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DEM Family  DEM Pure Certification, Dedicated to Living soils, Regenerative practices, healthy humans. Mentored by Mother Nature. "Healthy Mind, Body and Soil".


As the plant enters the world of corporate cannabis, Dragonfly Earth Medicine promises to continue to have a clear, conscious, directive, intentional voice for the plant and those cannabis farmers that share the same vision for the medicine, the soil and strength in community. We have been an advocate for the plant for over 28 years and we will not stop now! We have created the Pure Certified Movement because of compassionate cannabis farmers! To highlight their entire life’s work to the greater community. We are 70 farms and 3 countries strong! We will not give into corporate models that do not serve our plant or our environments. We will join valuable energy with those that give upmost respect, love and reverence to this master plant. She is our teacher, health is our guide and hustle is our journey. We stand with the 70 farms to change the corporate paradigm while doling our daily work in the soil. Be the Change, create the change, hustle for the change. #DEMPure #HealthyMindBodyandSoil #PureCannabis #SupportyourLocalFarmer #EducatetheConsumer #LovethePlant #SheistheRealBoss

The nursery has begun ✨ the 3rd photo is of the redwood duff IMO we collected on the way home from #Humboldt ... its nice to seed our gardens with majestic redwood soil microbes. We used all native indigenous soil prepared last fall, lava rocks, hay, DEM lush roots and brilliant black, dried then powdered leaves and roots from our farm, fresh green material from ice water hash, cover crop, and crystals 💎 🌱💚 #YearoftheDog #NewMoonPisces
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Yesterday the new moon was a day of new beginnings. The feeling of putting seeds to soil is one of intense joy. The farm is brimming with life, and the stoke is very high as we enter this new season of learning and growing in our relationship with the plant. Shout out to all the amazing growers that gifted seeds to the #dempure family.
#regenerativecannabis #dempure #cannabinoids #cannabis #healing #alternativemedicine #whitesage #newmoon

Very humbled to be presenting in the Kootenays, BC! Huge love to the West Kootenay Permaculture Coop for there tireless efforts to bring awareness and education to the community
KootenayFood.com 🌀We will do a presentation on Pure Regenerative Cannabis, closed loop practices and how we can all move forward with this new Cannabis paradigm. The #WestKootenays has always been a potent cannabis producing community. It is imperative that we stay relevant in this industry and that medicinal, high quality f🔥re is cultivated at min cost. There is no room for chemicals. ✨ The industry is changing so fast right now, the more we share our experiences and observations, the more we can make the best decisions in moving forward! Bring your questions and your comments. We will open it up for a community hall meeting style conversation. #DEMPure #BeyondOrganic @kootenayfood #PureRegenerativeCannabis #HealthyMindBodyandSoil #DemPureFarms #BlessedKootenays #Love ....... Bringing the mindful ecological cannabis movement worldwide 🌎🌍🌏

So much respect to the Regenerative Farmers of the world 🙏🏽✨ Briceland Forest Farm is a shining example of creating a healthy farm in harmony with nature. By building and creating soils, it is leaving a true legacy for our children and future generations. It is THE most important mission. POTent, healthy community IS the change! These Pure Certified Farmers are medicine makers, shamans, high priestesses and voices for the medicine and the soil it grows from. Deep gratitude to healthy soil. It is a starting point of all healthy life.
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DEM Pure Certifier Family was out 🌎@bricelandflowerfarm Wow 🙏 @biovortex and @hightidepermaculture We can clearly see why they won the #Regenerative ♻️ #Cannabis Award 🏆 @theemeraldcup #2017 They are a True 🔥#SouthernHumboldt 💫#2Gen #Farm with the #3Gen running around the garden eating carrots 🥕🥕 We saw soil building ,compost making ,Hugel building, water storing , veggie growing , goat milking, seed saving , forest management , Creek restoration , bee keeping , log sawing , seed sowing and solar/ hydro powered Farm. It was a mind blower for real. So much apart of our community too. With growing so much food for the farmers market. On the Briceland Fire Dept. 🔥and Watershed 💦boards. They take great pride in their systems and unique hand tools 🛠⚒ along with small machines. I truly can’t wait to go back. Today’s team was @rosielove7 @4coneill @nomadslanding @thehumboldtlocal @mendohideout and yours truly @alpenglowfarms707 #dempure #dempurecertified #alpenglow @dragonflyearthmedicine @regenerativecannabisfarming @livingsoilssymposium #HumboldtHighFive #Briceland #closeloop #Dembros

