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Dr. Allison  Psychologist helping people lead meaningful and healthy lives. Other loves: leopard print, personal style, Harry Potter, and people who get you.


Today on my site, I'm sharing the moment I realized I was WASTING MY WEEKENDS. 😲 This moment sparked a radical change in how I spend Friday through Sunday. See the full post on my site, Dr. Allison Answers! (Link in profile.) #drallisonanswers #liveontheweekend #intentionalliving #mindfulness #liveyourbestlife #psychologist

Mindfulness is a superpower, y'all. It helps us experience a moment in full color, taking it with us, long after the moment is over. I put this superpower into practice on our recent Italian vacation, and I recorded an impromptu video to show you how. Don't miss the full video, posted on my site, Dr. Allison Answers! (Link in profile.) #drallisonanswers #psychologist #mindfulness #vacationprep #intentionalliving #bepresent

"I love you" is a meaningful and frequently used phrase, and this means it can often sometimes lose its power over time. Today on my site, Dr. Allison Answers, I'm sharing five phrases just as powerful as "I love you" to say to the special people in your life! πŸ’–Check it out; link in profile! #drallisonanswers #psychologist #relationshipadvice #intentionalliving #trysomethingdifferent

Forest Park Music Fest. πŸ’› #forestpark #sundayfunday #lovethisguy

It's Friday which means another installment of LIVE ON THE WEEKEND! 🌼 Catch a glimpse into our recent blueberry picking adventure, as well as my continued reflections as I radically change how I spend my weekends. The full video and some extra thoughts are up on my site! #liveontheweekend #drallisonanswers #psychologist #blueberrypicking #intentionalliving #liveyourbestlife

Here is a snippet from my new video, "Why You're Frustrated and What You Can Do About It." Frustration is SO much more complex than people realize. Learn what your frustration means and how you can deal with it in a healthy way! See the full video on my site. (Link in profile.) #drallisonanswers #psychologist #emotionalhealth #intentionalliving #mindfulness #copingskills

So honored to be posting on @veronabrit 's blog today about why difficult conversations are important and 7 quick tips to make them easier! Difficult conversations aren't always fun or pleasant, but they are SO IMPORTANT. Go check out the post on Veronika's Blushing, and leave her a little love! πŸ’– #psychologist #emotionalhealth #liveyourbestlife #intentionalliving

Earlier this year I made a change, deciding to SIMPLIFY my life. πŸ’› See what prompted the change, and find some inspiration of your own in today's post, "Simplify your life: 9 quotes to inspire you." (Link in profile.) #drallisonanswers #intentionalliving #psychologist #simplify #minimalism

Start your Monday off right with a quick gratitude practice! πŸ’– (1) I'm grateful for the extra sleep I got this morning; I'm starting this week feeling refreshed. (2) I'm grateful for the moment of quiet I had while editing a post this morning. (3) I'm grateful for the new candle, filling up my office with its awesome scent. ⭐️ YOUR TURN! Name THREE things that you're grateful for this morning in the comments below. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ #gratitude #gratitudewithdrallison #psychologist #intentionalliving #happiness

In the kitchen this afternoon, making goodies with all the blueberries from our Michigan trip last weekend. 🌼 I opted for a healthy blueberry Greek yogurt sorbet, while Matt went with a homemade blueberry pie. I think he's clearly the winner here. ☺️ #sundayafternoon #liveontheweekend #blueberry #pinterestrecipe

New waiting room reading material! πŸ€— Happiness is not something that just "happens," it's something we have to PRACTICE. Day in and day out, there is SO much you can do to increase your level of happiness. Want some ideas right now? πŸ’‘ Head to my site, Dr. Allison Answers, to get going! (Link in profile!) #psychologist #happiness #liveyourbestlife #mindfulness #therapy

You've bought your tickets, your suitcase is packed, and you're ready to go. But have you taken the time to MENTALLY PREPARE for your vacation? The majority of people forget this step! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ In this video, I share WHY mentally preparing for a vacation is so important and the SIMPLE way you can prepare before your next getaway. ✈️ Plus, hear the motto I used for my most recent vacation and how it totally made a difference! πŸ™ŒπŸ» The full video is up on my site; linked in my profile! #drallisonanswers #psychologist #emotionalhealth #vacationprep #intentionalliving

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