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D. Randall Blythe  🏄SK8/#NIGHTMAREARMY/#Suncult/🔴📷Leica M-P typ240/M Monochrom typ246/Leica Q/Author-Dark Days (DaCapo)/UNBUILT. @gimmeradio DJ. My PHOTOS here, NOT band

Sometimes social media can be an awesome thing. My bro @dougb11 is down here in Cape Fear, NC with @fdny D.A.R.T. (Disaster Assistance Relief Team) helping with relief efforts after Hurricane Florence. I posted that I was loading down my truck with stuff & coming from VA to help him, & the homies sent me $ for supplies (shout-out @omertamia, @loubrutus, @bzerkmcd- y’all’s $ was well spent.) The problem with large scale disaster relief efforts is often finding out where resources need to go, so you need reliable local intel- shout out @thrashzone90 for being our point man & bringing us to Boiling Springs. Then my local surfer crew hit me up and wanted to help- shoutout to the Clemmons brothers- Matty, @rl718nyc , @adclemmons, as well as @mjyoung0903 (who just had surgery but STILL showed up to lend a hand)- we unloaded my truck & a box truck from Red Cross for the flooded out peeps at Boiling Springs Lakes who are in a really bad way- many hands make for light work. Then we went over to Southport to do some damage assessment, but things were quiet, so we carried @dougb11 & his fellow FDNY bro Danny to one of my favorite spots to eat in Cape Fear, @provisioncompanysouthport- they fed us for free, so thanks Provision- it was amazing (as always.) Whoever is reading this, wherever you are- GET OUT AND HELP PEOPLE. ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO & IT FEELS AWESOME. And if you’re in Cape Fear & you see dudes walking around with blue FDNY D.A.R.T. shirts on, thank them- they donate their vacation time to do this, & they aren’t getting paid- true champions among men. We’re gonna get on it tomorrow again somewhere... #Leica #LeicaQ #screwyouflorence #CapeFearStrong

ATTN. WILMINGTON N.C./CAPE FEAR FAM, FRIENDS, SURF HOMIES! I am loading up my truck with supplies & driving down to Wilmington tomorrow to meet up with my bro @dougb11 who is deployed there as part of the FDNY D.A.R.T. (Disaster Assistance Relief Team.) I’ve checked in with most of y’all, but if I have missed someone & you are screwed on H20, food, etc. hit me up on my cell ASAP & I’ll see what I can do about getting supplies to you with the quickness. Other than that, I’ll be in the area w/D.A.R.T. for a couple of days helping distribute supplies to the hardest hit areas & doing whatever else I can do. Holler at yer boy!

ATTN. RVA FAM & FRIENDS- Still getting intel on what they need down in Wilmington (I would guess bottled/bulk H20 & canned goods), but if you want to donate a case of water or whatever, hit me up on my cell & we’ll link before I split. Leaving RVA 11 am-ish tomorrow- I’ll post a list later after I have more info. 📷: Cape Fear River, Fort Fisher, NC, 9.27.17 #Leica #LeicaQ #LeicaCameraUSA #🔴📷#screwyouflorence #CapeFearStrong

DISSECT PODCAST EPISODE #40 This is my friend Mark Twight (@wfmft) at Antelope Island in Utah- we did some photography out there recently. Mark & some friends do a really cool podcast called Dissect (swipe left to see logo), & I got to sit in with them for episode #40, which is up & available for download now. Mark is kind of a hard guy to explain- he’s a legendary alpine style mountaineer, a writer (author of “Kiss or Kill”, a great book about climbing that was super interesting to me even as a non-climber), a #Leica photographer, a competitive shooter, he’s the founder of Gym Jones, he’s a trainer for Hollywood movies (as in he’s the dude who makes Superman look like, well, Superman in the recent movies- literally), he’s a publisher (he does Raze magazine)- he’s just a super neat guy. This is hands-down one of my favorite podcasts I have ever done- we discuss music & the economics of the music biz, photography, & #FEAR (the emotional state of being, not the band) & a bunch other stuff. It was just a super fun conversation with a bunch of intelligent dudes, so be sure to check out DISSECT podcast episode #40! #Leica #LeicaCamera #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaM #LeicaMonochrom #Monochrom #Summilux #Summilux35mm #🔴📷 #MyLeicaJourney #MKexplore #blackandwhite #bnw_planet #bnw_life #pocket_bnw #bnw_captures #noir_shots #RatsEyesPhotography #HoneTheAesthetic