Announcing the new Pure Certified website!!! www.dempurefarms.com This website has been created to be the example of what Pure Certified Regenerative Cannabis looks like. So many farms and businesses ARE making a difference for the entire earth by cultivating and working with this powerful medicine in a regenerative way. They have committed to healthy soils, healthy medicine, integral businesses and educating community. Learn about closed loops and what it takes to get Pure Certified. Link to all the Pure Certified Farms, see their stories and photos. There is a blog/article page which will be added to whenever a pure farm is published or feels passionate about a topic. There is a events page where there will be info about upcoming events. We have a tremendous amount of gratitude for all the farms listed on this site for their commitment to their healthy gardens and businesses. More info, farms and businesses will be added often. The Regenerative Cannabis movement is gaining a lot of attention because it is an answer to so many problems on earth and in this industry. These farms are producing food and medicine in harmony with nature. It takes a community to be truly successful in all parts of our lives. ✨ #knowYourFarmer #ComeUnity #CommunityEducation #DemPure #DemPureFarms #DemPureFamily #HealthyMindBodyandSoil #HealTheMasses

A year in the life of a garden... a first year #HoopHouse with a mix of indigenous soil created from the land ✨📿✨ this is a #hay #stick #rock hugel earth bed. Fed with farm grown biomass plant teas. It was amazing to look at costs of the entire project, the amazing flavors and cannabinoid profiles the instant garden grew and then the output. Closed loop gardens save tremendous amounts of money, time, effort and protects you from outside pathogens and enhances your unique terroir. The last photo is what the hoop house looks like today 😳 under 3’ of snow. #RegenerativeLivingSoil #DemPure #HealthyMindBodyandSoil Hoop House by @foreverfloweringgreenhouses

So exciting to see these #reishi medicinal mushroom coming to life in the soil!! The organisms are exploding and feeding cannabis plants 🌱We put together a photo collage to show how amazing the greenlife team is. Going on 10th cycle regenerative soils ✨ they have #Nettles #Tomatoes #CoverCrop #OysterMushrooms #SaprophyticFungi #Buckwheat #CoverCrop and Beautiful Ganja
so blessed to work with @greenlifeproductions check out our new website #DemPureFarms DemPureFarms.com
#antlerreishi blowing up! I planted #reishi mushrooms less for the soil and more for me to personally study the heath benefits. I didn’t expect them to take so well in our beds! These #mushrooms will go home with me and into a Cannabis infused teas to try and find the right strain that will compliment the medicinal effects. Also should go good with the #cordyceps we’re growing! 🙏🍄✌️#glplv #glp #Love #greenlifeproductions #dempure #cleangreencertified #cleanmeds #livingorganicsoil #soilfoodweb thanks @scottolagranola for all the love and input! @_cantwell_ 👊🏼

Super Excited to host Hash Church 2.0 ✨🦋🐲🐝🌸check in Family, greenhouse production is the future of cannabis cultivation!!! Big up @foreverfloweringgreenhouses
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Join us this Sunday at 9am on Bubblemans world on Youtube for another great episode of #Hashchurch2.0 where we will be discussing all things greenhouse specifically to cannabis cultivation. @dragonflyearthmedicine will be hosting the show while @foreverfloweringgreenhouses will be moderating. I will be in Jamaica with #SkunkmanSam and we will be joined by some great folks including @originalbluebastard , @foreverfloweringjonathan , @leef_organics , @gold_country_cannabis , the @grow.sisters @farmertomlauerman and a few others who have yet to confirm. Really hope to see you all here for what is sure to be an incredible knowledge drop on all things #Greenhouse and #Cannabis
#RegenerativeCannabis #LightDep #PuffDat #DemPure #OneLove @foreverfloweringjonathan

