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Mr.Voltaire  🎮FinalFantasy👾🗡Balmung🗡 Classes: 266 Mch,264 War,262 Mnk,260 BLM <FC>⚔️Coven of the Lost⚔️🦇Vamp🦇 💞Nellaura Voltaire💞 😈Demon of the Void 😈

" I'll be your hero..I'll protect you as best as I can, so take my hand and we'll go far " #finalfantasy #finalfantasyxivheavensward #finalfantasyarealmreborn

One of my faves about playing FFXIV ?? Having found Nellaura Voltaire and being able to play with her, even if we do have our ups and downs,also thanks for the give away !!#codytexas500giveaway #finalfantasy #finalfantasyxivheavensward #finalfantasyarealmreborn

Been watching a Mini Fanfic RP of Aymeric and Est'nien,Kinda wanna thank @usagitachibana for inviting people to go watch ^^ been a nice distraction #finalfantasy #finalfantasyxivheavensward #finalfantasyarealmreborn

Just some FC buds enjoying a lovely RP show..then there's me with my " I want my fucking toy for my happy meal " pose 😂😂 #finalfantasy #finalfantasyxivheavensward #finalfantasyarealmreborn

Sorry for posting then deleting my pics, Just not in the best head space atm lol #finalfantasy #finalfantasyxivheavensward #finalfantasyarealmreborn

As he let the rain wash over him to hide his sadness from the world... Closing his eyes as he smiled to himself eventually,listening silently to rain crashing to the ground around, thinking to himself "Thinks will get better..Just gotta smile " #finalfantasy #finalfantasyarealmreborn #finalfantasyxivheavensward

Besides Zurvan,Thordans ultimate is best ultimate \o/ #finalfantasy #finalfantasyarealmreborn #finalfantasyxivheavensward

Ladies and Gentlemen it's confirmed..I'm a demon from Hell :) #diablo3

:O a wild Raspberry was spotted !! Lol got caught chatting by Yumi then her man Dash joined then fun times ensued !! ( Same pic as Ras >.> best one we had so sue me ) #finalfantasy #finalfantasyarealmreborn #finalfantasyxivheavensward

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