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Rafael Valle Del Rio🇪🇸  📍WPB |EMT⛑|Emergency Medicine Student🚑🚒|99 problems; 99,000 blessings

Return of the Jedi
📸: @jpvisual_
#StarWars #weezy

THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE🗣 #LoveTrumpsHate #zombiegang

WE ARE THE RESISTANCE🤘🏼#ImReallyHanSoloTho #lovetrumpshate

2016 you will not be missed🃏

Thing 1 &Thing 2 always causing trouble🤗😈 @_mc_lovin69 #drseuss #ICanGiveYouACoupleThings #weezy

The one &only Luke Skywalker ft. A super Spanish table cloth #nationaldogday

Brothers through Pupusas y Tamales #famshyt #goodvibrationsvinyl

Aye lil'mama let me whisper in ya ear🌬 #WhisperingSweetNothings #DogParadise

"She don't want the key to your heart, she want the key to your whip... If she had the key to your heart, she'd probably key up your whip" #Loso #whadddupshawty

ConGRADulations on being an official UCF Alumni! #GoKnights Also on perusing your dream you've had growing up and on already accepting a job as a teacher, teaching second grade next year🎉 God is poppin' bottles and pouring blessings on top of your life🍾 &I know he will continue to down your career path. I love you so much, you set a great example for Michelle and I. Now not only will you always be Mom #2 but now you'll be a nagging teacher also😅 jk 🤔

Props to @jpvisual_ @jp.visual for making Luke &I look as if we belong on the front cover of a Martha Stewart pets magazine. #LukeSkywalker

When it's 91° outside bet it's 69° in my coupe😎 I want you to all meet the love of my life... Paid fully in cash, no leasing, no monthly payments. All of the glory goes to God and the Blessings he has poured into my life. Also thank you to my wonderful parents, my rock, my foundation who guide me in every way only to make me better... this one is for y'all. #thegrinddontstop