Yes family ✨ Had an amazing weekend @regenerativeorganiccannabis Big thank you to @dutch_blooms_organic_cannabis and Leighton for all the effort in bringing this together 🙏🏽 All the speakers were very informative and helpful! We went through scientific analysis and soil food web teachings. From reading and understanding lab tests to practical know how in forming a regenerative cannabis farm wether indoors or out 🐲Its amazing how far we have all come as a community in our understanding of regenerative agriculture. Being able to have 2 hour Questions and Answer dialogue is a wonderful way to engage with the people to help them apply the knowledge! We were honored to share our experiences to the community and bring together an amazing panel of pure certified farmers! @greensourcegardens @alpenglowfarms707 @lionpaw_organics @kushkirk @mugwert @jerrybucket @gnomegrownorganics along with @fox_g_love and @amandareedw and @joshuasteensland shared their experiences in forming their farms, visions and dreams. It was a huge blessing having #MountainGirl Carolyn Garcia share her awakening to cannabis #rodale and regenerative farming!! Big love to @foreverfloweringgreenhouses and @scottolagranola for always being awesome!! #DEMPure #Sunshine #RegenerativeCannabis #DEMFamily #DEMPureFarms big up @mtbakerhighway and all the other family we met! Give us a big up if you were there!! #GratefulDemFamily #PrimoPlant @sunkeez @carolynadamsg

Had an amazing day touring the @gnomegrownorganics farm with @fox_g_love and the dogs 🐕!!!! This family really puts heart and soul at the front of everything they do. Always pushing the boundaries of learning to cultivate a recreational farm of the highest grade medicine. We saw the upgraded bed system being built✨ using straw, sticks and stones as a base to allow for drainage while sequestering carbon. After trying many types of beds, its the ones connected to earth 🌏 that really speak to the health of the plants! The plants are social beings, and they thrive when the roots can intermingle🐲 this allows the rhizosphere to thrive and digest a rich array of micro organisms, feeding the secondary metabolites and resin production💎 they make all their own nutrients from the land, growing many of the inputs🌱 Great care is taken during the cure and storage to preserve the terpenes and flower. It takes a lot to bend to all the rec. laws, it’s wonderful to see a group so cohesive and on the same page! They also have a dispensary which features #PureCertifiedFarmers of Oregon .... check’em out!!Cant wait to see the farm come alive this spring with flowers and food 🍅 thanks so much for all your intention to produce such beautiful medicine in harmony with nature🦋 #DemPure #PureFamily #GnomeGrown #GnomeGrownDispensary #RegenerativeCannabis #Ganja #BeeGoodFamily 🐝 @gnome_grown_oregon

These seeds are Sprouting INSIDE the pumpkin!!! Mother Nature’s Intelligent Design✨🌱 #RegenerativeFarming #DEMPure #BulgarianSweetPumpkin #dragonflyearthmedicine

Another amazing farm recently certified in the Covelo area of #Mendo thanks so much Josh, Sandra and Joey for certifying this wonderful family✨ Its really impressive to see what is happening in the Covelo area, so many families working towards a full #RoundValley watershed management through regenerative practices!!!! #BigUp
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A few summertime photos from the newest member of the #PureCertified family ✨🌿✨We met up with @thehumboldtlocal at #GoldenFigGardens in Covelo and got to see the farm in it’s dormant state, full of life in the soil, and seeds everywhere waiting to be spread around. This is an #AlanChadwick style Cannabis garden which is so delightful to see. Highest grade crops grown with respect for the planet. Also some super dank strains from back in the day. We got to try some awesome throwback #SensiSeeds 🔥 These folks are one of the most stellar examples of polyculture we have seen, and are actively involved in their local community seed library! Good things happening in this valley 🌺 #DEMPure #Covelo #GoldenFigGardens #RegenerativeCannabis #HealthyMindBodyandSoil #EmeraldTriangle