SOLD! What an amazing week I’ve had at @leicagalleryboston & @photovillenyc!!!!! For info on buying prints online, send an email to: INFO@LEICAGALLERYBOSTON.COM & they’ll email you an exhibit catalog & price list. It was very nice to meet so many of you, now it’s time to go home- peace! PS- if you’re in Boston, my exhibit will be up at @leicagalleryboston until Nov. 11. Stop by & see some art- it’s free to go look!

Title: Interlude
Location: Carolina Beach, NC
Year: 2017
Print: 16x24 B&W digital silver gelatin prints on baryta fiber paper
Edition: 3 of 10
Notes: All of the other wave shots I got on this particular day were quite messy due to wind and strong side-shore current, but as anyone who lives by the ocean can attest, coastal weather can be extremely unpredictable. I shot this clean breaking wave during a five minute period when the onshore winds suddenly died, and the surface of the water glassed off. The waves began to take consistent form, I got this shot, then the wind started back up and everything became blown out again. A fleeting moment of calm in an otherwise chaotic swim. #drandallblythe #alongerview #leicagalleryboston #leica #leicacamerausa

Quick stop at the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy before I head over to Broooooooooooooklyn for @photovillenyc. See ya 5 to 6pm at the Leica Pavillion!!!!!! Shout-out @omertamia for the dope shirt & ring! 📷: the amazing @kevinwilsonnyc with my #LeicaQ.

Incredible 3 days in Boston for my opening, artist’s talk, & photowalk today! Email info@leicagalleryboston.com for an exhibit catalog/price list if you want to order prints online. The exhibit will be up until Nov. 11, so please stop by the @leicagalleryboston to see the work in person if you are in the Boston area. I’m off to NYC- see y’all at @photovillenyc tomorrow, Sunday Sept. 16 at the Leica Pavillion, 5 to 6 pm! Thanks everyone at @leicagalleryboston @leicastoreboston & @leicacamerausa for supporting my work & being so daggone RAD! #drandallblythe #alongerview #leica #leicacamera #leicacamerausa #leicagalleryboston

One of the pieces I sold last night after my artist’s talk at @LeicaGalleryBoston- thanks so much to everyone who came out!
For those of you wondering- YES, YOU CAN BUY PRINTS ONLINE. How?

Send an email to: info@leicagalleryboston.com & request a PDF of the exhibit catalog/price list- from there, you can contact the gallery to order what you want.
Yes, the gallery will ship prints. Yes, the prints will be signed & numbered by me. No, these are not open edition- all prints are in a limited edition of 10 prints per photo. No, I am not the one receiving these emails or doing the shipping, the gallery is (thank God, I would make a mess of it!) Cheers!

Title: Inverted Perspective
Location: Oak Island, NC
Year: 2016
Print: 12x18 color digital inkjet print on Hahnemühle bamboo fine art paper
Edition: 1 of 10
Notes: Take care with the manner in which you move through the world, because everything is connected, even if you cannot perceive that connection. With our limited field of perspective, we often cannot even imagine the consequences of seemingly inconsequential acts- strings of events are put into motion that sometimes take days, weeks, months, years, decades, or even millennia to reach their conclusions. This is the infamous "butterfly effect" of chaos theory mathematics- a diluted version of this theory has been absorbed into popular culture, causing some people to think that they can find the causative nature of everything if they just follow a thread back far enough. I do not believe that to be true- sometimes things just happen, both good & bad. But I do believe that, relative to the universe, we live in a small, closed system– both on our planet, and in our increasingly connected global society. Therefore, in a small, closed system, our actions do have definitive consequences. So be careful how you move, act, speak, & think. Every now and then, try to step back and look at everything from a different perspective, both large & small. Sometimes, if you look deeply at something small, you can see that the entire connected world is in your hands, just as this crystal ball is in mine. Treat it with care.

