we will talk about, other than the fact that Jamey will probably try to get me to say something that will get me in trouble somehow (he usually does), but I'm sure there will be a lot of laughs. So come on out if you're in St Louis- doors at 4:30, event will be done by 7 pm. Tickets are up for sale on the Ticketmaster website- just look for "The Jasta Show"- alright, HIT THE MUSIC!

"Evil Genius" Somewhere in Northern Florida. This is the demented general of the #nightmarearmy, my pal & shaper, Kane B of @nightmareshapes. I set out with a very loose plan for my trip, but I knew the end point would be Nightmare HQ. I spent a few days with Kane & his posse, surfing Atlantic/JAX beach & also kicking it at the shop, watching & learning about surfboard construction. I think one of the coolest things about surfing is that (if you choose a local shaper or someone you can travel to) you can interact with the person who makes the board you will be riding. Kane designs & cuts his own blanks, & I got to see that process, as well as sanding, glassing, polishing- ALL OF IT. It's like meeting a person who makes the furniture in your house- you see them take a raw hunk of wood, saw it into boards, then construct a chair, sand it, then stain & finish it, all from the ground up. Kane made one of my boards that I ride when when the waves are big enough (it's a 7'6" swallowtail- I am moving down in size from longboards when the surf is appropriate)- this is the thing I use to clear my head & heart, to connect with the ocean, to become physically stronger, to literally RIDE A FORM OF ENERGY (that is what waves are- energy pulsing through the sea in, um, waves)- it was rad to get to know the dude who made something so important in my life, & it makes my board more meaningful to me. He's a craftsman, a ripper of waves, & a really cool guy. Here he is, looking like a psycho-killer smoothing out some rails- the lighting was great in this room. Thanks for the stick & good times, brah! Support your local shaper! #respecttheshaper #nightmarearmy #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaM #LeicaMP #LeicaMP240 #Elmarit #Elmarit28mm #LeicaCraft #🔴📷 #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #streetdreamsmag #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic

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