We are so stoked to add more and more Pure certified Farms and businesses to this amazing movement, worldwide, of heart, soul and education to the masses. deep gratitude for all of these farms having a intentional, conscious voice for healthy soil, lifestyle and medicine.
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Spent the morning at my friend Rio's @ladysativafarm707 doing a @dragonflyearthmedicine Pure Certification with fellow DEM Farmers Craig of @alpenglowfarms707 and Spencer and Dia of @nomadslanding. I had visited Rio's farm last summer doing a Permaculture consult with one of my Teachers Rico Zook and it was awesome to see the many transitions the farm has undergone since. Lots of Hugels, swales, cover crops, companion plants, fruit trees, ponds, animals and views to die for. One of the biggest changes was all his smart pots had been transitioned into hugels and raised beds for this coming year. This operation is a beautiful example of regenerative cannabis farming at it's best #humboldtlocal #ladysativa #humboldthighfive #demfamily #dempure #dempurecertified #resinranchextraction #mendohideout  #bellsprings #sungrown #permaculture #koreannaturalfarming #jadam #livingsoils #regenerativecannabis #craftcannabis #hash #emeraldtriangle #cannabiscommunity #humboldtcounty #norcal #welcometohumboldt —————— @alpenglowfarms707 ... We saw so much positive work being done. Beds being prepped for food crops 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 soil building 🌎 amazing results on the cover crops and lots of worms 🍀🍀🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄 Rio has close loops systems ♻️ Roof top rain is directed into ponds. Lots and lots young fruit trees line the paths and farm roads. Is there a word for super #polyculture 😍 They have a solid #agroforestry model for the farm. Look forward to coming back in 4 months for an update. #LadyBenbow @solfulca @flow_kana @regenerativeorganiccannabis @livingsoilssymposium

Mixing this years potting soil for the nursery using all local inputs ✨ we started these piles with our neighbor last fall in preparation for this moment. Regenerative farming takes long cycles for certain things, planning properly is very helpful. These piles are now full of worms and life. We gathered wood chips from piles that have sat all winter ❄️ rocks from our lakefront🗝 and hardwood sawdust from a local mill. To finish it off we will add dried herbs from our land including (mostly powdered nettle and comfrey), and left over ganja leaf from making ice water hash ✨ We’ll use the hash water to water in the seeds💦 other than some #lushroots840 our whole nursery will be started with dirt made from the land #ClosedLoop #DemPure #BioIntellegence #Wisdom #IndigenousMicroOrganisms #PlantMoreSeeds #Ganja #GaiaMadeSoil #DirtFirst #OneLove #BlessedLove Big thanks to @parede_dragonfly nice to be gettin our hands dirty 😁

Really looking forward to next weekend at @regenerativeorganiccannabis in Portland Oregon ✨ Jan. 26-29 at the Village Ballroom🌹 for anyone looking into diving deep into Regenerative Cannabis and conscious pure cultivation, this will be a crucial event 👌🏽 4 days of intensive discussions and evening Q & A ! Everyday will be potent (or POTent because that’s funny)... don’t miss Saturday evening Q and A with @scottolagranola and Eric B. From @foreverfloweringgreenhouses talk about Greenhouse cultivation and the science of maintaining a health. We are speaking during the day on sunday and Sunday Evening we will be leading a Q and A , town hall meeting type discussion on Pure Regenerative Farming practices with a panel of all Pure Certified Farmers @greensourcegardens @kushkirk @mugwert @jerrybucket @gnomegrownorganics ,(and more )All Regenerative farmers who are growing in the Oregon recreational market. We will cover #KNF methods, Biodynamics, Permaculture land design, closed loop farming and anything else that comes up from the community. Thanks so much to @dutch_blooms_organic_cannabis for putting this together!! We appreciate you! 💚🙏🏽💚✨🌱 really excited to hear #DrRobertFaust #JeffLowenfels and all the amazing speakers! Please check the line up, every presentation is going to be great! #ConsciousFarming #RegenerativeCannabis #Love #HealthyMindBodyandSoil #DEMPure

