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D. Randall Blythe  🏄SK8/#NIGHTMAREARMY/🔴📷Leica M-P typ240/Leica M Monochrom typ246/Leica Q/Author-Dark Days (DaCapo)/UNBUILT. @gimmeradio DJ. My PHOTOS here, NOT my band


HIP-HIP HOORAY! Pre-orders are now available for issue #4 of @Unbuiltmag (link to order in my bio), a biannual, self-published, ad-free, limited edition arts & culture magazine that I’ve been a co-editor/contributor for the last 2 years, along with my friend @alexskolnick of @testamentofficial fame & graphic designer Tom Bejgrowicz of @manalivecreative. My contributions to #4 include photographs of breast cancer survivors being tattooed by the amazing @amyblacktattoos in Tom’s article on her breast cancer charity @pinkinkfund (a very emotional photo shoot, to say the least), a photo essay on pattern recognition gone haywire in the modern psyche, interview/photos with designer @vincentlaine about the intersection of design, photography, & heavy metal (he’s a metal/@lambofgod fan that happened to design one of the cameras I own before we ever met, the #LeicaQ- CRAZY synchronicity), as well as the cover image, which looks DOPE in metallic silver ink on black paper. My good friend & sister-in-arms Sara Taylor of @youthcodeforever is our guest editor this issue, contributing a piece on the toxicity of social media. Skolnick has an op-ed on the two party system in America (there are comparisons to the Oakland Raiders & Nickelback- amazing) & an interview with author Sarah Kendzior. Tom has another piece on the group Population Connection, & our featured artist this issue is Michael Reeder (@reederone.) The magazine is strictly limited to 250 physical copies, & each one comes with an insert signed by myself, Skolnick, Sara Taylor, Tom, & Michael Reeder- it’s extremely high quality & looks soooooo good printed- we are making ART here, people (after all, photos are meant to be PRINTED.) With each sale, we donate $1 split between the almighty @surfrider & @nature_org- gotta give back to things we care about, people! Issue #3 sold out quickly, so get #4 before they disappear! We ship world-wide, & the link to order is in my bio (also over at @Unbuiltmag- give us a follow!) Cheers! #unbuilt #alexskolnick #randyblythe #tombejgrowicz #sarataylor #michaelreeder #leica #LeicaCameraUSA #leicaq #surfrider #thenatureconservancy #lambofgod #testament #youthcode

Today! 12 noon PT/3 pm EST my guest on The Power Remains is my friend & big brother, @darryl.jenifer of the almighty @badbrainsofficial, the greatest punk rock band of all time, PERIOD. So download the @gimmeradio app for iOS (Android version is coming soon) or go to WWW.GIMMERADIO.COM & listen FOR FREE! Keep the ⚡️P.M.A.⚡️ up people! #randyblythe #drandallblythe #darryljenifer #badbrains #gimmeradio #pma ##⚡️⚡️⚡️ #wegotthatattitude

There is only one appropriate thing to do the day after you split your forehead open surfing shore break like a moron- get back on the seahorse & rip some sunset lefts! Just slap some extra superglue & a waterproof bandage over the wound & you’re good to go- BTW, I highly recommend you all go BUY the new Quicksand album, “Interiors”- first new album they’ve put out in TWENTY-TWO YEARS & they crushed it! So beautiful... @qsnyc @smurffedout @suncultsurfofficial @nightmareshapes #surfanddestroy #ifyoudontsurficantexplain #quicksand #interiors

Remember kids- don’t aggressively charge shore break on an 8’ fish, even if you get bored because it stopped breaking on the outside- you might wipe out & that board might just fly back & bust your dome! Then, whatever you do, don’t send a cool bloody photo to your wife because she will NOT think “Oh, my husband- he’s so gnarly! Sigh...” like you imagined she would. Instead, she will pitch a fit (ok, ok- admittedly, it’s because she loves you & knows your dumb-ass would rather cave-man it) in order to make you go to the doctor, who will charge you FOUR HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN DOLLARS AND NINTY-ONE CENTS to clean it out & then SUPER-GLUE IT SHUT (which was what YOU were going to do anyways). Also, ALWAYS REMEMBER- just because you have been HEALTHY, keep yourself FIT & don’t get sick often, that doesn’t mean jack shit to your insurance company. What does it mean? It means you haven’t met your deductible, so you will get MONETARILY PENALIZED for NOT GETTING SICK. What have I paid THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for health insurance for again? This has to be some sort of joke, right? So just don’t charge shore break & split your dome a tiny little bit unless you are somewhere sensible, say Canada or Sweden maybe. Plus, head wounds sure do bleed a lot for just a little gash, so you can’t just wipe it off & surf on- sharks can smell you. At least I went & ate a delicious burrito before I bought the most expensive super-glue on the planet. I probably won’t even get a cool scar out of the whole deal. What a rip-off... #payingdues #surfanddestroy #itssupposedtobegoodtomorrow #⚡️🏄🏼⚡️#fuckitimridingawavestormnexttime #superkook

“The Eyes in the Corner” SoCal. “But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn’t have come here.”- L. Carroll #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaQ #Summilux #Summilux28mm #LeicaCraft #🔴📷 #blackandwhite #bnw_planet #bnw_life #pocket_bnw #bnw_captures #noir_shots #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #streetdreamsmag #streetphotography #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic

My guest today on THE POWER REMAINS is my fellow road dog, surfer, lover-of-creepy-things & singer-of-FEAR-songs, Mister @DezFafara. We play some punk rawk & have a nice chat. Download the @gimmeradio app in the iOS App Store (Android is coming soon) or go to WWW.GIMMERADIO.COM- my show airs each week at 12 noon PT/3pm EST & repeats at different times throughout the week- it’s free, so get on it! #randyblythe #drandallblythe #devildriver #coalchamber #thepowerremains #surfanddestroy #punkfuckingrockyoupussies #pmaallday #aquatech_imagingsolutions #aquatech

Why's everyone screaming and growling? 😂 Manic Sheep主唱西瓜也開吼啦!
>> 立刻去粉專按讚:《衝組》電影
12.29.2017 衝衝衝上映!

FINALLY! Some GOOD news! Time to take this moment to personally congratulate this woman, Danica Roem, on her historic electoral victory over Bob Marshall, a man who described himself as his state’s “CHIEF HOMOPHOBE”- Webster’s defines HOMOPHOBIA as: “irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals” (Nice, Mister Marshall- what exactly are you scared of, btw? It’s not like you’re gonna “catch the gay” or suddenly start crossdressing.) Why is this a historic victory? Because Roem is now the first OPENLY transgender person to run as such and then be elected to a state legislature in the history of the United States of America. What state did this happen in? MY STATE, Virginia. Oh yeah- Danica is also a writer (award-winning journalist), aaaaaaaand... a singer in a melodic DEATH METAL BAND. By the way, America, THAT is a first, too-when was the last time you heard of a high-level elected official who was a raging Dark Tranquility fan? Or who could discuss Cannibal Corpse in any manner other than a potential court case? So Danica, if you read this, as a fellow Virginian, writer, vocalist in a metal band, & OPEN-MINDED HUMAN BEING- CONGRATS. Good luck, & don’t let the bastards grind you down. You’re gonna need it... (📷: @noisey) #danicaroem

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