One of the pieces I sold last night at my opening. Exhibit is up at @leicagalleryboston until Nov. 11. Stop by if you’re in Beantown... Title: Old Man’s Young Defender
Location: San Onofre, CA
Year: 2018
Print: 12x18 color digital inkjet print on Hahnemühle bamboo fine art paper
Edition: 1 of 10
Notes: My friend Dez and I often ride waves at San Onofre in Southern California. The area around San Onofre has a few legendary surfing breaks, including one named Old Man’s– the beach is even mentioned in the famous Beach Boys song, “Surfing U.S.A.” There is also a defunct nuclear power plant there, and right now there are plans to store 3.5 million pounds of spent fuel from the plant on the coast, just 100 feet from the high tide line. This spent fuel is deadly radioactive waste, and it will remain radioactive for thousands of years. San Onofre is located not far from a fault line; if an earthquake were to occur during the transfer of this waste, the resulting damage would be beyond catastrophic– millions of pounds of radioactive garbage flooding the Pacific, decimating the California coastline. There needs to be a consent-based geologically stable inland storage facility found, but those are (understandably) hard to come by. This is yet another example of why we need to move towards clean energy– even if a nuke plant is safe, it still generates tons of waste, and that waste has to go somewhere...

I have made it to Boston! TONIGHT, from 6-9 pm, is the opening of “A Longer View”, my new photography exhibit at @leicagalleryboston (74 Arlington St., Boston, MA)- so come on by, see some photography, & say hi! Please hit the link in my bio to RSVP. The artist’s talk & photowalk Friday & Sat are at capacity, so those are closed, but the opening reception tonight is still open. Note- I’m super excited, & will do my best to say hello to everyone, but there is only one of of me, so please be patient! Also, I posted this before my NYC Gallery show, & everyone was super well behaved, but I gotta say this just in case some people don’t “get it”: ATTENTION- this is NOT a heavy metal show, so don’t show up drunk & screaming & wanting to mosh & all that stuff-this is an art gallery not a concert venue, tonight is 100% about PHOTOGRAPHY, not music in any way shape or form, plus... if you break it, YOU BUY IT. Ok, now that’s outta the way, come on by & see some art! (Yes, it will be for sale) See y’all there! PS- everyone down south in N.C., S.C., & VA on the coast- my thoughts will be with you tonight & over the next few days. Stay safe- I’ll be down after this blows over. So much love to my coastal family! #Leica #LeicaCameraUSA #LeicaGalleryBoston #DRandallBlythe #RandyBlythe #ALongerView #RatsEyesPhotography #goawayflorence

One of the silver halide gelatin prints from “A Longer View”, my new photography exhibition opening TOMORROW, thurs Sept. 13 at @LeicaGalleryBoston. Link is in my bio to RSVP (Artist’s talk & Photowalk on Friday & Saturday are CLOSED, but opening reception is still open, so come say hi!) #drandallblythe #leica #leicacamerausa #leicagalleryboston #alongerview

Title: Groms On Parade
Location: San Onofre, CA
Year: 2017
Print: 12x18 B&W digital silver gelatin print on baryta fiber paper
Edition: 10

Attention! THE GALLERY OPENING RECEPTION IS STILL OPEN, BUT... the artist’s talk (Friday, Sept. 14th) & the photowalk (Sat. Sept. 15th) are CLOSED- capacity has been reached & the photowalk is insanely overbooked (this will be interesting, hahaha.) But once again, the Gallery opening this Thursday Sept. 13th is still OPEN- yes, I will be there. So RSVP (link is in my bio) & come by the Leica Gallery Boston this Thursday, 6pm to 9pm (day after tomorrow) to say what’s up & check out some art. SEE Y’ALL THERE.

One of the color inkjet prints from “A Longer View”, my new photography exhibition opening Sept. 13 at @LeicaGalleryBoston. Link is in my bio to RSVP. #drandallblythe #leica #leicacamerausa #leicagalleryboston #alongerview

Title: Golden (State) Hour
Location: Shell Beach, CA
Year: 2017
Print: 12x18 color digital inkjet print on Hahnemühle bamboo fine art paper
Edition: 10

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