Digging out the bottom of the Mothership Walipini Greenhouse!!!! If we do not dig from the bottom, the snow cannot slough off. We have to build all of our greenhouses and structures to hold the winter snow weight. 💪🏽 Everything is holding up great!!💚🙏🏽💚to @skydoneservice for your non stop shoveling help!! #ShovelingKeepsUsHealthy #DEMPure #Walipini #ClosedLoopFarm #RegenerativeMedicine #LivingHomestead

✨Chickens rolling around The Mothership Walipini in the winter ❄️ while the snow falls outside. It is nearly impossible for the chickens to get a proper dirt bath to keep them clean. The greenhouse offers the perfect winter home. There is literally tons of mulch from material on our farm. It rarely freezes in the soil because it is submerged into the earth 9’ at ground level. We have been burying our compost from the kitchen in different parts of the beds. Our beds become the primary decomposer digester, bringing in a huge amount of life to the soil. The chickens scratch around on the soil finding all sorts of diverse bugs and life to propagate and eat. They poop on the top soil layer and the cycle continues ♻️ We built an earth hay shelter for them right next to a plant we are trying to regenerate for a 3rd year. They love their little home, and they appreciate the sunshine and warmth🌞 Before they do tooo much work here we will bring them to the other #walipini and greenhouses. Its important to stack the systems✨ #Permaculture #DemPure #ClosedLoopFarming ChickenTractor #love #StackingFunctions #compost #regenerativesoil #livinghomestead #PatternLanguage #RegenerativeCannabis

Had a blast @liftcanada this weekend ✨ #HashChurch 💦 with @bcbubbleman this Sunday was amazing! Huge gratitude for everyone who was a part of the panel ✨ listen to #HashChurch2.0 #SoilEdition #BubblemansWorld on the You Tube Channel!! Technical difficulties got in the way of MG #MountainGirl joining us. So, we wanted to feature her in this post 🙏🏽 After the Grateful Dead #MerryPranksters of the late 60’s and early 70’s, MG became inspired to write a book #PrimoPlant. ✨ it is one of the earliest books on cannabis cultivation we know of. Published 1977 and was dedicated to J.I. Rodale 🐲 It is a amazing book! There is so much relevant material that we are practicing today♻️ The good earth practices from the generations before us will always be valuable. Back in those days there were no photo’s, the illustrations in this book are very well done and descriptive. Sexing plants was new to the culture. We love the wooden box for seed starts and the compost information is excellent. The book specifies how cannabis roots love to grow in decomposing materials 🍁🍂🌿 She also talks about using copper pyramids to enhance growth life. She explores different cloning techniques and pollinating #breeding options. Huge gratitude goes out to our Elders, the ones who blazed the path before us🔥⚡️ MG will be joining us at the #ScienceOfRegenerativeCannabis event in Portland @dutch_blooms_organic_cannabis #JoinUs Sunday Jan. 28th for our Presentation and the Q and A open forum discussion 7-9pm. Sun. 27th. We will be joined by many #DemPure Farmers for a full panel on regenerative farming, we will have the opportunity to go deep with 🌈 #SoilScience #DemPureFarmers #RegenerativeSoil #Love #Community #Education #HashBacteria #Compost #Hugelkultur #LandDesign #KNF #PlantIndentification #ClosedLoopFarming #MountainGirlBotanica #OhMG
#GratefulDemFamily @carolynadamsg

Just made it to Vancouver BC for the @liftcanada expo ✨ we will be doing a panel Saturday on #MicroProducers, #Processors and #RegenerativeCannabis with #TravisLane #SarahCambell @david_b_p We will be doing a #GrowDemo right after ✨ Then we are very excited to announce we are putting together a #HashChurch2.0 with @bcbubbleman where we dive deep into soil science 🐲 We will start it off with #MG Carolyn Garcia learning the roots of cannabis soil. She wrote #primoplant in 1977 on growing cannabis🌱 then @gardenerjeff bringing in the teaming knowledge of microbes 🎯 @scottolagranola and his experience under the microscope and helping @greenlifeproductions who will also be joining us🙏🏽 then @greensourcegardens Nick and Liz 💗 and there invaluable experience in#regenerativesoil @columriley to share #biodynamic principles @swamiselect will educate us on the evolution of #emeraldtrangle growing 🐝@gnome_grown_oregon 🧙🏼‍♂️ and their experiences in Oregon! @duke_diamond_va will tell us about the Colorado scene 🐲 @regenerativecannabisfarming will join us as well to share that valuable perspective 🐞We are looking forward to going deep and creating valuable conversation to bring clean high grade #puremedicine through a healthy #SoilFoodWeb #DemPure #Cannada #HealthyMindBodyandSoil #HealTheMasses

Yacon! A wonderful tuber to start growing on any Regenerative Farm! This ancient Incan tuber plant is loaded with important polysaccharides, minerals and valuable carbohydrates. A perfect prebiotic for our health and for our gardens health. These annual tubers are sweet and watery. Delicious raw or juiced and then boiled into a low glycemic sweetener #YaconSyrup. This syrup is an amazing additive to your ferments! Add 1/2 tsp. Per gallon of brew. This allows you to make ferments and brews without importing sugar. The leaves can be chopped up and added to the brews and ferments. Yacon is a wonderful soil conditioner and aerator. The crowns must be saved in a cool dry location to be planted in following years (the tubers do not regrow). Plant them when the soil is warm and nighttime temps start to equalize with daytime temps. They like deep, high mineral soil that is depleted of composting carbons. Older, garden soil is best and then do weed tea brews for nutrients. Water often in late summer/early fall. #DEMPure #PureFamily #Yacon #Inulin #prebiotic #closedloopfarming #healthymindbodyandsoil #dragonflyearthmedicine

Tune into @kmudradio today from 1:30 to 3:00 pst for the Ganga T.R.E.E with @sunboldtgrown we will be creating conversation with @biovortex @nomadslanding talking about the #regenerativecannabismovement
We kick off the show with @northforkstudios to talk about the movie #ARiversLastChance a story of salmon, timber, wine and weed!
Make sure to go to the North Coast premier screening at the #EurekaTheater Jan. 19th at 7 p.m. if you can make it 🙏🏽 #BlessedLove @regenerativecannabisfarming
#DragonflyEarthMedicine #HealthyMindBodyandSoil

Exploring the Himachal Pradesh Mountains of India! Searching some of the worlds oldest and best hash plants and culture✨ We’ve been making hash since 1999 🌺 In 2013 we explored the #Kullu area and #ParvatiValley to find the #MalanaCream genetics 🌏 We trekked to #Tosh and it’s deceiving in those mountains because the latitude is at 32degrees north... same as say Tucson Arizona😯 so at the base of the Himalaya you have banana trees and tea plantations. At the timberline, up in the mountains you have ganja and other cool soil loving, organic orchards and veggies. All the soil beds and fields are layered in manure each spring. We love going to old world farming areas to learn and teach closed loop farming methods. It is amazing to see how high in the mountains the ganja grows!! Once you make the long trip to #Kasol, you have finally made it to ganja country🌺 The hike to #Malana is 2 days ... head to #Rashol up through the 60’ Rhododendron Trees! The hash is so gooey and decadent. The culture is ancient and the people keep their space, its important to be respectful. Since the hash is #rubbed fresh in the fields it is alive! Then they cure the hash between sheets of plastic keeping the lush soft stanky texture. It is a true pleasure being in an area so deep in history, and practices. #DemJourneys #DEMPure #OldWorldHash #BlessUp (last photo is hash we made after our Indian Hash making lessons).

Reminiscing of the good times had at the @theemeraldcup big thanks to @foreverfloweringgreenhouses @foreverfloweringjonathan for creating a beautiful neighborhood and @columriley and @malibucompost for creating an awesome sanctuary in the Regenerative lounge. Cant wait for next year.. Thank you to all to that visited our tipi and came to our talk.. music by @gramatik #emeraldcup2017 #regenerativecannabis #mavicpro #sonoma #dempure #humboldt #mendocino #trinity #purefamily #love 🎥@demskyproductions

Gnomestead Sweet Gnomestead...✨💫 #DEMPure #Home #RegenerativeFarming #RegenerativeCannabis

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